The First Love Episode 5 – The Cryptic Message.


It was ten p.m when Seye dropped me back at home. We had spent the whole day out. After the fun park we had gone around town, touching different spots. We had talked, caught up, hugged, kissed and generally done things lovers did. It felt so good to have him back and I couldn’t hide my glee. It felt so good to be loved and I saw it in his eyes, he could barely take them off me all day.
We were at my door, he’d walked me there.
“I wish today didn’t have to end.” He said as he held my hand
“Me too.” I wanted to ask him in but was wondering if that wouldn’t be too forward.
“I have to work tomorrow but we can do dinner in the evening.”
“Sure.” I said deciding to wait till our second date. before inviting him to spend the night. He pulled me closer and I willingly went, entranced by his eyes. His lips took mine and I melted like butter against him, Kissing him back, slowly, sensually.
When he broke off the kiss, I sighed with a smile. I couldn’t wait for dinner the next evening because I was sure dessert would surely follow
I had tried over ten different outfits but nothing seemed good enough for my dinner with Seye. The look I had in mind was sexy and alluring but in an innocent way but my gowns were either too sexy or too innocent.
There was just one sleeveless knee length lace burgundy dress I had. it had a high neckline of transparent lace that hinted at my full burst, a fitted bodice that flared out at the waist and stopped just mid thigh showing off my straight long legs.
The gown was okay but I wasn’t wowed by it. It would probably look better after I had accessorized and done my make up I decided. Maybe it wasn’t even the gown, maybe it was not good.enough for me because I wanted to over impress. I was still considering it when a call came in from Irene.
“Hi girl.” I said in high spirits as I answered her call.
“Wow, someone is surely feeling good today…. does it have anything to do with your mysterious reconnection with a friend from the past?” I trusted Dave to have told her everything, I decided to be a bit open about it.
“Well, it does actually.”
“Really? please gimme the full gist, please please.” She said excitedly.
“I’m afraid, i can’t do that now, I have to get dressed for a dinner we’ll be having tonight and I plan to stun.” Irene laughed.
“Go girl! Full gist tomorrow?”
“Definitely.” I said hanging up the call noticing a text had come in from Seye. Curiously I opened it wondering what pleasant surprise he had for me again. Dinner cancelled. Busy. For some reason the message left me cold. He could have called me to cancel but instead he’d sent this cold and cryptic message.
Come to think of it he hadn’t called all day, it was quite strange when one considered the day we had yesterday. Maybe I was over reacting like I usually did, I decided to give him a call to clear things up. Calling his number, I waited patiently till he picked on the third ring.
“Simi.” He simply said and I knew, just the way he called my name I knew something had changed.
“Hi babe,” I joked trying to lighten the air “I just got your text, not cryptic at all.”
“Whats cryptic about it? The stiffness in his voice got me worried.
“Did something happen? Are we good?”
“Simi…” He sighed before going on
“Let me just be plain with you, this is a bad time for me to start a relationship. I just came back into the country… I just took over the company, I’ve got a pile up of work to attend to. I can’t do this with you right now.”
My mouth dropped, it felt as if my heart had suddenly been slammed with a huge mallet. There was something seriously wrong here, was it some sort of bad joke he was playing on me? I had a million questions I wanted to ask him because I knew his reason for quitting something we hadn’t even begun was total bull shit but I couldn’t bring myself to talk.
Did he think I was a puppet whose feelings he pulled like strings? I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction by seeming desperate. Inhaling deeply to calm my nerves, I said a simple and quiet,
“Okay, I understand.” Cutting the call, I dropped on the closest sofa my heart breaking all over again as I was confused as hell. What in the world had just happened?
to be continued
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