The Game Changer Episode 17


How did you find me? Who gave you that ?” Mr Benson panicked looking at me, his eyes wide open I felt fulfilled.

” you are asking wrong questions Sir” I smiled widely.

” what is the meaning of all this, am a Minster of this country and you will be in so much trouble for this. You are a fool to think you will get away with evading my house and coming to my office holding me hostage ” he went on talking I let him finish.

I had all the office windows and doors locked. Taking two of my men in masks we had gone into his office at first pretending to have a meeting with him. I pulled his secretary inside and drugged her to keep her out of the conversation.

Mr Benson tried to grab his phone to call security but i took care of that already.

” what have you done to the phone lines you fool?!” He yelled looking at me and shaking, his forehead sweaty.

” okey sir, let’s stop wasting each other’s time” i I smiled, ” i got your mobile phone here too and you have seen the files in front of you. That is enough evidence to have you thrown in jail for a number of years. Not to talk of the shame that you will bring to your only daughter” I added seriously.

” leave my daughter out of this you jerk. All this is nothing. You cannot prove anything with those files” he shrugged sitting back.

” are you sure about that.? The files showing all the names of the guys working with you to take over the government. The overseas account numbers and bank transfers of huge sums of money for the sponsoring the campaigns and records of mercenaries, plans and everything about the Mozambique operation. Oh, before i forget, A recorded conversation between you and that guy Jacob” I paused smiling.

” just what do you think the other politicians will say about all this? They will smile and shake your hands for wanting to sale our country? Oh man ” i stood up walking around in front of his desk.

” in case you think you will have enough money to bribe everyone to work with you, mmmmm I don’t know maybe some will accept , but what about the general majority of the Zambian people. Are you going to pay off all the media houses to stop them from publishing these files?” I asked this time bending over and looking at his now shaky face.

” what do you want? ” he asked .

” finally! ” i frowned sitting down.

” now Mr Benson I know you have never seen my face in person before and am 100 percent sure you know who I am. I don’t need to introduce myself to you. So let’s get down to business, tell me about this operation and every single detail I need to know. The names, the contact details, the addresses the plans. In a nutshell, tell me everything” i sat back my gun hanging in my hands.

” or What?” He asked gaining courage.

” really? You want me to go down that road with you sir?” I shook my head leaning forward on the table.

” start talking man, am sure you have heard about me and i can assure you, we both can have the whole evening here no one will come for you. If they do, i have this place surrounded. am ready to die here, the question is are you? ” i raised my shoulders pointing a gun at him.

He was quiet for some time and i saw his dilemma.

” if it will comfort you, your daughter and grand kids are safe and sound” I teased wanting to threaten him further in case he was willing to sacrufice himself too.

” if you think Ackim will let you take down his family ? you are mad, he will hunt you down and kill you and whoever you working with ” he spat angrily.

I looked at him shaking my head and laughing.

” Ackim huh? Is it him that helped fight the mercenaries too? Oh i see, well good to hear that Ackim will protect his family from me ” I smiled knowingly. if at all he knew the Ackim he was bragging about was listening in from the other side, he would freeze in shock.

” go on” i raise my hand disregarding his warnings for me to leave his daughter out of it.

” yeah i did it you fool, you want to know what happened?” He let a laugh shaking his head.

” well i will tell you. People of this country are so lazy and backward. All they want is to reap without sowing. They don’t want to spend time planning and working hard to get what they need. How many years have we had this copper here but there has been no development around most of the parts of the country. I want to make a change.

Yes, call me pathetic but i was doing this for the good of this country. The people we made deals with will bring in the needed machinery to have Copper purified and made useful within here. People will have jobs, that will reduce hunger and we will be able to export expensive already blended copper to generate more income.

At what price you will ask, well i will tell you. If people in this country have decided to live poor and in poverty that is their problem. These guys have promised a lot that will serve this nation.

After a few years of getting what they deserve these guys will leave and the Zambian people can remain with the tools and machinery. ” he explained so sure of himself.

” dammit man you are a fool. You think allowing other nations to come in and run our mines for 10 years will benefit the Zambians? How much of the copper do you think they would have taken away? What guarantee do you have they will honour their word when you allow them to run our government that they will leave us alone. Letting them use Jacob to make policies is beneficial to who? If You ask yourself that. You think you are being a hero by selling off your own country and you dare tell it to my face” I shook my head feeling disappointed.

