The Hidden Heart Episode 13 Final


It was at that moment we heard a knock at the door . The knock startled us both. And from the look on Ethan’s face, I could see he wasn’t expecting any visitor. The tension and nervousness increased when the knocking became incessant. Who could this be? I was thrown into confusion. There on the sofa was blood spots. And I am also in a seductive dress visiting a guy who lives alone in his apartment! I really didn’t know what to do!

Ethan ambled to the door and opened it. At that time, I had sat on the blood spots on the sofa. That was the only way I could cover up things. I realized that Ethan stood in the doorway for a long time while it was slightly opened. He was exchanging words with someone. I couldn’t make out the words, but all I knew was that they weren’t pleasant. The person was trying to make her way into the hall and Ethan was trying his best to prevent the person from coming in. I could also hear another voice this time around audibly asking for Ethan’s reasons for not allowing them into the house. Instantly, Ethan was pushed aside and two females entered into the hall.

“I see, so it is because of her you didn’t want to allow us in, eh!!? I thought you have changed! You called me and begged me to come to Accra. Initially, I didn’t want to come because I promised myself never to see your face again. But, upon careful consideration, I decided to surprise you with my visit. And look!! This is what I get for fooling myself that you are a changed man!” the woman exclaimed as she walked towards me. I didn’t know who she was and why she was speaking to Ethan that way. But, from the look of things, it seemed she had been romantically involved with Ethan. I sat in the room feeling so embarrassed. I wanted to disappear from all this commotion, but couldn’t because of the blood spots I was sitting on.

Ethan moved from the gate and held the lady by the hand. Ethan became a different person when he was around this lady. He behaved like a little baby. Moments ago, there he was screaming at me, but now, he was behaving like a tamed dog. He began to plead with the lady not to leave because I didn’t mean anything to him.

Those words were like arrows to my heart. Piercing my delicate heart and puncturing it without mercy or consideration. All of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe. “What is this guy saying!? I don’t mean anything to him!? Did he just forget I gave him my virginity and pride? I did that because I loved him, and now look at what is happening! He doesn’t even respect me to rubbish this in my face,” I thought as I looked on the floor. I felt like thrash!

“It is true, Susan. She means nothing to me. She came to visit. She was just on her way out before you came in,” Ethan continued.

“You amaze me, Ethan! You behave as if I don’t know you! Look at the way she is dressed like a prostitute! I don’t think you will allow this seductive figure to leave your house without touching her! I am so disappointed in you! I lost my womb because of you! I lost my education because of you!” Susan lamented.

“I know, dear. That is why I want to make it up to you! Don’t let this come between the plans I have for you,” Ethan said trying to calm Susan and thinking less about how I felt.

It was at this point another knock sounded at theTo worsen the case, Sister Matilda couldn’t keep her mouth shut. The moment she saw me, she started screaming my name. “Sister Olivia, you are here already! I love the way you are serious with the work of God! You are always led by the Spirit. How did you know we will be coming here!? Wow! You are truly a good shepherd,” she said as she hurried to embrace me. The whole thing was like a drama. All eyes were on me and I forced myself not to move a limb since I didn’t want anyone to see the blood. I didn’t want to raise suspicion and questions.

Ethan asked the people from the church what their mission was. Actually, he didn’t know they were from the church. “Please, do I know you people? I don’t recall fixing a meeting with you,” Ethan asked.

“Oh, we are from the church you visited last week. We were visiting first timers in the area and decided to pass by to see how you are faring. We are even happy sister Olivia came ahead of us. She has made our work so easy,” Sister Matilda said. Ethan squinted an eye at me and gave out a wry smile.

From nowhere, Susan sprung up on her feet. She actually sat down when the church people entered. It seemed she saw the nonverbal communication that was going on between Ethan and myself.

“What sort of church is this!? Do you people allow your female members to visit first times in seductive attires?” she asked. It was then that attention was drawn to my seductive attire. All the people from the church who knew me were surprised. Actually, they had not seen meThen, my worst nightmare came. Ethan started confessing in the presence of all my church members. I didn’t know the kind of effect Susan had on him. He was not himself. It was as if he wanted to do anything possible to win back the trust of Susan even if that meant sacrificing me.

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“It wasn’t my fault, Susan. To tell you the truth, I didn’t call her to come here. She has been coming into my apartment throughout this week to check up on me. She said she was paying me a visit because I was a first timer. I didn’t have a problem with that because I really needed that. I needed help to get my life back on track and I thought such visitations from the church could really be of help. I was here this morning when she came in allI was so embarrassed. All I could hear was “Eiii, Sister Olivia!! Eii, Sister Olivia!!” I didn’t know where the boldness came from. I guess my emotions were tired of undergoing such a torture. I stood up from the sofa and walked out of the room. It was at that moment they all saw the blood on the sofa. They knew what that meant. They knew I had lost my virginity and Ethan wasn’t making things up.

I got out of the house and stopped a taxi. With uncontrollable tears, I headed to the house. I knew this news would go viral. I knew I would be excommunicated from the church. I knew I would become the subject of every discussion in the neighborhood. I got to the house and locked myself in my room. I tried calling Rosaline, but her line was off. Everything had gone bad. It was far from expectation.

True to my fears, news spread the next day of what transpired in Ethan’s house. I was removed from the executive committee in the church. Rosaline denied ever having any discussion with me when I confessed to the pastor in his office. I was left alone. I kept myself indoor most of the time because I couldn’t walk on the streets. Everyone would point a finger at me and whisper a word or two a friend as I walked on the streets. All I had was my sister Martha who encouraged me that the storm would be over and people would forget. I was no more innocent in the eyes of the people.

This is the story of my first love. A love that took everything away from me.


Story By Lewis Dampson

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