Tarasha Season 2 Episode 201


Tarasha woke up to see an interesting message notification on her phone.o

Samantha Osman kidnaps innocent traffic warden and tortures him, read more here…..

She clicked on the link and it lead her to the Youngicee News Portal. The article carried the same heading with the notification text. She scrolled to the end of the page and scrolled back up slowly, she made an evil chuckle on seeing the video she sent to Patricia the last night. She scrolled back to the top of the article and began to read.

The writer of the article made reference to a particular journalist blog called Patty’s Updates and claimed that the video was leaked by a member of Samantha Osman’s Gang who accidentally forwarded it to a WhatsApp group, the journalist on her blog claimed that the police have begun work trying to track the number which sent the video to the group.

The youngicee article further made a transcript of all that was said in the video and the actions taken. It then stated at the end that though the face of the lady in the video was covered with a emoticon, the voice heard was the same one heard in the video uploaded by Samantha Osman on her own blog earlier the day before.

She scrolled down to read the comments on the article and could see people talk about their confusion. They didn’t know whether to take Samantha Osman as an assassin trying to reveal some dirty secrets of some government officials that would help the nation or if she was just a cruel assassin killing for a paymaster to disrupt the elections coming the next year.

Tarasha was impressed by Patricia’s smartness and quickness to act. There was no way she could deny that she wasn’t the one in the video. She wasn’t perturbed however, she was going to deal with Patricia that morning with the help of Mr Matthew and she was ready to make everything work out.

She closed the page and dropped her phone. She rolled out of the bed and headed straight into the bathroom. She turned to the mirror and reflected on her image for a minute. Her shaved hair was already getting full and she took note that she needed to get it shaved again that day. Her head was always covered with her wig all through the day, so she was looking so different that early morning.

After seven minutes, she got out of the bathroom with a wet body and a towel wrapped around her chest. Her eyes caught glimpse of her phone again and an idea came to her. She believed Patricia and the rest of the men were working with Rex for the Vice President and she supposed the video leaked was just to defame her like she was doing already to the Vice President.

She picked up the phone and checked the time. She still had close to two hours left before leaving the house with Mr Matthew and Henry. She walked to the wardrobe and picked out some clothes which she put on after drying her body. Then she picked her phone and walked out of the room, proceeding straight to the control room. She had changed her mind about the releasing of the videos on her blog and she was now going to release them everyday until the series ended contrary to her initial plan of having a day interval.


Mr Matthew sat in the living room waiting for Tarasha. His injured face and other wounds he had had been attended to by the doctor, he had plasters on some parts of his face and some other visible areas of his body. He was now putting on new clothes which he had gotten from the doctor. He looked around the living room while waiting. It looked so strange to him. Though the house was beautiful and colourful, there were no pictures of any kind hanging around or even anything to signify of arts to show any of the people occupying the house.

Henry was the first to join him in the room. He held a car key in his hand and his phone in the other hand. He sank into one of the one-seater sofas.

Mr Matthew stared at his face intently, it was the first opportunity he had to see his face very well and he realized that the familiarity he noticed that night he was kidnapped was real. He had seen Henry before on TV and read about him in the news, it was the computer guru who was supposed to work with the government but decided to align himself with the assassin Samantha Osman.

Something struck his mind and he suddenly realized that he must have been kidnapped by the Samantha Osman’s Gang. It brought a kind of fright to him which he had never felt before. He also realized that the woman who had been interrogating him was probably Samantha Osman herself. He was shocked by this realization and hated Patricia more for having not told him that Samantha Osman was involved in the job.

Tarasha joined them after five minutes. She looked totally different from her look the day before. She had a new kind of wig on and light make up covering her face.


Time: 10:39AM
Location: NIS Underground, Lagos.

Lizzy sat patiently in the office of three, she was the only one present on seat. Even though she seemed busy with the computer in front of her, what kept her still waiting there was the Agent the chairman sent to her.

The office had transparent glass walls just like most shared offices at the NIS facility in Abuja. One could see people walking past the office and other things happening around.

