The Game Changer Episode 16


The warmness from the smoke entering my body made me feel so good as I pulled on the cigarette making sure i minimised on releasing the smoke. I needed it all. My mind had wild back miles back to where i left Queen.

I awakened at a few minutes to 4am as agreed with the guys, she was fast asleep I smiled at her peacefulness. Wondering why a woman like her, so innocent and decent would fall for me. I know I had somehow that effect on women but mostly it was just infatuation and they would disregard me afterwards especially that I barely paid attention to any of them.

Of late I had not allowed any attraction to a woman get to me. I had lost interest after the near death experience and mostly because I had my mind focussed on getting my revenge.

“hey!” She spoke softly catching me staring at her face.

“hey my Queen, you feeling Okey?” I asked placing my hand at her soft cheeks and she sighed looking up at me.

“yeah, never felt better” she let a laugh.

“You up early?” She asked touching my hand which was on her.

” i have to go. The guys are probably waiting for me outside, i won’t be back today though, maybe tomorrow or i don’t know ” i frowned seeing her face get down.

” mmm okey, i won’t say anything to stop you Steve. I know what this means to you and even if i would want otherwise, i want you to get this over and hopefully live your life. Just maybe you will find peace with yourself.”

“yeah i know you have the best interest at heart for me and i appreciate that. I want you to stay calm and try live less of thoughts for me. I didn’t want to say anything over the years about my feelings cause I knew what i had to face today. My life is not ordinary, it has always been filled with danger and i knew that the moment i decided to join the military. I cannot change things now. All I can do is finish what i started and even though you don’t like to hear it. There’s no real guarantee I will stay alive for long. ” i told her honestly and she looked at me her worried eyes evident.

” you know you take too much of that i wonder how your lungs survive it, not to talk of the dope” Ackim spoke bringing me to the present.

“until yesterday, this has kept me going my friend. I had no one else to worry about except staying focused to achieve my goals” I smiled looking at him as the truck, a twin cab with an open van speed on.

Ackim and i had decided to sit in the back seats giving Jim and another guy the front seats. Our hostage was tied up and put in the van with three other guys.

“okey so the past tense means things have changed huh?” She looked at me.

“she is crazy man, she made me loose myself and now she’s all am thinking of, apart from my mission. ” i shook my heard.

“Welcome aboard man, that’s love. Now you will understand what I have to go through everyday worrying about my family. I always want to stay alive and do what’s right for them. It’s like part of me is them you understand right? “ he chuckled.

“now i do” I let a laugh.

The time we arrived in Solwezi, it was almost 12 hours at noon. The weather was still cold though.

“so tell me now that we are here, where is our guy?” I asked the hostage guy.

” I don’t know much about this man though like i told you but we came here twice for some meeting. All I know is he’s the big part on the game. I can direct you to his house or the place we meet from ” he looked up at me.

I stared at him to read his emotions, he was all cleaned up now though one would tell the guy had undergone some good torture and beating , some parts of his face were still cut.

As we drove to the direction he gave us, I saw Ackim’s face expression change. I could read worry.

” oh my God, it’s him” I heard him sigh deeply as the man told us to stop a few yards from a big mansion.

“well like I said it’s good you stay back man cause you won’t face this man. You trust him and he might use that to manipulate you so, ” I patted his hand stepping out of the car as I looked around the area.

” so you will stay behind from this point on.”

I told him as he followed me standing out and placing his hands in the pockets.

” I could try talking to him and get the truth out of him man, he doesn’t know am working with you and I might get one or two things that would make him touch the issue” Ackim responded seriously.

” no, I won’t do that man am sorry, like you said this is my call and am not here to play gentle with someone who threatened my country and tried to kill me. Just Like I have done with all of them i will get the truth out of him the hard way or otherwise depending on how he will cooperate. The more time we take to act the stronger these guys are becoming. ” I clearly told him.

” bring him down guys!” I instructed the boys in the van to get my hostage down.

” well my friend, tell me your name ” i smiled looking down at his face. He was a head shorter than me.

“Harry” he answered standing next to me, my boys still holding his tied hands.

” Harry this is what we will do, call your man and tell him that you managed to get me alive. Tell him I confessed and is willing to give the names of the people am working with” I paused making sure he was getting my lines.

“we good?” I asked him.

“Yeah sure…” he nodded his ahead.

“though I don’t report to him he will know something is off man, if these guys know i sold them out am dead meat. You promised to keep me alive man” he pleaded.

“I promised not to kill you, what happens to you afterwards is not my damn business. Unless you willing to help me get to this man, just maybe i might try help you stay alive Harry. It’s your call, help me i will try keep you alive or just walk away alive and get hunted by those Villains” I looked at him.

“Okey i will get you the man, what do i do?”

“Good” i sighed leading him back to the car as I went on planning our move, Ackim helping with some details of his father in law even when he was still insisting he could have gone to him.

