The Jungle Boy Episode 2



In a very hot afternoon, Donald could be seen seated comfortably in a portable sitting room well furnished, his gaze was fixed on the TV screen which was displaying new headlines, it seemed boring to him each passing minute till a scene displayed caught his attention, three masked men with guns and swords where about to attack a vehicle when the police intervened which caused them to flee through their car.

Donald called Mr Jude who came right on time and watched it with keen interest, after the display they switched off the TV set and sat down in silence, busy with their thoughts.

“that’s the same outfit the ones who killed my family wore” Donald broke the silence mode, Mr Jude stayed calm, “aren’t u going to say something sir? Donald inquired looking pissed off.

” there is nothing to do about it” he replied him calmly

“You mean” he trailled off, he stood up and stormed out of the sitting room heading to the jungle to calm his nerves

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On the other hand Mr Jude stayed calm and allowed his mind to work on a plan, this boy won’t take things slow” he thought to himself, “yeah i got a plan” he said inaudible to himself as he stood up to his bed room to put a call through his friend who he guessed would be of help to him


Donald after some hard training on himself which as a result of what he felt, he went down to a river not far from their jungle hut to have a bath, after he was done he wore his clothes then headed straight to town to chill out.

He walk down the busy street of Marian just to keep his mind of his problem, he didn’t remember that he had not called Mr Jude since he left the apartment, he flushed the thought out but Mr Jude’s call came into his cellphone, he smiled as he remembered how Mr Jude took care of him since he picked him from the forest

“hello” he said to the receiver

“Donald! Where are u? Don’t u know it’s dark already? Mr Jude ask angrily.

” sir i ju…. He didn’t complete when he saw two huge guys beating a guy to stupor, he hanged the call on Mr Jude and dashed to the scene.

Let’s find out what Donald did to the two guys.

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