The Jungle Boy Episode 4


=======Two week later=======

Donald went for shopping on a saturday afternoon, he wore a fitted T-shirt and a grey jeans trouser with black sneakers, a mere looking at his manly physique got some girls drooping and tripping for him, but his aim and ambition was far from that.

After the promise Mr jude made to him, that he must make him comfortable while watching his back.

Donald also made a mental note to live a care free life which he succeeded. in the past two weeks he was happy but they kept their usual jungle training going, he was reminiscing on how life has just being so bad for him but God provide a guidian in a twinkle of and eye

“young man watch your way” a female angelic voice said zoning him out from his thought, he stood transfixed not knowing what to say, he got affected by the beauty standing right on his front

” ain’t u going to apologise?” she smirk, he then found his voice but he stuttered along.

” eermm i…i….i i’m sorry” he was embarrassed

“it’s okay” she flash him a smile on seeing his uncomfortable state. ” i’m Jane” she introdue

” i’m Do…Donald” he stuttered again ouch not again” he said unknowing to him that what he said was audible enough to be heard

“what’s that?” jane ask him with concern

“ooh nothing” he force a smile

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meanwhile mr jude got a call from one of his tracker spy informing him that the masks men are heading to the city.

” what? Does that mean they stay out of the city landscape?” mr jude inquired eagerly

“yes and their security database is well protected, that is why it’s difficult to hacked into their system” the young man explained .

“okay, okay i’ll see what i can do to stop this their present mission” mr jude reply absent minded while disconnecting the call then put a call to donald but was disappointed when his number wasn’t reachable, his worried rise to the highest maximum, he rush to his room dress up, picked three four daggers and hide in on his jacket, pick a key to his benz hopped in and zoom off but where am i driving to? And what is my mission now?


Donald then started feeling comfortable walking with her and their different shopping cart, after an hour and a half they were done with shopping, they head outside while jane was busy laughing to donald’s joke, donald on the other hand felt some strange sign but he wave it off,

” donald i came with my car it overthere, let’s go” jane pulled donald while crossing the road to the other side, a car pullover in their front, two hefty men with mask on their face walk up to them with sword on their hands, donald and jane step backwardly till donald stood on a spot, jane tried to pull him back but she couldn’t as the beast in him arouse…

who did they come for? And will donald fight them? Will he get away with it? Well let see in the next thrilling episode