The First Love Episode 7 – What Are Friends For


“I don’t get it, why would he tell you all that and then abruptly break it off? Most men who want to cheat don’t bother with all that.” David said. I had just narrated everything to him and Irene and they were trying to make sense of it all. I had almost given up trying to understand it myself, only Seye knew why he had acted that way.
“Wouldn’t you know since you are an expert cheat?” Irene sneered at David.
“Hey, I don’t cheat…how can I cheat when I am not in a committed relationship but that’s not the point here. From the way you narrated it Simi, he seemed he wanted to begin a relationship with you….”
“But he was still with his fiancee.” Irene supplied.
“That’s the confusing part, could Sola be wrong? Maybe they were indeed broken up at the time…then sometime between they made up again?” David asked.
“Can you even trust Sola?” Irene asked.
“After All she has never masked her dislike for you…could she be lying?”
“What does it matter anyway? He has cancelled whatever he wanted to begin with me..that fact is real.” I pointed.
“That is why you need to confront him.” Irene advised.
“You can’t keep killing yourself wondering what really happened. Give yourself closure, Simi.” I shook my head,
“and seem desperate? Hell no!”
“Simi, it’s not….”
“Please Irene, I am not that type of girl, I’m too proud for that.” David sighed, taking my hand in his reassuringly,
“I know exactly what you really need ….distraction…fun distraction and I think I know just the person.”
“You can’t be serious Dave, she is heart broken.”
“Yeah, I know, duh? And she needs to get her mind off Mr. Hotness and another Mr. Hotness will do the trick…. You remember Franklin?” Despite my damp mood, I had to smile. Franklin was one of David’s friends, I had known him for a few years now but we were not close. He never missed a chance to ask me out on a date any time we meet but I always declined.
Like Seye, he was also biracial, his mother Caucasian while his father Nigerian and he was really good looking but I had never really felt much of a spark toward him and I wasn’t sure why. Irene scoffed
“So you just want to replace one half cast with another? Is that your brilliant plan, Dave?”
“Do you have any better ones?”
“Guys, guys, please lets not argue. I agree with Dave, I need anything to keep my mind off Seye….even Franklin will do.” David beamed,
“Franklin will be so happy to hear it, the guy is always on about you all the time, I don’t even get it.” Why wouldnt he be?” Irene asked.
“She’s hotter than any East African Victoria’s secret model.” She said with a wink and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Thanks a lot guys, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” I said managing a smile. With these guys I knew I could get through anything.
“That’s what we’re here for, each other.” Irene smiled.
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