The Jungle Boy Episode 8


Donald couldn’t slept as sleep was very far from his eye, he then decided to check some file on his system but something indicate that there is a nearby bug, he went through it and found that it has been connected successful, Donald rush to mr Jude room and and knock not minding if it late already

“Donald what is it by this time of the night?” mr Jude ask when he open his door

“Uncle i think there’s a bug in my room, the apps i create and install on my laptop notify me just now and it is connected already” donald said trying to be calm, mr Jude shot the door and later open the door some seconds later and head toward Donald room, in his hand was bug tracking device, he switch it on and start roaming the room, it was just blinking red till he got to Donald, it changed to orange which means the bug is nearby, mr Jude brought it toward donald’s chest region and it started blinking green, mr Jude put on his binacular inform of spectacles and remove the thinny device from donald’s skin.

” what do we do with it now?” donald asked sitting on his bed.

” i think u should upload virus into their system inorder to lose track and inform on this bug” mr jude suggested

“uncle that’s a good idea, let me get to work before they wake up in the morning to start their trace” donald said with his eye already glue to his laptop computer

“ok then let me go and sleep” mr jude left him.

“ok goodnight uncle” he bid him and set to work till 3am in the morning before he decide to answer to nature call(sleep)

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“what!!! I can’t believe this” danero said shock on what just happen to his well secure laptop computer, he pick up his phone and dailed drake number who picked on the second ring “hello drake u guys have to come meet me now it’s urgent” he said devastated

“calm down Dan what is it?” drake ask him calmly.

“just come over” he hang the call and sigh in frustration

30minute later drake and leo walk in with question gaze which danero ignored

“could u believe that guy uploaded xts virus into my laptop computer” he said with half anger and half surprise, drake and leo where too surprise that they couldn’t say a word for some minute

” i know that guy is strong but i dont believe he can detect a bug so easily” leo finally found his voice.

“maybe that man hire him” drake suggest

“well i’ll get to know him, he has challenge me with his intelligence” danero said with rage burning in him

“we need to inform sir marshal” drake said and walk out of the cubicle leaving leo and danero


Mr jude warmed donald to be watchful when he is out cos he feels there may be some agent assigned to keep an eye on him

“sir we need to visit the jungle today cos i need some hardcore training” donald said with full determination, mr Jude stared at him for some minutes before he finally replied him.

“i was waiting for you to make this decision to be super prepared again” mr Jude smiled.

“and one more thing uncle, what about the Edward family?” Donald asked politely, mr Jude rub his jaw for some time.

” someone will be placed to keep an eye on them but u got to inform them to reduce their rate of movement” mr jude told him

“ok uncle thank u” he smile brightly

” what time are we leaving to the jungle” donald ask mr jude

“this instant” mr jude reply swiftly, they left with their bags which contain some light food inside . . . .

To be continue