” am a patriot! Am doing this for my grand children, for the future of this God damned country full of lazy people they cannot make a simple machine on their own. You allow a few individuals to get all the wealthy and here i am trying to make an equal distribution of resources when we are able to make enough on our own instead of exporting cheap raw copper. We will be one of the big exporters of copper and in this case not only raw but processed and refined completely” he spoke confidently.

I looked at him clicking my tongue, ” you are a fool Mr Benson, they fed you lies and you bought them like an idiot. You are a fool for thinking giving foreigners power to rule your own mother country even for a year will benefit the Zambian people.

” tell me who these people are” I told him blankly.

” i can’t” he frowned.

” you can’t or you won’t?” I asked him standing up and walking towards him

” they will kill me, i, i .. I can’t tell you that. I have told you enough and that’s all” he moved his chair back.

” give me names dammit! Someone has to put an end to this your mediocrity ” i shouted slapping his face and he winced in pain.

He gave me names of some foreign guys after a couple of minutes threatening them. some of them belonged to some diplomatic groups who had some sort of connections to our country.

” so what now?” He asked as i stepped back from the desk heading to the door.

” i looked at my phone just to find a text warning me there was a crew of soldiers and police surrounding the building. I checked the time just to find it was sent a couple of minutes back. I just lost my chance to escape.

” they are coming for you now jerk!” I heard Mr Benson chuckle proudly seeing how i was almost panicking trying to find my way out.

I was still struggling with indecision when the door blew open sending me backwards and hitting me to the wall.

In an instance the entire room was noisy with cops and soldiers shouting and talking. My head whizzed a bit as they pointed their guns at me.

I touched my pocket to make sure the recorder was intact, glad it was routed to the one Chama had outside.

They shuffled me up disarming me and cuffing my hands.

” get him out of here now! I don’t know what this lunatic wants from my office!” Mr Benson gained momentum screaming at me.

I smiled looking at him as the guys lead me out side.

” i got what i wanted you fool, now you won’t stop it from coming out. You are no smart man sir, your time is up too” i let a laugh and he came forward furious.

” have you caught all of them?” He asked the cops.

” no sir, we only managed to get one outside there is no sign of anyone else” the cops responded.

” find them all i I need them captured dead or alive!” He screamed angrily I could see his worry was about what he just confessed.

” i got you Mr Patrio” I laughed hard and the guy leading me slapped hard across my face

” quiet you fool !” He snowed at me.

I looked back at him once more as they led me to a vehicle outside, the entire place heavily surrounded by uniformed men and women.

They got all the things i had on me removed and placed in bag. My phone and the recorder and my gun. I knew things would be hard for me now, the chances of escaping that was so slim. My only hope was that the guys would finish every thing as planned. I wasn’t going to sacrifice myself for nothing.

The torture I received from the detain centre left me so weak I could barely stand nor see around the small room i was pilled up.

The idiots had done a good job trying to get me to tell them where my friends were. What amazed me was the fact that they were just following orders without knowing what it was their boss wanted from my friends.

He came over one afternoon looking at me with strong angrily stares I knew he was having a hard time getting what he wanted.

” you are running out of time you idiot you are going to die soon, so you better give me back those file and the recording or else you are dead” he threatened me.

” why are you whispering my Minister?” I laughed sitting on the other side of the holding facility.

” you don’t want these guys to know the main reason why you have decided to have me held here instead of taking me for a trial and judgement so that i can be moved to the highest prison?” I asked him even though I was so weak to speak normally, plus the swallowing face couldn’t allow me.

” i will give you a deal” he started, looking around his white moustache pointing down.

” give me what i want and i wll let you go. You and your friends can forget about all this and done, every one goes home happy” he shrugged.

” am sorry man, as you can see am inside a prison and i don’t have anything on me. So I can’t make that deal with you” I nodded my head at him

” you talking nonsense Steve, you know you are the key and can get back what i need. ”

” yeah i could, but i won’t. If my men have not yet done anything with that information it’s simply because they know am still alive. Do anything stupid to me and you going down too. ” i outlined

” you think you are so smart huh! Let me tell you poor son of a b****!” He stood up pointing at me.

” you will rot in jail and i can promise you my men will find those your dog’s and get what belongs to me!” He scolded.

” good lucky with that ” i responded.

” and another thing” I stopped him as he walked to the door.

” you have made a big mess keeping me alive, the only way to stop me is to kill me Mr minister. Otherwise I will rise again and this time you will not see me coming. You are done and i will see to it that the whole world knows who exactly you are” I smiled standing up as the guard lifted me up to take me back to my cell. I stomped back chains on my legs and my hands handcuffed.

…to be continued