We waited until it started getting dark spending our time at different places to avoid any suspicious. I had Harry sent out on a assignment even though I knew he would find it hard to convince Mr Benson with the story I told him, it was our only way in.

” we need to move now man” i told Ackim who kept pacing around the bar we were at.

“Yeah, just don’t want to imagine what my wife will do knowing her father is involved. ” he scowled.

“you will tell her when all this is over, for now whatever happens in this place will not be told to anyone else outside our circle” I warned him.

“It’s all good man, I get it. What needs to be done will be done. Where is that mask?” He asked as we walked to the van after I received a beep from Harry as an indication we had a go ahead.

The plan was to evade, Benson’s house to get any evidence we needed. Harry’s mission was to get him out of the house to give us time to search it.

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” okey boys we have 15 minutes tops. Take down the guards, but no killing. I want it clean, we search the house and later on the office. I don’t want us separated.” I told them as we silently walked towards the main gate.

I pressed a small button by the gate and heard a buzz sound inside as it rung then I stepped back.

“why does he need all this kind of security if he is innocent?” I asked Ackim in a whisper. We all wore masks.

“who is there?” Came the voice of one guard. We had made one of the boys to stand in front to avoid the person inside and the camera getting our faces. We stepped aside leaving the guy in front.

” i want to ask for directions to one Mr Jere’s house. I was told it’s around this area but I don’t seem to find the house” my guy spoke calmly and pleadingly.

The man inside sighed deeply before starting to open the gate. He was still holding it to open and stepped forward pushing him back inside.

Two other guards rushed to us and started shooting immediately after seeing our masks.

“i shot forward drawing them back as Ackim did the same.

” they won’t stop shooting man, we need to get in this house or we will alert the neighbours” Ackim panted behind my back.

” to hell with them then, let’s take them out from the bottom ” i responded aiming at one of the guards and firing in his leg and Ackim took out the other.

Two others came to us trying to fight us hand to hand with some knives as we walked towards the door.

Within seconds we disarmed them and took them off by twisting their necks it would take some minutes before they would gain consciousness.

We matched inside starting the search as other guys joined in. Almost 12 minutes of searching around we found nothing important to implicate the man.

I was almost giving up and Ackim walked to the city i was. “Benefits of staying in your in-law’s house for some time” he shrugged holding a key.

“What’s that man?” I asked putting down the papers I was holding in my hands

“this soldier is your ticket to knowing the truth” he smiled.

I don’t get you man, will you say what you mean that key is my ticket?” I asked him grabbing it from his hands.

“come on man our time is up. We need to leave before the cops get here?” He indicated for me to go out.

” I will explain in the vehicle.” He added and we ran back to the truck just as the police vehicle was driving towards the mansion.

“step on it man!” I shouted to the guy who was in the driver’s seat but Ackim stepped into the driver’s seat pushing the guy to the passenger seat and taking over the wheel. We still had our masks on.

His driving skills were evidently brilliant. The guy took us across the small town of Solwezi at great but steady speed there was no way the police would find us.

20 minutes later he parked in the bush area. ” i think the turns where enough to make the cops lose track of us. The masks would prevent them from seeing our faces from the camera’s ” he sighed looking at me.

” yeah we good for now but we didn’t get anything yet. Before I confront that man i need Intel what’s going down and the other guys otherwise, it’s all a waste of time ” i shook my head pointing a cigarette to my mouth I needed to cool down.

“i told you have a ticket man, or what you thought I was bluffing? “he smiled at me.

” i still don’t get the reason you got that key man.

“Yeah this key open a safety box in one of the banks in the town. I know so cause several times I drove the man to and from the bank and i know he had a safety deposit box. So if the things we want aren’t in his house or office, i can assure you we will have something from the safety.” He explained

” how on earth do you think we will get to the safety deposit box man, the key is for opening but someone needs to get inside the bank and had access to it” i raised my face at him just to drop it again.

” mmm you thinking what am thinking?” Ackim asked nodding his head. .

” yeah, yeah that’s it. We getting inside the bank and having that locker, no matter what man. If we will have to stage a robbery then be it.” I frowned crashing the cigarette tub on the ground.

My phone beeped and I looked at it. It was Harry. ” Mr Benson has rushed back home. He bought the story and will be expecting to see you tomorrow morning. ” Harry announced.

” good, stay on to him and don’t do anything unless I tell you so. Make up whatever you can to keep him in line Harry” I ordered him

” yeah i will, right now he headed back home the bouncers told him there was a break in” he added ” does he suspect anything yet?” I questioned him.

” i don’t think so. What did you do man?” He tried to ask but i shot him off.

” listen just do as i say and you will be okey don’t ask damn stupid questions ” i yelled at him and cut the line. I knew my guy I sent with him would watch him so I had less to worry about him for that moment.

The boys where in the back sharing the money and other staff they got from the house which was part of the plan to make it look like a Robbery. I wasn’t interested in any of it. I watched them share and pack up their proceeds trying to figure out a way into the bank to get the safety deposit box, i had strong instincts it held the key to everything.

…to be continued