The Game Changer Episode 18


Ackim walked to a named bank entrance as I watched with a smile on my face. He had just told me he would use an inside lady he knew from the past. According to him he saw her the time we both took a tour inside the bank trying to see how we could work to get access to Mr Benson’s safety deposit box.

” how do you know this woman?” I asked him when we got outside.

” she is a friend to someone I dated for some weeks here in Solwezi, the girl was a secretary to my wife so i got to know that banker through her”

” well good then,I hope she comes in handy” i sighed and watched him walk in to have it going.

He came back after some good 10 minutes and told me he had dinner arrangements with the girl, it was evident the guy had lots of charms to attract women so i wasn’t surprised. Unlike me, who was somewhat a bit rough even with women, Ackim could easily make women fall for him.

It was at this meeting that he made the woman talk about Mr Benson and since she had access to the numbers to the safety boxes, managed to get a way to the location of the box and paid her off promising to be visiting her severally. He had made her drunk that evening and she just spoke without knowing what she was giving away.

In the end we had the number and the rest was easy. All I did was walk in the bank and tell them the number and there, it was handed to me without questions since i had the key. I had all i needed on Mr Benson and that’s when I moved on to plan B of confrontation.

The thoughts of his enormous courage and stupidity of thinking he was doing a good thing putting our country in the hands of the foreign people making me sick.

” hey move it!” Came the voice of one of the prison guards pulling me out of my thoughts.

I looked up at him grinning as I walked pulling the chains on legs. I wondered why I was treated with maximum security though. For me it was funny cause I thought they were over doing it even though they made it clear they knew who i was and what kind of person i was and there was no leaving me a any chance to escape prison.

I sighed looking at the idiot in the face .

” move it dammit! We are transferring you to Kabwe, Mukobeko prison, you have been rated as a danger to the nation and very unstable you might try to stage a coup”The guard told me as he led me outside to a armoured vehicle outside.

” did anyone ever come to see me the past 7 days?” I asked him worried the guys might have forgotten about me.

” yeah some guy came over but was told you will not receive a any visitors.

” did he say anything?” I asked him again as he pushed me to sit in the back of vehicle.

” we asked him of the relations with you and he said he had no idea who you were and just wanted to say keep your butt lit” he responded and I smiled feeling glad.

” keep your butt lit” was a code we planned to use if anyone was caught to mean you ought not to give up because your friends are planning to rescue you.

” turn off the butt” would have meant forget it things are not okey. I smiled at the guard as he locked the doors.

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The vehicle was moving getting to the rough road and later on the main road. I noticed from the small window on top of the enclosure I was in that it was dark outside. I couldn’t tell the time but i suspected it was either midnight or slightly past.

I leaned my head back as I heard the vehicle increase speed and it was all quiet now. The three guards who had initially been talking had stopped, I could bet they were dozing maybe except the driver cause I could hear the vehicle was moving smoothly.

I was startled from my sleep as I had my eyes closed to allow myself to sleep, when i heard a loud bang followed by the vehicle swaying from one place to the other pushing me from one side to the other.

The second one came, and this time i heard the guards screaming as the vehicle slowly turned over, i went over with it.

It went over again and again making my head spin about. ” bang bang bang! ” i heard three gun shots one after the other. I was cramped in one heep I couldn’t move.

” he’s in the back get him now!” I heard voices but i couldn’t recognise who it belonged to.

A couple of minutes later the closed door flew open and some bright light was shown in my face blinding my sight.

Two guys stepped on with heavy boots on their feet. They unlocked my legs but kept my hands tied as they led me out.

” who are you guys?” I asked shocked. I had honestly hoped they belonged to my crew. But they all kept doing their thing burning the police vehicle and the bodies of the police guards without saying a word to me.

I watched in silence as the guys banged the doors close and drove on without saying anything still.

” i asked who you guys are and why you have taken me ? ” i raised my voice to ask and one of the guys in the front seat looked at me and back in the front..

” we are your rescuers and that is enough for now. The boss will talk to you on the other side” he added

” your boss?” I asked again and when he went mute on me I knew I wasn’t going to get my answer just that moment.

I didn’t know if I had to worry about them or be happy they had rescued me. Hating the curiosity I was feeling, if only I knew where we were going, i could at least rest easy. I felt my head crack in pain where i hit my head to the vehicle and i closed my eyes to contain the pain, realising my nose was bleeding.

I almost said something to the guys in front but held my words back and leaned back to ease the pain. The only sound around the dark night as we moved was the sound of the engines from the vehicle we were in and the other one following behind where the other guys were.

” stay calm Steve, stay calm I told myself wishing some cigarette or dope was given to me to help the pain in my body. I was meant not to take any the 7 days they had me locked up.

The worst feeling of not knowing who was controlling my life at that moment and where i was being taken made me so pissed. But i had to play along and see how i would survive it all.

…to be continued