The First Love Episode 8 – Curse Of Fhe First Love


Dinner with Franklin was turning out really well. He was the perfect host, witty, very good with conversation, he made me laugh so much I almost forgot my pain. He was also very good to look at, unlike Seye’s boyish curls,
Franklyn’s was dark and cropped really low, he had soft brown eyes where Seye’s were a piercing gray. I had found myself doing a lot of comparison between the both of them, like how Franklyn was taller and his complexion lighter. I knew it wasn’t right but I couldn’t seem to help it. I guess that was the curse of the first love, you always compared every other person to them and they always didn’t match up.
Well, I was done with that, this time I planned to do things differently and that’s why I had come out to this date, looking as stunning as I could, trying to cast Seye’s demons out of my mind.
I had worn the burgundy dress which I had picked out for Seye’s dinner date that had never happened. When I recalled how Franklin’s eyes had sparkled when he’d arrived at my front door to pick me up, I knew I had chosen the right dress. If only it had been Seye’s eyes appreciating me that way.
I almost groaned mentally, I seriously needed to get Seye and everything about him out of my head. I couldn’t be with him and the sooner I moved on from it the better for me. We were just into our main course when he asked,
“how do you manage to look even more beautiful everytime I see you?” I shook my head, smiling at the obvious flattery because I knew I didn’t really look my best even though the make up tried to cover it.
“You flatter me too much, Frank….. but thanks anyway.”
“I’m serious.” He said.
“I just wish I could make you feel something for me like the way I feel for you.” I looked up, our gazes meeting, it was because of that bloody curse of the first love. That was why I felt nothing for him. He was a great guy but unlike Seye, whose gaze sent sparks through me, I just felt nothing for Frank.
Aside from the curse, I also had to wonder if I was subconsciously transferring my anger towards my biracial exboyfriend onto another biracial admirer. Making me unknowingly shut my heart to him, could that be a possibility?
“I don’t know Frank, I can’t force myself, you know? I do like you….maybe, I could like you more if I got to know you more?” I asked, I would try this differently, who knew, I might end up falling for the guy. He raised a brow, surprised.
“Yeah, I would like for you to keep an open mind…. previously, you shut down every advance I made towards you. What has changed?”
“I just want to try new things and leave old things behind.”I said with a smile. Franklin smiled too, he was gorgeous but I still felt nothing. Give it some time, I told myself.
“I hope you don’t share Dave’s penchant for a new spice of the week…because that a deal breaker.” I suddenly added drawing a chuckle from him.
“You are something else, you know?” he asked and I could see so much admiration in his eyes.
No, I dont share that with him, he is solely on his own in that regard.” He reached across the table, placing his hand over mine, caressing it tenderly he said,
“You can trust me.” I nodded and had just began to say
”I would,” when I saw Seye walk into the restaurant. Our gazes met and held, his piercing eyes burning into mine. He was followed closely behind by a stunning lady dressed in a bodycon silver dress that made my burgundy one feel like a Nun’s habit.
Exquisitely curved in the right places, the gown accentuated every asset of hers. Her long flowy blonde hair complimented her skin tone and I couldn’t help but feel a deep stab of jealousy.
“Are you okay?” Franklin asked, aiding me break the trance Seye had held me bound by.
“Errr… I’m not sure.”
“Is it the food?” He asked.
“No, it’s not but don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I told him. My eyes wandering back to where Seye was now seated with his conquest only for our gazes to clash once again. He had chosen a seat that put me right in his line of vision and vise versa. His stare made me uneasy.
The lady he was with was talking so animatedly but he was ignoring her and staring at me. I couldn’t read his gaze but something told me he wasn’t pleased seeing me there and I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like I owed him an allegiance, so why was he trying to make me feel bad having dinner with someone else.
Franklin followed my line of sight and saw Seye, he looked back at me and asked,
“Is that him?” I frowned turning to Frank and forgetting Seye for a second,
“him, who?” Franklin shrugged.
“The supposed love of your life who broke your heart for a second time!”
“David told you!” I shrieked.
“That leaky mouthed…. I’m going to skin him the next time I see him.” Franklin chuckled at my theatrics, he didn’t know I was really serious.
“It’s more like I pried it out of him… I just wanted to know why you suddenly decided to spend time with me.”
“Oh my gosh, I feel so embarrassed.” He must wonder at what a user I was, using him to get my mind off Seye.
“Don’t be please, that guy doesn’t know what a rare gem he’s cast aside. You are hot, intelligent, even tempered, gentle, quiet and so beautiful…. the list is.endless. I see you for who you are, if he can’t see that then it’s his loss.” I smiled, why couldn’t I fall in love with Franklin right this second, I wondered…but maybe I could in time.
“You are something yourself Frank…you are selfless, I know you are doing this for me and not for yourself…you knew I was using you as a distraction and yet you agreed?” He shrugged.
“I can only but hope that you would feel something for me in due time.” I smiled, sneaking my hand over the table to squeeze his hand affectionately. For some reason, I felt Seye’s disapproving stare on me and looked toward his table to see he wasn’t pleased at all with my display of affection.
“If he is making you uncomfortable, we could leave.” Frank offered
“No,’s okay really.” I wouldn’t give Seye the satisfaction. I just needed sometime to get myself together and I would be fine.
“Please excuse me for a bit.” I got up and he did also courteously, “I need to use the ladies, I will just be a moment.” I promised and he nodded. I left the hall, ignoring Seye even though I felt his gaze trail me all the way, till I was out of the room
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to be continued