The Hidden Heart Episode 12


I know that no man can resist my charm. I have to make use of that!” I said aloud to the hearing of Rosaline.

“That is it girl! You can do it!” Rosaline said to boost my confidence. It was evening already and there was no way I could go to Ethan’s house. I had to go home and prepare dinner because my parents would be coming some hours later. I excused myself from the presence of Rosaline and headed back to the house.

In the morning the next day, I woke up thinking of how to pull the whole thing off. It can go either ways. I can disgrace myself when Ethan refuses my advances or get a position in his life when I am able to seduce him. I just hoped there wouldn’t be any surprises.

As usual, I quickly did all that I was supposed to do. I did all the chores that were assigned to me. “Martha, would you be going anywhere today?” I asked her as we were washing the dishes. “Yes, Olivia. I will be going to town today,” she answered. I panicked when I heard that. I wanted to know exactly where she would be going to.

“Are you going to visit someone in particular?” I asked again.

“What is your own, Olivia? Anyway, I want to go and buy few items for school. You know the semester will be starting soon.

“Oh, okay. Be safe then,” I said. Martha squinted at me and gave out a smile.

With the idea that Martha wouldn’t be going to Ethan’s place, I had full confidence that everything would work out. I was so full of anticipation and nervousness because I hadn’t done what I was going to do before. If I was told some months earlier that I was going to do on that day what I was about to do, I would have bet my whole money on it that it wasn’t going to be possible. I knew myself and my beliefs about these kind of things, but here I was treading the path I once abhorred.

I quicklyI stepped out of my house and stopped a taxi. I headed straight for Ethan’s house. I was on my way to adventure. The whole neighborhood was quiet when I got to Ethan’s house. I was very happy since that was to my advantage. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I didn’t even call Ethan I was going to his place. As it is often explained in war tactics, the element of surprise is an ultimate tool. And most wars are won with this element of surprise. I was going to apply that if I wanted to succeed with my mission.

I got out of the taxi and paid the taxi driver. When the taxi drove off, I took off the cardigan to expose my things which my friends have been praising me for its attractiveness. That was also one of the tools I planned on using.

I rang the bell and waited for the security man to show up. I was wishing he would open up early since I didn’t want anyone to see me entering the house. Fortunately for me, he responded in time. Since he knew me, he just opened theI entered the hall when the security man allowed me entry into the house. Upon entering into the hall, I realized that Ethan wasn’t in the hall. “Where could he be?” I wondered. I sat in the sofa to wait for him. I took the remote on the sofa and switched channels to occupy myself.

I got interested in the movie that was being shown that I didn’t realize that Ethan had entered into the hall. He was actually staring at me when I became aware of his presence.

“What a surprise, Olivia!? You always surprise me with your visits,” he said.

“You also surprise me with your visit when you showed up at my house unannounced. I am just using your own tactics on you,” I said and smiled lightly.

At the moment, I could see how Ethan was looking at me lustfully. My plan was working. And was happy that several hours spent in planning wasn’t a waste.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming to my house. I would have prepared something nice for you to eat,” he said.

“Oh, don’t worry. I am not hungry for food at least,” I said shyly. I guess Ethan got the signal of what I really meant by that. Little by little, the conversation got dirty. Not to drag issues, I should say my plan worked. I was able to seduce Ethan to sleep with me. He was actually surprised I was a virgin. And I thought that would make him treat me special.

Actually, which guy wouldn’t treat a lady of my caliber special? A virgin at my age? And the fact that he knew he is my first would actually change his feelings towards me. But, I was wrong! It meant nothing to him! I realized that wasn’t his first time sleeping with a virgin. How foolish I have been!! All my plans have backfired!! To make matters worse for myself, I began to ask him questions when I saw he was passive about the whole incident that meant the world to me, but to him meant little.

Me: So Ethan, what do you think about what happened?

Ethan: What sort of question is that!? What do you mean by what I think about what happened. To answer this question, I actually think nothing.

Me: What!! It meant nothing to you!!? (I flared up)

Ethan: Yes! What were you thinking? See, I have a lot on my mind right now! A lot of things I need to do. Thank you for helping me release stress. I enjoyed it and you did too. So what is the big deal!

I wanted to pass out at that moment. “What a callous statement!? That is the meanest statement I have ever heard in my life. I just offered this guy my pride, and it meant nothing to him! Wait!! Come to think of it, he thinks of me as a cheap girl! Oh, my God! What have I done to myself!!? What grave mistake have I committed?” I asked to myself as tears were rolling down my cheeks. I have never felt like a complete idiot in my life until that moment.

He left me while I was sobbing on the sofa. I looked at the bloodstains on the sofa and that made me cry the more. “Is it the end of the virginity I have held so precious for so many years!?” I said as I continued to wail aloud like I have lost a sibling. The whole scene irked Ethan, he came to me and asked me to get out of his house if I wouldn’t stop crying like a baby. Oh, dear! This guy was very uncompassionate! I didn’t want to embarrass myself the more by allowing myself to be kicked out of his house. That would had been a twin-disaster. I kept my composure and sobbed within.

It was at that moment we heard a knock at the door. The knock startled us both. And from the expression on Ethan’s face, I could see he wasn’t expecting any visitor. The tension and nervousness increased when the knocking became incessant. Who could this be? I was thrown into confusion. There on the sofa were blood spots. And I am also in a seductiveWatch out for the final episode of “The Hidden Heart” on Tuesday, 22nd November, 2016. Don’t miss out!!

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