The Game Changer Episode 15


My eyes set on his messed face, he was not breathing normally I bet the torture and beating had left him powerless and weak he was almost begging for me to finish him.

The guy I took hostage to interrogate had just revealed some important details of who Jacob and his friends were working for. He told me some of the names of the big tyrants who were behind the entire operation.

Most of them some outside guys he had never meet, they interested in running the country mines and reap the benefits. Their main aim was to have control of our copper mines and it was disheartening to know some Zambians would cooperate with such men to help reap our country of our major source of income.

” you have only mentioned some Zambians , tell me the names of those outsiders and how i can get to them” I stood in front on him raising his bloody face.

” i told you everything I know man, i know nothing more. Am just an errand boy just like many of us are but we have no direct contact to them. You have to believe me thats all i know!” He yelled when i placed my hand on his already swallow fingers.

” well my friend, that was one hell of a confession and since i will not be needing you anymore I will ask my men to get your body bag” I smiled wiping my hands and starling back from him.

” please don’t do this man, please i told you everything!” He begged

” yeah that’s the price you will pay for betraying your own mother land you fool” I shouted leaving. I heard him scream out to me as i walked away.

” i know one man who initiated part of this, i can take you to him!” He shouted above his voice.

” am listening” I stepped back facing him.

” no no man, am not telling you s***. You have to make a deal with me first. Let me lead you to him and I stay alive” he added coughing through his pain.

” yeah why not just kill you and find the guy myself huh?” I added shaking my head.

” because this one is your ticket to get to the centre of all of them. Know him and you will have the link to all of them and” he paused breathing heavily.

” and am not giving you s*** till you give me your word I will walk alive” he added seriously looking into my face.

I starred at him for some minutes. I needed to know the guy in the centre of every thing and some how i knew he was being serious.

” screw me over and you are dead meat. Not only will I kill you idiot. I will make sure you die a slow and painful death, just so we clear, am not going to honour my word if this man you say turns to be nothing but a pawn like all of you. I need real guys, the men in the lead and nothing less” I frowned in his face.

” just tell me i will walk and you have him.” He smiled showing off his bloody teeth.

I nodded my head. Even though I wanted to kill him i knew i had to honour my word. I would give him a chance to live when he gave me what i nended.

” so what did he say?” Ackim and the other guys asked as i joined them at the table to have some dinner prepared by one of the guys.

” i think we may have one of the lead guys people. That fool will take me to him personally though he insists I have to let him live.

” and what? You agreed? ” Chama shook his head.

” yep. I had to man. He has a big shot and this will probably help me conclude things.” i sighed heavily sitting back.

” the man in question is the engineer of all this he connects the outside guys and i want to get to him. There’s only one good way to be sure that fool is not lying, go with him” i told them

” well, if you say so man, you calling the shots here” Ackim responded

” what do you think though?” I asked him.

” well soldier, he might as well be trying to buy himself some time but i know its high time you and all of us here got to get to the bottom of all this. Trying to fight our own people will not help since we now know those foreigners will stop at nothing until they sell this country to God knows who and leave us all in poverty. So, ” he stopped in his speech standing up.

” let’s get ready to ride to..” he stopped not knowing where we would go.

” Solwezi” I answered his unasked question.

” what?” He asked looking shocked.

” yeah man why? You look surprised? Didn’t think someone from there would pull out such?” I asked him with a laugh.

“Yeah Yeah, just that there’s someone who is politically involved I know way too well. But forget it it’s probably someone else” he added with a smile.

” you sure?, who is this guy?” I asked him standing up with him.

” no no man, forget it, it can’t be him. I know this man and i am almost certain he is not the one. He is one of the good guys you know” he shrugged.

” well, i wouldnt be surprised what people can do for power” Chama responded this time.

” yeah i know that man too but we all know we cannot trust a man right?” Jim added too.

” oh no, i hope you guys are not..” Ackim sighed

” dammit could it be?” He asked looking at Jim and Chama. As I watched him in shock.

” who are you guys talking about?” I asked stepping forward to where Ackim stood.

” come on someone say something now!” I yelled

” oh s*** this is so ****ed up!” Chama sighed shaking his head and looking at Ackim.

” what the hell is going on guys? will someone please say something?” I frowned impatiently.

” it’s Mr Benson” Chama spoke

” who the hell is that?” I asked again

” that is one of the ministers and he is my father in law, the father to my …”

” Paula’s father” I responded before he could finish his senstance.

” yep, but, but hey guys it might not be him right? I mean I know the guy and I don’t think it’s him” he added a disappointed look on his face.

“Well, let me make this clear man, i don’t care if the man is your biological father or InLaw, if he is the one involved, then..” I paused clicking my tongue.

