The Hidden Heart Episode 2


“Yes! His cell number! I need it,” I thought to myself as the service was coming to a close. I didn’t even hear a single word of what was preached in that service. I looked at Martha and the look on her face made me want to laugh out so loud that everyone could hear. She looked angry and I knew the source of her fury. She feels defeated. This is the first time her charm hadn’t work on a gentleman and the fact that I of all the girls in the church was winning this battle irked her.

Now I was battling with something in my mind. How was I going to get this gentleman’s number? I immediately had a wonderful idea. First timers’ are always made to give their names and contact numbers. It will be a nice idea to get his number from there. I thought to myself “That is a smart move, girl!!” I was a church executive and it will be easy for me to get my hands on those information. I will follow up on him as a shepherd. That will accelerate my getting close to him.

With my plans intact, I smiled nicely at him when the service was over and took my leave of him. Actually, it was a physical leave, but not an emotional one.

I lurked around with my eyes still on Ethan. I moved swiftly to the table where the names were written as soon as I saw him writing his name.

“Princess, can I have a look at that list? I want some new members to follow up on,” I asked her. Now Princess was surprised. I have never asked for the first timers’ list before. Anyway, I didn’t care about the surprised look on her face. I went there with an agenda and I needed to accomplish it. I took the list from her hand and looked for his name. “What!!? What is the meaning of this!!? Oh my God!!!” I screamed aloud in my head as I couldn’t handle what I saw on the paper.

I couldn’t find Ethan’s name. But, I thought I saw him writing his name on that particular list I was holding! “Princess! Did that gentleman write his name on the first timers’ list?” I asked Princess while I pointed to Ethan who was leaving the church premises.

“Yes, Olivia. It is not on the list you are holding. The list you are holding is last week’s own. I was about giving today’s own to you when you took last week’s list from my hand. Here is today’s list,” Princess said as she handed the list to me.

I scrolled it again with an eagle eye. I didn’t want to bypass his name by mistake. Finally, I saw his name. “Wow! I finally got it!” I praised myself in my thought. I quickly saved his contact on my phone and handed the list back to Princess. With a sense of accomplishment and a broad smile on my face, I walked boldly out of the church planning my next move.

When I got out of the church, I saw something that made me want to lose consciousness. My blood was boiling inside of me as I couldn’t stand the sight. Can you imagine what I saw? Don’t let you mind wonder far. It was Martha again! That devil in a human’s container. I don’t know how she did it, but I saw her talking freely and laughing with Ethan. They were chatting as if they knew themselves for a very long time. I would have thought so if I hadn’t known Martha well. I thought I had secured this gentleman from Martha’s claws.

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“Martha!! Martha!! Martha!!!” I screamed indistinctively since there were people around. If I was given the pleasure to fight Martha in a boxing ring, I would have knocked out all her teeth to compensate for all the pains she had caused me!

I came down the staircase with my eyes fixed on the two. Thus, Ethan and Martha, who were completely lost in their own world of happiness. I walked slowly with my heart pounding in my chest. I could hear my heart beating and I could feel my heart racing in my delicate bosom.

When I got closer to them, I slowed my steps considerably. I wanted to eavesdrop on what they were discussing.

“Olivia! Can you wait for me so we can go home together?” Martha asked as I got closer.

“What at all have I done to this girl to deserve such a treatment!? Isn’t it enough that she is trying to take my crush away from me? She now wants me to wait and watch her do it! It is like she means to say, watch and learn how to seduce a guy because I am so good at it. I will definitely deal with this girl!” I thought to myself.

At that moment, Ethan turned and looked at me. Wow! What a gaze from him. I could feel my heart racing again and a warmth feeling rushing from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. “What a pleasant feeling!” I thought. To tell you the truth, if not for Ethan’s presence, I would have fought openly with Martha.

Just as I thought about fighting openly with Martha, the Holy Spirit rebuked me. “Have you forgotten you are a church leader!? Why do you want to fight over a guy you don’t even know? Do you realize what your actions may do to the members in the church? You may cause someone to stumble by this your careless attitude. Let the hate go! Let the bitterness go! Let the clamor go! Let My love rule in your heart and love your neighbor as yourself!”

Instantly, it was as if a cold water had been poured on me. I could literally feel my body shivering. “Oh God! What am I doing to myself? Willing to fight Martha because of a guy? It is true that I like Ethan very much and I will do anything to win his attention, but not through fighting my sister!” I agreed.

Yes, Martha is my sister. I am two years older than her. Many people thought she was older than me since she was heavier. I was the skinny type. She had use her bodily features to take away all the guys I was interested in. All the guys lost interest in me the moment they saw Martha. Their attention shifted from me immediately to Martha. Martha on the other hand agreed to their proposal knowing well how much I like them.

Slow, but sure, I was beginning to hate my own sister. I wished in my heart that she wasn’t my sister. I wished she was never born into the Banks family. She is so heartless and mean. I pretended in church that everything was well between us, but little did our friends and family know about the contention that was brewing beneath the surface.

I stood there akimbo feeling bad due to the rebuke I received from the Holy Spirit as I waited for Martha. I felt like thrash. I couldn’t believe how weak this flesh was. How evil it can become. Moments ago, I was preaching about forgiveness, and here I am thinking evil about my own sister. The awkward part of the whole issue was that, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to stop thinking about all those evil things, but I just couldn’t help it.

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To be continued….