The Hidden Heart Episode 3


I stood there akimbo feeling bad due to the rebuke I received from the Holy Spirit as I waited for Martha. I felt like thrash. I couldn’t believe how weak this flesh was. How evil it can become. Moments ago, I was preaching about forgiveness, and here I am thinking evil about my own sister. The awkward part of the whole issue was that, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to stop thinking about all those evil things, but I just couldn’t help it.

As I was thinking about all these things, I saw Martha approaching me. It looked like she was done with whatever she was discussing with Ethan. I immediately gleamed with smiles to conceal my true feelings.

“Oh Sorry, big Sister. I am really sorry for keeping you waiting. Actually, that guy didn’t want to stop talking. You know, I had to cut his conversation short because I know how quickly you want to get to the house,” she said as she threw her arms around me.

The bad thoughts I brushed away before Martha came began to resurface when I heard those words from her mouth. “Look at this brat trying to rub salt on my wounds! She has the effrontery to tell me he didn’t want to stop chatting with her! That means that, she is trying to tell me I have lost the battle in advance and should never consider fighting in the first place! That won’t happen!! I can’t leave this one for Martha!!! I don’t have her time now. Let me enjoy the view of Ethan before he disappears,”

I thought as I squint-eyed Ethan. Now, although I thought about all these things, I made sure I hid my diabolical thoughts with smiles. Because there is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face, Martha was oblivious to what was going on in my mind.

With my hands still around her, we stopped a cab and headed for the house. I knew Martha was going to talk throughout the journey about Ethan and how much he is into her. To avoid that, I pretended to be exhausted and implored Martha to allow me sleep. I needed to deal with the hurt and bitterness I was feeling inside. I didn’t understand why I was feeling that way. Why was I so heartbroken? Heartbroken over a guy who is not even aware of my feelings for him!! Why was I feeling betrayed? I couldn’t explain or have meanings to what was happening inside of me.

When we got the house. I went immediately to my room and likewise Martha to her room. I laid on my bed thinking of my next move.” I need to do something to outrun Martha! I have to get the upper hand in this situation! What should I do? What should I do?” I thought to myself.

I decided to call Ethan. But a thought came into mind that bothered me. “How will I start the conversation? Because, he didn’t give me his number himself. Won’t he think of me as a cheap and desperate girl who is lonely and seeking for attention? Won’t that mar my chances of him getting attracted to me? Oh my!! I need to think!!”

“Yes!! I think I know exactly what to do and what to say! I will call him and introduce myself as an executive of the church. I will then ask him for his location to pay him a visit. Yes, girl!! You are smart!! That will work! That will save me all the troubles of explaining how I got his number when he asks!

With this new thought in mind I took my phone and called Ethan. “Hello,” was the voice I heard when he answered the call. I didn’t know what came over me at that moment when I heard his voice. I never knew I had a stammering ability until that moment. I began to mutter and stammer.

“He… He… Hello,” I stammered.

“Yes, please who am I speaking to because I don’t have this number on my contact list? And please speak loudly because I can hardly hear you, He asked and said.

“Err… Err… Err… I hope I am speaking with Ethan?” I said pretending not to know whom I was speaking to. Anyway, I didn’t want to create the impression that I knew him.

“Yes, this is Ethan, but that hasn’t answered my previous question. Who am I speaking to?” He asked again.

“This is Olivia. I am from the church you attended today. It is our custom to call first timers’ and follow up on them. I was given your number Ethan to pay you a visit and interact with you,” I struggled to answer his question.

“Okay, that is a good practice in your church. I have been to many churches, but most of them don’t follow up on me,” he said.

“Can you give me the direction to your house? I would like to pay you a visit tomorrow if that won’t be a problem,” I asked.

“Oh, that is not a problem,” Ethan said as he gave me his house direction.

I listened attentively and wrote down the address in my diary. I attached a date to the details. I always wanted to remember the day I first spoke to Ethan on the phone and received directions to his house. The date was 28th May.

I was so happy when I hung up the phone call. “Wow! That went well! At least, I am a step further from that devil-Martha. I think this visitation will get me closer to him. Soon, I will be the only woman he thinks about!!” I said to myself hopefully.

I woke up early the next day and did all that I was supposed to do. I did all the chores in the house early in order to get ready in time to visit Ethan.

“Now, what will I wear? I need to look very beautiful! I need to look smashing and on point since first impression counts. I took thirty minutes to decide what to wear. I quickly rushed to the shower and took my bath. I dressed up immediately and set out of the house with an excuse of visiting my friend, Rosaline.

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I didn’t see Martha before I left the house. I didn’t even want to see her that morning. I knew how inquisitive she was and how she always wanted to probe her nose into people’s affairs. I was glad I didn’t set my eyes on her that morning before setting out to meet Ethan.

I arrived at Ethan’s house in forty-five minutes. “Wow! What a nice house! This guy is not only handsome, but he is rich too! I think I have made a very good choice! Just look at the architectural design of the house! Wow! This is impressive!!” I thought to myself as I pressed the bell. In no time, someone opened the gate. I was very disappointed since I expected it to be Ethan and it turned out to be a different person.

“Hello, Madam. Who you dey look for?” the man asked me. I immediately presumed that he was the security man in the house judging from the way he spoke the English language.

“I came to see Ethan. Am I at the right place?” I answered and asked.

“Yes oo Madam. That be ma master. Make you stand here eh, I go go tell am say some fine woman dey look for am,” he said and closed the gate. He opened the gate again in less than a minutes and popped out his head. “Madam, sorry oo, I no bis your name,” he said.

“Tell him, Olivia is here to see him,” I said. He closed the gate and went into the house.

He came again in two minutes and ushered me into the compound. “What a view!! The compound looked very nice. The security man opened the gate that led to the hall. I followed him inside. When I got into the hall, I saw something that made me want to sink into the ground. I was shocked and angry at the same time. I began to sweat profusely as my heart was racing.

“What!! What is happening here!!?”

Guess what happened

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To be continued….