The Jungle Boy Episode 5


Donald stood still despised the effort Jane put in pulling him backward, he stood glaring at the two approaching masks men. some pesterian where on a safe side watching what would take place, donald glance at Jane who was visibly shaking and moved two step forward ready to take them down

” hey guy step out of the way, we are not here for u” one of the masks men warn donald who didn’t reply him but glared in anger then “we don……” his sentence was interrupt by donald who did a double roll and deliver a nice uppercut to one of them, he lost balance and fell as he was taken by suprise, the second swing his sword toward donald head region, it missed his ear in an inch, he did a backflip but was reward with a kick on his jaw he fell down

“get the girl” one of the masks men ordered his colleague, he nodded and walk toward Jane who was robbing her hands together in a pleading manner, when he stretch his hand a dagger stuck dip into his shoulder, he groan in great pain, donald rush on the other guy and deliver elbow blow to his head, he passed out that instant, donald turn toward Jane direction but didn’t her, she wasn’t there, he saw as the masks men vehicle zoom off with great speed, just then a toyota corolla pulled in his front.

” jump in police are on their way” jane shout from the steering, donald obey and they zoom off

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“D**n it what is keeping this fowls up till now” a tall, musculine, dark alittle bit potbelly man ask no one in particular.

A mere looking at him one can tell that he is into dirty business, he is known as Sir Marshal, he is about fifty two or three but he look younger than his age. just the after 10minute a guy with another guy on his shoulder came into the well furnished and spacious sitting room.

“what happen to him?” sir marshal ask in anger and disappointment


“shut up!

“What is sir, sir?

“Now tell me what happen blade” sir marshal roar in total anger.

“we where attacked”

” what?”

” thats what happen”

” now get me pascal” he order sitting into the sofa and sigh


Mr jude couldn’t locate exact mall donald went for shopping, he drove to the eastern region of the city while donald encounter took place. he tried several to track him down but donald wasn’t with his cellphone so there was no means of tracking him unless otherwise,

Mr jude kept hitting the steering in frustration, he dailed the previous number who inform him earlier of the masks men movement, immediately the call connect he ask him to track the last masks men location, when he received the information he zoom off to the location but didn’t find donald, he was devastated,bhe drove home with different question


to be continue