The First Love Episode 3 – Twenty Bouquets Of Fresh Flowers


I hurriedly put finishing touches to myself as Seye would be at my place in a few minutes, then I stood in front of the ceiling to floor length mirror checking myself out. My make up was done to perfection, my usually flowing long natural tresses were parked neatly in a bun atop my head.
I remembered yesterday at the luncheon when Seye had casually tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ear. To me, It had been an intimate gesture but it had probably been nothing to him. We had been quite close before after all.
Eyeing the sleeveless teal hip length chiffon blouse which I was wearing, in the mirror, I considered changing into a more form fitted top to fit the white figure hugging capris pants but decided against it as I loved the colour of the blouse.
After what Seye had done this morning, I knew this wasn’t a casual date for us today so I wanted to look my best. I had woken up to my door bell ringing, opened it, only for me to be greeted with twenty bouquets of fresh flowers. It had been shocking and unexpected and I had known there would be something more to this date of ours.
A guy didn’t send a girl that many flowers for no deeper reasons. Now my apartment smelt like a flower garden but I loved the gesture. He had called me soon after to ask if I had received the flowers and to confirm our date that morning. When I’d asked him where we were headed, so I’d dress appropriately, the only hint he’d given was to dress casually. Sitting on the edge of the couch, I slipped on the woven nude coloured ballerina flats. My phone began ringing, it was David. I picked it.
“Hi Dave, you got my text?”
“Yeah, I did Simi, it was quite impromptu though and I can’t help but ask what came up.”
“Errr..yeah, I am hanging out with a friend.” I really wasn’t good with coming up with lies at such short notice.
“Why not bring her over? We’d definitely love to meet your friend.” David assumed the friend was female. I decided to clear him of the notion as I wanted to be buried as shallow as possible in the lies.
“Uhh, no, I haven’t seen him in a while and we have a lot of catching up to do so…it’s best we hang out alone.”
“Hmmm…are you going on a date, Simi?” He asked. Trust him to put two and two together.
“Sort of, but with an old friend.” I said still trying to sound light about it.
“So how did you two reconnect?” He asked just as I heard a car horn outside my building. getting up I walked to the window and pulled back the blinds. A sleek black Tesla model S was parked in the driveway and I knew it was no one else but Seye.
“I have to go now, he’s here.” I said hanging up before David could say another word. I rushed out of my bedroom through the living room and to the front door. Opening it, I saw he was just closing the door behind him. He looked so yummy in a grey polo neck t shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.
He saw me in the doorway, smiled and came forward in my direction.
“Hey SimSim.” He said looking sinfully sexy, his short curly hair more unruly than ever..
“Hey yourself…” I said stepping into the veranda,  I was beaming brighter than a 100 watt bulb. He climbed up the short flight of stairs,to the veranda, his stone gray eyes regarding me intensely before his arms swooped me into a warm hug. I let him pull me close to him enjoying the hardness of his firm body and his musky scent.
“Cozy compound you have here.” He said releasing me.
“Thanks,” I replied knowing my two bedroom bungalow with its little cozy compound was no match for his palatial family estate in asokoro where he stayed.
I led him into the living room and offered him a seat on the cream coloured  shaped sofa.
“I love what you did with the flowers.” He said noticing how I had spread them about the apartment.
“I remember your mother loved to tend the garden back then and you loved assisting.”
“Yeah, I still do.” My cozy little compound could attest to that, the garden was neat and inviting. It was the envy of my friends.
“Can I offer you anything.”
“Yeah, an apology.” He said and I laughed.
“For what?”
“For losing contact all these years.”
“I don’t think that was entirely my fault,” I said sitting down beside him on the sofa although keeping some distance between us.
“Hmm, anyway none of that matters since we are here now. Are you set to go?”
“Yeah,” I got up to grab the white Chanel flap purse I had earlier set on the centre stool. Wearing the chain strap across my shoulder, I said,
“I’m set.” He got up,
“I am curious to know where we are going though.”
“You’ll see.” was his reply.