The Game Changer Episode 19 Final


“You are welcome to our camp captain Banda” a Short though looking guy smiled at me.

“Who are you and why do you have me here?” I asked instead looking at a lit room with a soft couch and a small long table placed on a soft carpet it made me feel comfortable from down my feet.

He sighed deeply dismissing his boys and walked steadily towards me and sat on the couch next to me. “Am sorry we have meet under such circumstances, I can assure you my actions are in the best interest of this country and yourself. I wanted us to meet way back before all this jail thing happened to you. I tried to get hold of you but I failed, you are pretty good with what you do man, you have hidden yourself so well the past weeks making my mission to meet you almost impossible, however,” he hesitated looking at me. He stood and walked to a small cabinet in the corner of the room and drew a pack of cigarette, lighting one and placing it on his lips.

“Want some?” he asked handing me the pack.

“Yea sure” I stood and received the pack and lit it immediately getting to smoke too.

“Yeah like I said, we finally meet. I took advantage of your being in detention and somehow I knew they would eventually move you so I waited for the perfect moment to execute my plan and here you are” he raised his hands signifying me to sit right back as he pulled up his trousers showing of some brown sandals on his feet.

“We both know we are not here to chit chat, so get to it already man and tell me why you rescued me. Where is my crew?” I asked looking at him.

“Yeah sure that’s it right? Straight to the point, I like you Steve” he smiled

“Okay so this is it. I want you to lead me to your men and give me all the records you have on Mr. Benson and whoever is functioning with him.” He looked up at me with a smirk on his face I knew he was being a joke.

“Okey” I shrugged casually like I gave no damn about what he was talking about.

“Okey, that’s your response?” he asked studying my face.

“Yeah or what you want me to ask you why or for what? I bet you already have the answers to all those questions for you to come on to me like this man and I don’t want to waste time talking about this. So either tell me why am here and it better be a good reason. I will not take casually anyone who messes up my mind and plans for a stupid thing” I looked at him firmly he sat back.

“Like I said earlier, it’s in the best interest of the country. The men that got you last night are soldiers like you were able to notice this morning. By that I mean active soldiers who are working just like you to see to it this country has protection from any enemy invasion. So, I Will tell you head on what this is all about.” He paused sighing deeply.

“I don’t want us to wage a war against the enemies now, our country has lived in peace for a while and I for one wouldn’t love that to change. Now the records or anything you have against the people you have been following will destroy this country. Imagine if people were to know they cannot trust their own leaders, their own soldiers who are meant to protect them? This will destabilize us and that will affect our progress and peace. Revealing the happenings of this outrage will destroy us especially at this crucial period of elections. Hand me the records soldier and I will see to it that the culprits are brought to book but not publicly. People don’t have to know about all this Steve, it will cause unrest. I hope you understand” he nodded his head making a face at me.

“Mmmmm not sure about all this, from the look of things you knew what was going on already, my question is who are you really? Why are you surfacing now? Why didn’t you do something all these years until now? “I asked him.

“Come with me,” he stood up walking me to a different room. “See that? “He asked pointing at a big screen displaying different people from the top others marked red across.

“All these men are deep into the government, they are the center of policy making, and the ones marked red are what we have spotted to be the bad eggs that are trying to put this country to ruins. The ones unmarked are the faithful ones. One by one we have tried to fish them out, pointing out their corruption, or any activities connected to the Mercenary saga, one thing was lucking though” He sighed.

“You had no idea who was connecting them all to the outside” I completed his sentence.

“Right” he nodded his head.

“For 5 years now we have not been able to decipher the link to the outside world until you came by. We have reasons to believe you got what we have been searching for years. The truth about Mr. Benson. He suits the profile, he was raised from outside this country, and he has always pointed to the policies to favor foreign investments at the expense of this country. All we needed was the evidence all his acts and gladly you managed to get that. “He smiled turning off the monitor and looking at me.

“What guarantee do I have that you are not working with him? What happens if I hand you the only things that have kept me alive the past days and that will put an end to this you call an outrage? Give me the reason why I should trust you “I spoke firmly.

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“We are a branch of the Special Forces Steve, we work secretary to bring order especially from within the government cycles, it’s my job as the leader to ensure that our system is maintained and our leaders placed in the right order to avoid such things as happening now. I can assure you protection and a good settling for the good work, you and your men both. We have watched at a distance and I can assure you as one man you will not be able to take this down easily, help me to bring order and cut lose all this foreign nonsense soldier, you have outdone yourself Steve, a few soldiers have done what you have managed to do in a few weeks. “He patted my back.

After a long talk, he told me how they operate and how he would move forward with the issue, pointing out the best ways to get out all the bad men. Asking him about Jacob and the others, he told me plans were already underway to pull them out before the actual elections. He didn’t really say how he was to do it but his words implied they would be taken out for good.

Hours later, I contacted Ackim and the men calling them for a meeting. I brought them to speed on what had transpired and they told me how they had planned to get me out from the main prison in kabwe. “You know I like leaving an impact so attacking the main prison could have been funny” Ackim laughed

“Yeah sure it would have been, shooting our way out could have really been loud my friend but that is not necessary anymore. This man will take it up and in a few days they are all coming down silently. We all go back home and live in peace. What do you say about that?” I asked them looking at their quiet faces.

“It’s going to be boring!” Chama responded with a laugh.

“Yeah sure I will miss the action but I guess the battle is all over. We all need to get back to our lives, I for one is going to start over where I left it 5 years ago. I hope to consider the leader of this Special Forces unit and work with them.” I told them.

“ I have to find a way to tell my wife about her father, I know she will be let down but I have to tell her everything before she hears it from anyone else” Ackim told me as we stood aside from the other guys who were now drinking and laughing cerebrating their well fitted package as awarded to them.

“talking about women, let me go home and find my own, she must be sick worried about me. I have not called her in days” I shrugged

“Yeah all the best man, and well done. You have changed this game and am proud to be on the winning team. “He smiled at me.

“Where do you think you heading to without saying bye to the guys?” he asked me as I got to the truck.

“I never say good bye man. Tell them good work and that will meet again” I raised my hands as I walked backwards.

“You are crazy!” he shouted laughing.

“Yeah, I love you too friend” I yelled back smiling

“Am not your friend soldier!” he shouted and I laughed.

“Thank you” I smiled before getting into the truck. I saw him smile raising his hand at me. “Safe trip and good luck” he smiled as I drove out.

My thoughts where now focused on seeing my woman, oh yeah I planned to make her mine and I knew telling her it was all over would get her thrilled. I could imagine her face as I drove back to Lusaka. Making plans of how I would get myself a decent house and start a family. I intended to build up a family like I never had.

Knowing my relatives had probably forgotten about me, I thought one day if I would come to terms with what they did to me, I would go and tell them I was still alive. But for that moment I had thought I had to start living like any other normal man, settle down with the woman I love and probably bring her grandfather to live with us in his last days.

This is my story, I have fought, I have lost some battles and won some, for whatever reason I did it be it for love of my country or to revenge my enemies. Am proud that my assignment was a success and I emerged well and victorious. I am the game changer.


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