The Jungle Boy Episode 7


Mr Marshal could be seen pacing around his large office, the look on his face can scare a dead lion, he is impatiently waiting for doctor steve, after ten minute a knock sounded on his door

“come in” he roar in his deep baritone voice, when doc steve walked in he motion him to sit on one of his visitors chair

“sir u called me” doc steve asked curiously

“why don’t u make the men u are working on a permanent indestroyable” he ask doc steve while taking a seat.

” sir the little research i carried out, i came to understand that if they are given more than the exact dozage it may cause some damage on their brain which as the result of incompatible blood cells” doc steve explained with seriousness

“oh doc cut those scrap, i want that done with little reduce of dozage” he said with tone of finality, doctor steve was getting upset but hide it in order not to get him pissed off, he prayed silently that God should one day deliver him and his family from the hands of mr marshal

“ok sir i’ll do that” doc steve obligue he dismiss him while he resume his pace in his office, fantasing on his plans

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” With my little findings, i came to know who those mask men work for and their base is somewhere outside this city” mr Jude explained to Donald who listen with keen interest “now what i want u to do for now is for u to lay low cause i feel they may keep an eye on that man and his family” mr Jude further speak

“lay low? What if they harm or kill him or any of his children or wife?” donald ask with unknown expression

“yeah, that’s where u should lay low, u rescue her daughter when they came for her for bait to get his father, so dont tell me that u don’t know they will definitely come prepared in case the meet u again” mr Jude clarify his point to donald who only nodded in understanding

” so what do we do now in order to keep an eye on the edwards family” donald ask calmly, mr jude silence was killing donald seriously “sir……….” donald cut his sentence midway when mr jude motion him to keep quite,

” donald we’ll talk about that tomorrow” mr jude stood up and walk toward his bedroom leaving donald to battle with his own thought, when donald got to his room he saw his phone screen light on, he moved to the reading table and check, he found 8missed calls all from Jane, he smiled then drop the phone back, took his long white towel and head to the bathroom to shower up



i place a bug on him while he fought us” drake explained to danero who is in charge of main base technology unit “well that should be a good lead to track him down” he boot his laptop computer to work on the information drake told him

” connected”danero smile as he inform drake

“then what’s next?” drake asked

“that will be tomorrow guy, lemme go answer to nature while u do same” danero yawn while standing up

“ok man” drake walked away they both left the cubicle unknown to them that the inevitable will happen before morning hours . . . .

To be continue