The First Love Episode 6 – Penny For Your Thoughts


I had almost called in sick to work the next morning but there was a meeting and my boss needed my presence there. I hadn’t slept well the night before, I had cried for most of the night until I had finally drifted off and then woken up with puffy eyes. I had applied so much concealer that my complexion was almost two shades too light. I knew I would run into him at the meeting but I promised I would suck it up, act like he hadn’t shredded my heart out a second time and be professional about it.
I got down from my car which I’d just parked in the lot and made my way to the lobby as I saw Sola, Seye’s elder sister, also just arriving. She was also an executive in her father’s company, had never liked me and had never bothered to hide it.
“Hey Simi, how have you been” she asked smiling at me. The smile looked real enough but I doubted it reached her heart.
“Fine, thanks.” I replied quietly trying to walk ahead of her but she increased her steps to match mine.
“Seye told me you guys hung out on saturday.”
“Yeah, we did.” I replied
“That’s nice. Catching up were you? After all these years…I’m sure if he wasn’t engaged to his Lizbet, you two might have been together.” Her words hit me so unexpectedly that I couldn’t hide my shock, my eyes widened as I looked at her and my mouth dropped open as she smiled knowing what she had done.
“Those two are soul mates.” She added, walking ahead of me into the building. That lying bastard! I was furious, so it had all been a lie? Everything had been a bloody lie? Some how I found that quite hard to believe though, Seye had looked so honest when we had talked on Saturday. There was no way he could have been lying.
Wait, had he just been stringing me along just to have an affair with me over here because his fiancee wasn’t available. Then he had changed his mind later for whatever reasons best known to him. Well, whatever what we had was dead and gone, I wouldn’t dwell on it anymore, I decided
My mood was at an all time low for the whole of the day and it got David and Irene worried. They had both been casting furtive glances at me, asking me if there was anything wrong, to which I replied, nothing. We were at the meeting presently where my boss, the finance manager was giving a presentation. My mind was barely there as I wondered what Seye’s agenda had really been about. \
I had tried to move on from it but it had kept bugging me all day. I still couldnt believe Saturday had all been a lie, it just didn’t make any sense.
“Penny for your thoughts?” David who was sitting beside me asked.
“I’m not thinking about anything.” I whispered back.
“Something has been on your mind all day and I don’t need to be psychic to see it.”
“Well even if I wanted to tell you, it wouldn’t be here, would it?” I snapped raising my voice slightly, getting the attention of the other people in the room including Seye who glared at me disapprovingly. I looked away from him, gosh why did I still feel so much for him? Why did I still have feelings for him when he had wrenched my heart out a second time?
“Immediately this meeting is over, we are going to have a serious talk, Simi. No more hiding things and no more beating about the bush.” David instructed, obviously tired of my strange attitude. I was tired too, I had to confide in my friends before I went crazy thinking about it all.
With a sigh, I tried to get my mind off my issue and on to the meeting. I managed till the meeting ended not too long after.
“You ready for lunch yet?” David asked as the crowd in the room dispersed.
“I need to remind my boss to drop some stuff for Seye’s signature, I will meet you at the cafeteria.” I told him and he nodded. David left and I carried the documents over to my boss who was talking with someone.
“Err…could you hand them over to him yourself? He asked me.”He knows what to do.” With that instruction and not waiting for my reply, he walked off still in discussion with the other man.
I glanced at where Seye was seated, talking heatedly on the phone, this seemed like a bad time to see him but there was no other time. Judging from his furious expression, I didn’t want to be at the other end of that line. It seemed he was having a bad day also. When he was done with his call, I approached.
“Hi, I..”
“What!” He snapped as he turned to me. Quietly, without a word as I didn’t trust myself to speak without cautioning his rude attitude, i dropped the documents on the desk. He looked down at them,
” I will have it ready by the end of work today.” I nodded and was about leaving when he spoke up again.
“And next time could you and your boyfriend comport yourselves better in the midst of office personnel?” I frowned, my boyfriend? I wondered. David? I would have corrected him but I was sure he didn’t really care to know David and I were just friends. I really didn’t like his attitude but I couldn’t tell him that, he was my boss and not the teenage love of my life anymore. So I turned and made my way down to the cafeteria where I was going to offload all my burden on my friends.