The Hidden Heart Episode 5


“But, Rose, there is a little problem,” I said with a sad tone.

“What is it girl?” She asked me immediately.

“Hmmm… It is Martha again oo!! She wants to take this one too!! I don’t understand what that girl wants from me!! From the look of things, I think she is ahead of me again on this. I don’t want to lose to her again, girl!! I am scared,” I told Rosaline.

“I see! This time girl, it won’t work!! I have a perfect plan that will work like magic. A plan that will advance you to win this guy in just days! Martha won’t come close. Just drop by my house so we can discuss the plan,” said Rosaline.

“Really!!? I am coming over right now!! I really need the help,” I said as I hung up the call.

I got to Rosaline’s house to meet her alone in the house. She was expecting me anyways so she was waiting for me in front of her house. She ushered me into the house and gave me a seat. She also took a seat beside me.

“Rose, I am very confused. I don’t know what to do,” I immediately blurted out.

“Is it because of Martha? You don’t have to worry about her. I have a perfect plan to give you the upper hand,” She said assuredly.

Rosaline expected me to be a little excited when she said that, but I was still gloomy. Her countenance changed.

“What is it again, Olivia? I’m not sure I have been updated on the full story. Tell me what is bothering you,” said Rosaline as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

“Rosaline, I am very confused. Can you believe that the guy is a drug addict? When I went to his house today, he was high on drugs and was also drunk. I literally had to clear the room of bottles, marijuana stubs and some cocaine powder. It was really an awful site. I believe I wouldn’t have fallen in love with him if I knew that about him before. As it stands now, I love him very much and I don’t know how to unwind the strings he has on my heart,” I said as I bowed down my head and buried my face in my palms.

“I see! I am very sorry dear that it has to be this way. I know how tough things has been for you in terms of relationships. But, I don’t think you should allow this one to slip through your fingers. That is why you are a church leader! You need to convert and possess. Who knows, he can become a man of God through you. Notwithstanding, we must first deal with this Martha situation. When Martha is out of the way, we will continue with the rest of the plan,” said Rosaline.

“So what is this your great plan? I am so confused to think right now, Rose,” I said.

“It is only a simple thing dear. Martha has successfully taken every guy you had had interest in and she was able to do that because you allowed her. You are so modest in your approach. See! Young men of today don’t like girls who are modest and refuses them sex. I am sure Martha goes the extra mile to win over their hearts. That is why they always leave you for her. You should step up your game, girl!” Rosaline advised me.

“But, Rose. You know I am an executive in church. How will the members see me if they find out that I have slept with this guy? You know, news like this have their own ways of getting out to the public. And besides, the Bible frowns on this! I can’t do what you are advising me to do,” I protested.

“You are thinking like a child my friend! With the world’s current pace of advancement, it will be very difficult for you to secure your guy if you don’t do some of these things. Am I not also a leader in the church? I am even higher than you because you are just the church secretary. I am the vice president! Do you know what I do to keep my boyfriend? I sleep with him almost every night. You can attest to how strong our relationship is at the moment. Girl! I won’t starve him for another girl to satisfy him. I will lose him. You should start thinking differently if you want to maintain a guy in this 21st century,” Rosaline said as I sat down quietly listening to her.

In a way, her words were stirring my heart. There was some truth in what she was saying. Oh! How foolish I was to think that way. That was the pivotal point in my life and I didn’t know it. Had I refused her advice, my life would have been different from what it is now. The instrument of darkness have a subtle way of dealing with man. They present to us with partial truths and lead us like a mouse to a trap. The bait is always good and appealing that it is sometimes impossible to see the dangers especially when it comes from people we trust so much. And sometimes, we might even know about the impending danger, but our humanistic ego always tells us that we are different. Our ego tells us that those dangers could happen to a lot of people minus us. These honest trifles finally lead us to our doom.

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To cut a long story short, Rosaline was able to convince me to see things from her perceptive. I was given a new aim, agenda and vision. And the vision was to win Ethan’s heart by all means necessary even if it includes giving him my body. Rosaline was able to convince me that people will get to know of my illicit affair if I only allow them. To buttress her point, she told me she had been having sexual intimacy with her boyfriend for almost four years and no one knows about it in the church. She confirmed I am the only person who knows about it and she even did that to help me realize the new truth. The secret of securing a man.

I thought about all that Rosaline told me when going back to my house. A still small voice inside me was totally against my new resolve, but as I said earlier, I couldn’t help it. I knew from the bottom of my heart that what I was going to do was wrong, but the thought of losing Ethan was also so hard to bear!! It was at that moment I realize how deep my emotions were for this guy. I think it was all due to my nature.

I forgot to mention this earlier when introducing myself. But, I guess it is not late. I am a very compassionate person and I hate to see people in distress. I naturally tend to love people who have issues and would do anything to help them out. I believe that was the reason I was always attracted to guys with lots of issues. I felt I was brought purposely into their lives to help them with their weaknesses. In the process of helping them with their weaknesses, my own weakness surfaces and I end up falling in love with them.

I was so lost in thought that the taxi driver had to alert me when we got in front of my house. I was thinking seriously of many things. I got down from the taxi and entered my house. I entered into the hall still in a pensive mood.

“Oh my God!! Am I hallucinating or dreaming!!?” I exclaimed to myself. Can you imagine what it was? It was Ethan sitting right on the sofa in my house. I was so much in shock. “Did he follow up on me? What was his mission?” These were the thought I battled with in my mind as I stood in the middle of the hall in so much shock. With our gaze fixed on each other.

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To be continued….