She looked up at the sound of the doorbell, she saw the figure of a lady at behind the transparent glass door. Their eyes met.

‘Please come in,’ she said in response.

‘Good morning Agent,’ the dark slender beautiful Agent walked in and greeted. She was dressed in a smart black trouser suit, a white shirt under without a tie. She had her long hair well packed at the back.

‘Good morning, you must be Agent Victoria.’

‘Yes,’ the Agent confirmed with a smile. ‘And you must be Agent Elizabeth.’

‘Yea,’ Lizzy answered and they sealed the greetings with a handshake. Lizzy offered her a seat.

‘I heard you’ve been around for a while,’ Agent Victoria said as she settled in the seat behind Lizzy’s table.

‘Yes, for a couple of weeks,’ Lizzy replied.

‘Okay, I was told I’ve got some work to do with you.’ Victoria said.

‘Yeah, have you been briefed at all?’

‘The Chairman told me it’s something which has to do with Samantha Osman and that you have external guys who are not legalized officers working with you.’

‘Yeah, that’s correct but I actually joined them a couple of weeks ago…’ the sound of her ringing phone interrupted her. ‘Please excuse me,’ Lizzy said before picking up the phone to check who the caller was. The screen displayed ‘Madam Christiana’ as the caller ID. She stared blankly for a moment, trying to figure out the possible reason for the woman’s call.

‘Good morning Madam Christiana,’ she greeted.

‘Good morning Patricia, I need to see you urgently.’ the woman replied from the other end.

‘I hope there is no problem,’ Lizzy replied.

‘Since yesterday night, I’ve been getting funny text messages from an unknown number. Whenever I try to call back, it doesn’t go through.’

‘What kind of messages have you been getting?’

‘Death threats, but thirty minutes ago I received an SMS from the same number which mentioned your name.’


‘Just wait, I’ll forward it to you right away.’


She cut the call to wait for the text message.

‘Please, I really have to attend to this,’ she said to Victoria who was staring at her.

‘Of course please,’ Victoria replied, with a carefree look.

The text message entered five seconds later and Lizzy opened to read.

‘It’s time for you to join your ancestors, you’d finally leave your daughter Patricia on earth.’

Patricia stared at the text message for a while. She knew the message could only be from the Samantha Osman’s Gang. They must have gotten the woman’s number from Mr Matthew who stands in place as her father.

She dialled back Madam Christianah’s number, it rang twice before the woman answered. ‘I’ll send you an address in the next five minutes, you have to come meet me there as soon as possible.’

‘Okay,’ the woman replied and the call ended.

‘We may have to go now,’ Lizzy said to Victoria as she began to pack up some things on her table. She took a pause to dial a number on her phone.

‘Hey Liz,’ Carl’s voice came through.

‘Carl, they’re trying to get us through the woman. I just got a call from her now,’ she said into the phone.

‘And what did she say?’

‘She wants to see me, they’ve been sending her death threats to her since last night and they mentioned my name in a message today.’

‘Okay, our plan would work with this, why don’t you agree to see her?’

‘I agreed already and I’m sending the address to her after this call.’

‘Great, I’ll get Eric and we’d mobilize other men.’

‘Okay, I’ll be going to the location with Agent Victoria after sending the address, just view and give your information.’

‘Agent Victoria, the newly introduced Agent.’

‘Yea, she’s here with me now.’

‘Are you sure we can trust her?’

‘Yea, the same Chairman who sent me to you sent her.’

‘But he hasn’t given us any reason for the change, that makes it suspicious.’

‘Well, let’s leave that for later. I’m sure Samantha Osman is keeping watch on Madam Christiana now, we got to go.’

‘Yea sure, we’d be there too.’

Lizzy dropped the phone and cleared off her table quickly.

‘We have a bait for Samantha Osman and it looks like she’s falling already this morning, I hope we can move together now. I’ll explain other things you need to know on the way,’ Lizzy explained to Victoria.

‘Yea sure, I’m ready.’ Agent Victoria said and got up from her seat. She took out a pistol from her back, ‘Would I need more than one gun?’

