The First Love Episode 9 – A Cheap Flirt


I left the hall, ignoring Seye even though I felt his gaze trail me all the way, till I was out of the room.
I was done in about six minutes having collected myself, reapplied my dark red lipstick and powdered my nose. I now felt brave enough to face Seye’s unsettling stares. Stepping out of the ladies, I stopped in my tracks as I saw him, standing there right outside the door. I was speechless, not sure what to say especially as he looked seriously displeased.
“Who’s that you’re with?” Were his first words, spoken so harshly as he stared down at me, pointing in the direction of the restaurant. Finally I lost my patience with him he couldn’t keep doing this..bullying me this way. He had no right to speak to me like this when he had no hold over me.
“How is that your concern?” I snapped.” What is your problem really Seye? You have no hold over me so who I decide to see is really none of your business!”
“Did you bring him here just to spite me, to make me jealous? I am sure you got the information that I would be here in the evening and that was why you came here with a biracial man like me, just to spite me.” I had to laugh at his crazy insinuation.
“Are you hearing yourself? You sound crazy!”
“Is this who you really are now? Is this what you are, a cheap flirt? Flirting with whoever shows an interest in you? At the office, you and your boyfriend are almost inseparable, just a few days back you were saying how you missed me, how I was your one true love and now you peddle another guy in front of me like you are some cheap tart!”
On hearing that word, my heart crumbled and I lost it. I wanted to lash out at him, I wanted to make him hurt but I didn’t know how. His words had twisted my heart, twisted it all up.
“I don’t know why I love you, Seye….even after you have let me down twice. I’m such a fool but thanks for letting me know what you think of me. I needed to hear all that to harden my heart towards you, now I know I can move on because I see that you never knew me, ever at all.” Without waiting for his reply, I brushed past him quickly. I needed to get Franklin to take me home before I made a fool of myself here in the restaurant. Seye had succeeded in totally ruining my evening.
As soon as I bid a disappointed Franklyn goodnight, I took off my shoes and clothes. Shrugging on a short silk dressing gown, I grabbed a bowl of ice cream from the refrigerator and crept into bed hoping an overdose of sugar would make me feel better.
Seye was such an ass, how could he think so less of me, much more say those things to me. How could he even accuse me of such when he was the one who had intended on cheating on his supermodel fiancee with me! He was the one who had toyed with my heart two times for crying out loud and he still had the gall to accuse me falsely.
It hurt real bad that he could think of me so lowly. He of all people should know who I really was. My childhood and teenage years had been spent in his home. We practically grew up together. We had been so inseparable, his parents had jokingly referred to me as their daughter in law. I had given myself to him in my teens but he had forgotten me as soon as he had left.
I had been prepared to look past all that and start all over but again he had ripped my heart to pieces a bloody second time. I cursed myself for being in love with the wrong guy. He just wasn’t worth it, he wasn’t worth me. I had just turned on the television hoping to watch something crappy that would send me to sleep when my doorbell rang. I groaned, who could it be? I wasn’t in the mood for visitors right now.
I trudged lazily to the door, hoping to find out who it was and what they wanted before I put my clothes back on but the doorbell rang more insistently and I had to yell.
“Who’s that?”
“Open up, Simi.” I stopped in my tracks, shocked, it was Seye. What in hell did he want?