The First Love Episode 4 – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Fifteen minutes later when Seye parked his sleek car in the parking lot of the children’s park, I was pleasantly surprised once again. I laughed
“Seye…I can’t believe you brought me to Fun Island!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah, I knew you would least expect it but the place holds some dear memories for me….. for us and I wanted to see it again. I wanted us to walk down memory lane.” I smiled as I recalled.
The last time we had been there had been the day before he had left the country. We’d had so much fun as it would be a while before we would see each other again. We had promised to keep in touch but fate had another plan for us.
We lost contact immediately he had left as his sister hadn’t provided me with his number or e mail and all messages I sent to him through her had come back unreplied. Finally she had told me to forget her brother and just move on. Heartbroken, I had heeded her advice.
My smile dimmed as I recollected the pain from the heartbreak that I had gone through for months. I doubted I was even over it now. Even though I’d had relationships since then, Seye had been the real love of my life as I had always thought about him, about what could have been between us.
“Why Seye?” I asked, now curious as I turned to him.
“Really, why are we here?” His face took on a serious expression now as he held my gaze.
” Because…the memory is still clear in my head….this is one of the happiest memories I can recall of us. We had many but this stands out…. It was the day before I left for the States…we’d had so much fun and we didn’t want the day to end, we didn’t want to go home….you remember?”
“Yeah,” I nodded remembering my parents had disapproved staying out so late but I’d not wanted to leave him because it would be the last time.
“I remember your glee when I let you win at mini golf after I had whooped your ass in all the arcade games.” He joked. I shook my head laughing as I remembered.
“Hey, you didn’t let me, I won that game fair and square!”
“Yeah right….you won cos I wanted to be a gentleman and let the lady win at some thing.”
“Yeah right,” I rolled my eyes,
“Mr. Gentleman.” He laughed
“but I did beat you at every other game so one game doesn’t really count if you think about it. But you were so happy at beating me at something…I remember the look on your face when you jumped in glee when you made the final pot….if we hadn’t been in public, I would have kissed you then.” I stared at him speechless, vividly remembering that evening.
A lot had happened that night, it had been the day she had first been with him.
“But most importantly of all……” he leaned forward me, cupping my chin in his hand, his lips so close to mine, I thought he would kiss me.
He continued “I remember what happened in my room after we got back…when you gave yourself to me…..that has got to be my all time best memory.” He sighed, leaving my chin and sitting back in his seat. I wish he had kissed me but he still had more to say as he continued.
“I need to be really honest with you SimSim, I’ve had relationships but none was ever like what we had…I don’t know about you but for me, you were my first love and till now, my only true love.
“What we had been real, innocent and true. Now when we live in a world where everything is faked, I think of you and know you are the realest person I know. I am still in love with you SimSim, I am still hopelessly in love with you like I was when I was eighteen.”
“You are?” My voice was a whisper, I couldn’t believe all he had just said and my tummy was presently doing flip flops of joy. He nodded.
“I am…and I hope you will have me back after ten long years, maybe this time we can make it work…that is if you are single of course.”
“I thought you were engaged to that East African super model.” I said.
“Yeah, we were but that’s broken now…we broke it off quietly to avoid the media and all the noise.”
“Wow,” this was news to me. This had to be a dream, a very pleasant one.
“You had no idea,did you?”
“I certainly did not.” I shook my head, not even in my dreams had I conceived that Seye would come asking me back.
“So..are you single?” He asked with a smile.
“Yeah…very single.”
“So does that mean you will give us another shot?” I nodded
“Hell yes! ” “Seriously?” He asked and I nodded some more with a huge grin, I couldn’t believe this was happening.
“I hadn’t planned on spilling so much so soon, I’d meant to take things slow but seeing you yesterday, my feelings came rushing in all at once and I just couldn’t help but tell you everything.”
“It’s strange Seye, but I have also felt the same way all these years. I wondered what might have been if we hadn’t been separated…
I’ve also had relationships but what we had, had always stuck out in my mind….. I am still in love with you Seye.” His eyes widened.
“Yes.” I smiled holding his gaze, his gray eyes so beautiful, he was gorgeous and I wanted him to kiss me. As if reading my thoughts he leaned forward and I did also. Our lips met and I closed my eyes, I planned to savour it as his lips moved over mine sensually. Afraid that he might suddenly have to leave again. I broke the kiss, giving us some space, I said against his lips.
“I can’t believe this is happening,it feels like a dream to me.” He smiled.
“Its definitely real babe.”
“It is.” “I missed you so much, my SimSim.”
“I missed you also.” I said just as his mouth closed over mine again. It seemed we would do a lot of this before the day was over.
to be continued