The Hidden Heart Episode 4


He came again in two minutes and ushered me into the compound. “What a view!! The compound looked very nice. The security man opened the gate that led to the hall. I followed him inside. When I got into the hall, I saw something that made me want to sink into the ground. “What!! What is happening here!!? Why is this thing always happening to me!!??

I didn’t know if Ethan did what he did on purpose to spite me. Because I told him I would pay him a visit that day and I knew he was expecting me. His security man even informed him of my presence in the house. Why would he want to show me something as awful as that? I was taken off guard because I wasn’t expecting that. Now what did I see that hit me in the chest like a bolt of electricity? Immediately I entered through the door, I saw bottles of alcoholic beverages littered in the room. The whole atmosphere was also filled with smoke of marijuana and I also saw some white powder on the center table which I suspected to be cocaine.

I was actually thinking Ethan would get up and clean up the mess with the knowledge that I was visiting from the church. It seemed my presence didn’t carry much weight to make him behave appropriately. He was oblivious of his environment and seemed to be enjoying himself in his own world.

The security man at that point looked at me and gave a wry smile. He took a step back, walked out of the room, closed the sliding door behind him and left me with Ethan. I was so speechless. What was wrong with me? Was I under a curse to always be attracting the wrong guys? Every guy I tried to get close to was either whisked away by another girl or turned out to possess bad qualities.

“No! I wouldn’t give up on this one!! I have come to think of it. Why am I a Christian? I am a Christian to lead other people to Christ and come to think of it, I am not just an ordinary Christian. I am a church executive for crying out loud!! I will try my best and convert this guy for keeps. He is so attractive to allow him slip through my fingers,” I thought to myself as I glanced his bare—chested torso.

With my new resolution, I decided to do something contrary to what I would have originally done. I packed all the scattered bottles from the floor and quenched the fire in the marijuana roll that was burning on the ash tray. I brushed the white powder into a paper and folded it nicely. I cleaned the room afterwards and waited for Ethan to come back to his senses or at least descend from his high mountain of ecstasy.

In two hours, Ethan came back to his senses. He was surprised when he saw me. I guess he was surprised to see me in his apartment. He looked at me with mixed feelings. I could feel from his gaze that he didn’t recognize me. “How can he forget me so easily? Has he forgotten the nice chat we had in the church yesterday and even after church when I got to the house?” I asked myself rhetorically.

“Please who are you? Do I know you? I don’t think we have an appointment because I don’t remember booking any appointment with anybody,” he said to me. “How did you enter my house? Wait!! Where are my stuffs!!? I remember they were on the table. Where are they!!!?” He said as he looked intently into my eyes. I could see fury filling his eyes. Ethan instantly became a different person from the one I met at church the previous day. Now I was scared.

“Please don’t be angry. I am the lady from the church who spoke to you yesterday that I would be paying you a visit today. I even sat by you yesterday. I introduced myself as Olivia. Do you remember?” I asked. He passed his fingers through his kinky hair and his angry gesture became a little friendlier in the process.

“Yea, I remember. But, why have you come so early? But, that hasn’t answered my initial question. Where is my stuff!?” He asked again.

“Oh that! Here it is!” I said as I handed over to him the paper containing the white powder. “The whole room was littered when I came. So I arranged the place,” I added.

“Lady! I have only known you for a day. I don’t like it when strangers poke their noses into my business! Especially you church people! The moment someone attends your church, you behave as if the person is your slave!! Please never touch my stuffs again!! They are personal!!” He yelled at me.

I was surprised how I immediately turned apologetic. That was so not me! It was like every member in my body wanted to do something to please this guy!

“Please don’t be angry. What I saw here will just be between you and me. I don’t intend on telling anyone about it. Your secret is safe with me, so calm down,” I said. Slow but sure, he became calm.

From the way my first meeting with Ethan turned out, I thought it wise to leave and return later at a more convenient time. He was not just himself. I might jeopardize my whole scheme if I had tried to evangelize to him there. I gave a flimsy excuse and headed out the house with the promise of visiting later.

While going back to the house, I decided to call Rosaline, my best friend. She knew almost everything about me and vice versa. We don’t hide things from each other. I was her chief advisor and vice versa. There was no way I could hide from her my decision to convert Ethan for keeps. Rosaline too didn’t like the idea of dating staunch Christian guys. She considered them naïve and boring to be with.

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“Hello baby girl,” was the response I received when she picked up the call.

“Hello girl,” was my reply to her.

“What is going on with you? I don’t get to see you a lot these days. Fill me in girl,” Rosaline demanded.

“Girl, I have enough stuffs for you! A lot have been happening within these two days. You would have witnessed it if you came to church yesterday. A very handsome guy walked into the church yesterday. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, my dear! I was quick to have an interaction with him and to take his number from the first timers’ list. I took the number with an excuse of following up on him, but the main reason was because I wanted to see him again. Girl, I lose all my senses when I set my eyes on this guy,” I told Rosaline.

“That is my girl!! You are in love already! What should I call this? Err… Love at first sight? Hahahaha!!” Rosaline said trying to tease me which I knew was inevitable. After all, I have known her for a while and for that matter I was prepared for an experience like that.

“But, Rose, there is a little problem,” I said with a sad tone.

“What is it girl?” She asked me immediately.

“Hmmm… It is Martha again oo!! She wants to take this one too!! I don’t understand what that girl wants from me!! From the look of things, I think she is ahead of me again on this one too. I don’t want to lose to her again girl!! I am scared,” I opened up to Rosaline.

“I see! This time girl, it won’t work!! I have a perfect plan that will work like magic. A plan that will advance you to win this guy in just days! Martha won’t come close. Just drop by my house so we can have a discussion about the plan,” said Rosaline.

“Really!!? I am coming over right now!! I really need the help,” I said as I hung up the call.

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To be continued….