The Jungle Boy Episode 3


Immediately Donald approached the scene he tried to act a good guy by separating them, the well muscular and tall guy with a facecap grabbed Donald by his shirt and pulled him roughly to himself, at this point the other guy had to let go of the guy on the ground who was groaning in pain due to the impact of the thorough punching he recieved.

Who are you and why do you go about mingling in other people’s affair? the tall guy integorated Donald between clenched teeth

“Just let go of my shirt” he said calmly

“wow you’ve got some nerve” the guy smiled at the bravery of Donald, unknown to him, he wass just toying with a certain human who lately became a beast due to emotional trauma, the second guy landed a punch on Donald’s back, the tall dark guy released Donald who fell down and groaned in pain, the tall guy tried grabbing Donald but unfortunately for him a kick got delivered to his jaw, he flew backward and fell on the ground.

dlXonald did a chinese quick stand and sprang to his feet waiting for their next move, the second guy got furious and started picking a race toward Donald, he took two steps to his left and gave him a backward kick to his face, he fell down with blood gushing out from his nose, before Donald could turn he was taken unaware by a blow to his temple, he staggered backwards but didn’t fall, the guy ran towards him but a flying kick sent him down completely, the second guy stood up and took to his heels leaving his partner behind, victim walked up to Donald,

“thank you, i’m Jerry” he introduced and straightened his hand for a hand shake

“Donald” he replied and walked away and stoped halfway “it will be better you go home now” he walkef back home

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“Young man where are you coming from?” Mr jude yelled at him immediately he stepped in, he thought he had gone to bed

“i took a walk” he replied face down with his arms folded backwardly.

” take a look at the time” Mr jude said pointing towards the wall clock.

” Am sorry” he apologised

“what happened when i called you that u hanged the call on me” Mr jude inquired? Donald thought of a nice lie to present but was lucky when Mr jude told him to go take his dinner he left without a second glance

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“Hmmmm i think am over protective” Mr jude thought as he made his way to his bedroom

“sir i’m sorry” Donald said behind him, Mr jude smile and hugged him

“i promise to make you feel comfortable” Mr jude whispered softly they disengaged and smiled

to be continued