” he’s going down man, and if you are not comfortable with that you better stay back now” i warned seriously looking at him.

” i hope it won’t be him. I love his daughter so much man and having her father as one of the people selling my own country will be hard to deal with? but…” he chuckled looking at all of us as we looked on at him.

” let’s not concluded before we get there right?” He asked.

” yeah, you staying back though man. We all know there’s conflict of interest here and…”

“Hell no, what the hell man, am no bucking down. Am here and am involved till the end” he responded seriously.

” don’t screw me up Ackim, don’t even dare cause I will not hesitate to take you down with him. ” i pointed a finger at him and walked away. I needed to prepare for the long trip to Solwezi and i knew we had to start off soon enough.

” prepare the truck and get ready 5 of my best men” I instructed Chama as I walked.

” we are starting off before dawn” I added

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I pulled off my shirt as I walked in my room ready to take a shower and take some few hours sleep. The cold water run down my body, i allowed the coldness to get deep in my skin till I couldn’t feel cold anymore.

My mind clouded with plans on what to do next. I had to find a way of having the whole operation done sooner so that Jacob and his entire cartel of copper diggers would go down and the right person put in office.

I had a couple of meetings with some inside guys i knew i could trust a couple of days back and i hoped every thing would go as planned. They agreed to help us only if I could get evidence of what was going on.

” i wish the water was a bit warmed up, am scared of touching the cold water with this weather” came a voice of Queen as she stood in the door way to the bathroom.

” what the fu**!” I almost shouted covering my private parts as I turned to look at her.

” what? It’s not like I have never seen you naked before, i undressed you when you first came to my grand fathers house remember?” she smiled still standing there.

” dammit woman what do you want now? You wouldn’t talk to me the past two days” I asked

” well, now that I thought about it, why let it pass when i can spend the few days that we probably have together enjoying being with the man I fall in love with ” she smiled taking off the towel that she had wrapped around her armpits.

” am um .. . Don’t” I almost spoke but i was too late. She stepped into the water too aiming her gaze direct at me. I swallowed hard as her light skin got wet with the splashing water coming from the shower.

” tell me, what do I make you feel Steve?, does it feel good to have my hands around you like this?” She asked seductively touching my bare waist with her warm hands I felt the impact reach my deepest skin.

” Queen I.. I.. .damn you so stubborn” I managed to whisper allowing her to play around my body her eyes still set on mine.

” mmmmm i can’t get you soldier. Are you going to sacrifice yourself for God knows what and leave me alone in this world? Are you going to let those evil men finish and cut your life short when you could just walk away and live far away in peace. Why won’t you let God be the one to fight the evil, you are only one man Steve and it’s the world against You, you cannot change the world handsome” she spoke her voice calm as she purnished me kissing my neck and sliding her hands on my man, he stood harder every second she did that.

” so what is it going to be? Me or you will go on with the suicide mission?” She sighed deeply her pointed hard nipples pricking my chest I could barely hold myself.

” i cannot stop now Queen you have to understand. I can only be one man yes but someone has to stand up for this country.” I spoke mostly in a whisper.

” Okey, i see so it’s done huh? You have chosen to fight this danger and won’t mind what happens to You” she sighed sadly kissing my lips slightly I gladly received her sweetness.

I held her closer pulling her into a deep kiss but she stepped back, turned off the tap and walked out leaving me so much ready to shoot, my veins were almost aching.

” where do you think you are going leaving me like this?” I asked her pointing at my hard man.

” to my room Soldier, go on and save the world ” she smiled and walked away banging the door behind her, I almost screamed in anger..

” Queen come back here dammit! ” i shouted but it was silent, she was gone.

” what the hell was that?” I shivered walking around my room trying to stay calm.

” she’s so damn mistaken if she thinks this will stop me from…. ” i paused looking around.

” hell no!” I yelled to myself getting into my sheets but i kept shifting. I knew she had me, i had to find a way of making her understand but it was not time to talk about that. All I wanted was to calm my man who was so hard I was beginning to feel pain.

” screw you woman, am coming for You!” I pulled the towel and walked out to her room almost running.

” what are you.. .” She couldn’t finish her sentence and i rushed to her pulling her into my arms and kissing her tenderly she moaned in pleasure.

” i will not let you go Queen, you started this and am not going to let you alone. I love you ” i whispered between kisses and she paused looking at my face.

” what?” She asked

” i said i love you. I want you so bad right now i feel like i will burst. You drive me insane you know that?” I added and she smiled pulling herself closer to me.

” i love you and I need you alive Steve, promise you will not die on me” she whispered as I kissed around her face.

” i will try stay alive for you okey?” I responded and she smiled widely letting me lead her to bed.

” damn you so sweet” I whispered into her ears enjoying every second in her.

…to be continued