‘I don’t hope we join them in a gun war, our job is just to provide the guys the opportunity to meet Samantha Osman.’ Lizzy replied and also got up.

‘But the Chairman was saying something about transferring the case to me, he said Agent Dave James who was supposed to be in charge disappeared weeks ago and no one has heard from him since then.’

‘Yea, Dave was in charge.’ Lizzy stopped to stare at Victoria’s face.

‘I heard he tried to play smart with the NIS and have not been submitting reports on his assignment.’

Lizzy stared at her with a suspicious look. She began to suspect that the Chairman had a hand in Dave’s disappearance. They must have taken him because he refused to cooperate with them, she thought.

‘Well, I don’t know how true that is, he doesn’t tell me about his reports nor does he send them to me.’ Lizzy replied as she walked out from behind the table.

She walked to the entrance and opened the door, she held it open for Victoria to step out first before she got out and locked it from outside. She led the way and Victoria followed behind. A thought struck her mind as they stepped out into the SSS building from the underground. Victoria could be a replacement for Dave sent by the Chairman and she must have agreed to take the case on the Chairman’s terms.

Lizzy led her silently to her car and they drove out of the SSS office.

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‘That’s Christiana,’ Mr Matthew announced to Tarasha and Henry. He was seated at the front of the car with Henry while Tarasha was alone at the back. Tarasha had already seen the woman immediately she stepped out from the down floor entrance of the two-storey building. She was dressed in a long blue gown, with a white scarf on her head and a white handbag. She walked to the side of the road and stopped, checking for vehicles coming.

‘I think she’s waiting to take a bike,’ Mr Matthew said to Tarasha who had already opened the door to step out.

‘How long does it take to get bikes here at this time of the day?’ Tarasha asked him after closing the door, she kept her eyes on the woman standing some metres away from their car at the road side.

‘It’s almost noon, it could take quite some time.’ Mr Matthew replied.

Tarasha looked at the woman again, she then stared at Henry’s face for some seconds as she tried to come up with an idea. She glanced quickly at the woman again.

‘Henry, just drive straight towards the woman.’ she said to him.

‘I should drive past her?’ Henry asked.

‘No, drive towards her like you want to hit her.’

‘Huh?’ Henry widened his eyes.

‘Yea, make sure I’m also close to her before you start, I have something to put on her body.’

Henry looked away from Tarasha’s face and stared towards the woman for a few seconds, he turned his face back to Tara and nodded his head to show he understood and was ready to do what she asked.



Fifteen minutes after Madam Christiana got to the park, she kept looking around from time to time for signs of Patricia but saw no traces of her. She got tired of waiting and took out her phone to call her.

‘Miss Patricia, I’ve been waiting in the garden for more than fifteen minutes, where are you?’

‘I’m sorry Madam, I’m very close to you. I’ll join you shortly,’ Patricia replied from the other end.

‘But you said you…’ she could not complete her statement before the line went off.

She sighed and put the phone back into her bag. She crossed her legs and rested her back while she watched other people in the park going about their fun activities.

An hour passed and there was still no signs of Patricia. The woman was surprised to see the time when she took out her phone. She had already dozed off until a little boy walked past with his mother and made a sound that woke her up.

She dialled Patricia’s number again, already very angry this time.

‘Miss Patricia, what’s the matter? I’ve been waiting here for an hour and a half and you are still not around.’

‘I’m very sorry Madam, I will join you shortly.’

‘What do you mean by you will join me shortly? You told me that you would be waiting here for me, what kind of insensitivity is this?’ the woman blasted in an angry voice which attracted the attention of people passing by and some other people who were sitting in the other seats around.

‘I’m really very sorry. I was actually there when I told you to come but I had an emergency and I had to leave. I was stuck in traffic while returning but now the roads are free and it would not take me up to fifteen minutes to get there.’

‘Fifteen minutes again?’ the woman asked with a sigh. ‘Please, don’t let it exceed fifteen minutes,’ the woman added hesitatingly. She had already waited for close to two hours, so fifteen minutes extra didn’t look like too much to add.

