The Jungle Boy Episode 6


Donald and jane drove to their house with great speed, the speed made Donald ask himself if she’s really a lady or guy…

“Can u slow down a bit” donald voice out after a long silence that took over since they left the encounter

” we are here” jane slow as she hit the horn botton on the steering centre, a man in his later fifties open the gate as jane drove in, the man wave at them while they alight the car and head to the mainbuilding, donald glance through the man before walking fast in other to catch up with jane who was sniffing

“wow! My pri……” a man who was sitting comfortable on a three sittee pause his sentence halfway.

” we were attacked” jane said crying.

” now attacked???” the man ask perplex to hear such from her daughter


” Mr marshal we have tried all our possible best in working on them” a man who wore a lab coat explained faintly.

“then your best are not enough, who knows if they will strike any more moment from now” mr marshal shout at doctor steve who was in charged of making marshal men strong and indestroyable, he has been working on that day and night for the past 3month but seem not completing the research on the neutralizer.

” if the need arose sir i need a little time please” doctor steve pleaded

“one month is all i grant u” he level himself in his shiwel chair in his office.

“thank u sir” he appreciate and exit the massive office

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” Wait a minute! U mean with mask?” barrister edward asked in great shock and fear written all over his face

” he saved me” jane said pointing toward Donald direction who was staring at the man with.

“pity he did? Young man how did u managed to save my daughter?” mr edward ask directing the question to Donald.

Donald didn’t reply as he smile.

” thank u young man, by the way whats your name?” mr edward ask again

“Donald” he reply swiftly

“donald?” a male voice exclaimed from the staircase, they all look toward the direction and found Jerry coming toward them, donald subpass his surprise with a nice smile.

“dad this is the same guy i told u about, who rescue me from those street taut” jerry explained sitting next to donald, ” nice to see u again, atleast u taught me fighting skills” jerry said smiling unaware what happen, donald didn’t reply but smile and nodded


” I have track him down” the guy said as soon as mr jude picked the call

“good job! So where is he? Is he save?” mr jude asked curiously

” yes i can assure that cause am watching him now” the guy reply

“ok thank u” mr jude drop the call and sigh in relief, “donald dont get into trouble ooo” he said to himself then head to the kitchen to fix dinner *

* * * to be continue