The Hidden Heart Episode 11


I finished the story in tears. I looked at the last page of the diary and saw Susan’s number. I copied it to call her. I wanted to know everything.

On a second thought, I decided to discuss what I have found with my friend Rosaline. You remember her right!? “I think it will be better to discuss this issue with someone. I can’t make the decision by myself,” I said to myself. I also needed to return the diary to its position before Martha discovers that it has been tempered with. I got up from my bed and headed to Martha’s room. I placed the diary into the wardrobe. At the exact position I found it.

When I opened the door to go to my room, there was Martha standing in front of me. I was standing face to face with her in utmost shock and surprise. How could this be possible? Why was Martha at the house at that time? I thought she was going to come late in the evening as usual. “What am I going to do now?” was what I said indistinctively as I stood speechless in front of my younger sister. How disgraceful it would be for her to find out I sneaked into her room to read her diary. That couldn’t happen.

“Olivia, what were you doing in my room?” Martha asked the question I dreaded so much. I stammered for a moment before getting my composure.

“Oh, that! I was going to do laundry and was thinking you had some dirty clothes. So, I went into your wardrobe to see if I would get any,” I lied.

“That is so sweet of you, big sister. You are always thinking about me,” Martha replied. What a relief I felt when I realized Martha had gone for the bait. To take her mind further off the reason I sneaked into her room, I had to turn the whole suspicion thing on her.

“What are you doing in the house at this time, Martha? You just left some hours ago. It is unlike you to return early like that. What is going on with you?” I asked.

“Nothing sister. I gave a number to someone and I realized that I had given him the wrong number. So I had to come home immediately to get him the correct number. I will be going out again very soon,” she answered.

“Okay then, I will be going to my room. No, I will be going over to Rosaline’s place. So lock the door with the spare key if you are going out,” I instructed.

“Okay, Sis. I will do just that,” she responded.

With that, I took leave of her feeling good about myself. “I should pass for a movie audition because I am so good at acting! Oh girl, you are good!! You can make anybody believe anything,” I thought to myself as I gleamed with smiles into my room.

I called Rosaline and informed her I was going over to her place. I told her I have made an important discovery about Ethan. You should know that Rosaline would be very interested. I just knew the right words to use to flame her interest to talk or listen to me. As expected, Rosaline was full of curiosity as she wanted to know about the new discovery. She even wanted me to brief her on the information even if little. I knew better. I told her she should wait until I come to her house. I dressed up quickly and got out of the house. I stopped a taxi and made my way to Rosaline’s house.

I arrived at Rosaline’s house with her standing in front of the gate. She was really poised to hear about what I have found out. I got down quickly and met her. She took me into the compound and gave me a seat at our favorite spot. She quickly dashed into the house and came back with a bottle of soft drink and water. These were also accompanied with some pastries. This girl was really in the mood for a long chat.

“Girl, stop the suspense. What is it that you wanted to tell me?” Rosaline asked me.

“Hmm. You wouldn’t believe what I saw when I left your house for mine!” I said.

“What did you see, Olivia?” she asked me again.

“Ethan was in my house!!” I revealed.

“What!!? How was that possible? Was he looking for you? You see, he is already interested! I told you!” Rosaline said.

“I wish, dear. Actually, he came to see Martha!” I blurted out.

“What!!? You don’t mean it!!? Martha again!?” she said in surprise.

“Hmmm… It was even more than that dear. I thought he was into Martha, but I was wrong. He is into another lady!” I revealed to Rosaline.

Rosaline was very surprised at what I was telling her. She had the face I had when I found out the truth from Ethan and Martha’s conversation.

“What do you mean another lady!? Who is this lady?” she asked.

“She is called Susan, my sister. She dated Ethan some years ago. Things didn’t really end well with them. Susan got pregnant and attempted abortion. The abortion was unsuccessful and that caused her to lose her womb. She was also sacked from school due to the abortion. I think she is pretty angry with Ethan and he wants to make amends. According to my sources, Ethan abandoned her in her time of need. He didn’t want to have anything to do with the pregnancy. I think he has changed now since he is in search of this Susan girl who is in Kumasi as I speak,” I answered Rosaline.

“So how did you come to know all these facts and information?” She asked again.

“Oh that? Apart from the eavesdropping, I read Martha’s diary and it was all in there,” I answered her.

Rosaline was thrilled by what I said. “I want to advice you my sister. If you really want to nail this Ethan, you need to take his mind of this Susan. She is real distraction. You said yourself that he has changed and I believe you. The fact that he is regretting his actions with Susan means he has become a better man. You need to grab him my friend. Don’t lose him to that stranger. This battle is no more between you and your sister, but a total stranger,” Rosaline advice.

“So what would you have me do?” I asked out of confusion.

“I want you to stick with our original plan. Sleep with him and secure him once and for all. That form of intimacy has its own way of bonding. I know you wouldn’t understand because you haven’t done it before, but trust me, it does,” Rosaline continued to advise me.

I was still confused whether to go ahead with the idea. The probability of it working was 0.5. And besides, I introduced myself to Ethan as a church executive the first time I visited him in his house. How could I go back to seduce him. How was I going to transition between bible talks and seductive talks? It was a tough one. But, I still wanted Ethan. It had been sometime since I have hidden my feelings about him. I needed to let him know about my love for him. I couldn’t continue to have a hidden heart! I had to come out of my raw state and get myself refined. “After all, who would know? No one expect Ethan, Rosaline and myself. I don’t think any us is mercurial in nature. I need to pull this off! I need to be a woman and take charge and take what I want to take. I am beautiful and attractive, although not much in my outward appearance, but I know that no man can resist my charm. I have to make use of that!” I said aloud to the hearing of Rosaline. I now call these statements “the biggest cognitive dissonance in my life”.

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To be continued….