‘Thanks ma, I’ll be there soon.’

The woman returned the phone into the bag again. She could feel a gentle hotness on her body and she looked up and noticed that the sun’s reflection had gotten to where she was sitting. A tree close to the place she was sitting was providing the shadow that kept her position from the sunshine but the sun had changed position and the reflection was now partially touching her.

She picked up her bag and walked to another seat where the shadow still covered. She greeted the young lady sitting on the long concrete seat when she got there but the young lady gave no response, she appeared to be very busy with her phone in her hands, looking into it and smiling to herself as her fingers worked on it.

Fifteen minutes clocked and passed but Patricia was still no where to be found. The woman brought out her phone again and checked the time. She was amazed and irritated that Patricia had still not come after she waited twenty five minutes. She hissed and picked up her handbag. She was going to visit the police station from there to report the death threats and tell the police all about Patricia if they asked. That was one thing Patricia had always warned them not to do, to tell anyone about her or what they do for her. Just as she got up and turned towards the entrance of the garden, her phone began to ring. She checked the screen, it was Patricia calling back. She let out a breath before answering the call.

‘I’m very sorry ma, I’m already at the front of the Park, I’m coming in now, sorry for keeping you waiting.’ Patricia rushed her words before the woman could say anything. The woman let out a deep breath before turning and going back to her previous seat.


‘What tha heck! I don’t believe they did not follow her here,’ Eric asked aloud, directing his question to no one in particular.

‘But it’s obvious she was not followed, we’ve been observing for two hours.’ Carl said.

‘But why else would they send her death threats if not to get to Lizzy through her?’ Victoria, the new Agent put in.

‘Of course, it’s to get to me but they probably have another technique.’ Lizzy joined in.

They were all seated in the inner room in one of the buildings in the facility, from where they could watch the garden through a large window.

‘I still believe strongly that she was followed here, they probably are still waiting to see who she’s waiting for.’ Eric said thoughtfully, his voice sounding so convincing.

‘Let’s send someone to her like we planned earlier,’ Carl said.

Lizzy walked out through the backdoor and returned two minutes later.

‘I’ve sent someone to her,’ Lizzy said to the rest in the room.


Tarasha was sitting in the same garden in the park, on a seat not too far from the woman, under the shadow of another tree directly opposite the first one. She was not only watching her but also listening to everything she was saying through the earpiece in her left ear. She had attached a bug to the woman’s body hours ago and with that she could hear all the woman said and any other sound made very close to the woman.

She had expected Patricia not to just appear to the woman like that, she knew Patricia would be waiting to see if the woman was followed or traced to that place. The calls made by the woman proved her suspicions true. She saw the woman get up and turn to leave and heard part of the phone call which made the woman return to the seat.


Another ten minutes passed and Madam Christiana still did not see Patricia anywhere. She picked her bag and got up, this time determined not to be stopped again. A young lady stopped in front of her as she took a step.

‘Hello madam, I was sent to you.’ the young lady greeted.

‘Me?’ Madam Christiana asked, looking back to see if the young lady was talking to someone else

‘Yes you, I’m patricia.’


Tarasha noticed the lady who was now talking to Madam Christiana. She couldn’t see the lady well, because she was backing her but she could hear what she was saying slightly.

She got at alert on hearing the name Patricia, even though she couldn’t hear the words clearly, she was sure Patricia was mentioned.


Rex also had his eyes on Madam Christiana, he was in the same park riding a bicycle around the place and acting like a learner as he only went in circles along a short distance.

His phone rang and he took it out to answer.

‘Rex, Samantha Osman is killing me gradually. I got home to see another update on her blog, she has posted the new video.’ the Vice President’s voice came through.

‘But she was supposed to post it tomorrow,’ Rex said.

‘Yes but she said she changed her mind and posted today because she got a lot of comments and people were expecting it.’

Rex looked again at the side of the woman waiting for Patricia. She saw another lady in front of her, he believed that it could either be Samantha Osman or Patricia.

To be continued