The First Love Episode 2 – East African Victoria Secret Beauty


“So what are we doing this weekend guys?” Irene asked as we sat at the table, our plates
laden with an assortment of dishes from the buffet table.
I was too nervous to eat for fear of bumping into Seye at the luncheon. I doubted I would eat
up to half of what I had picked but I had to act normal and seem interested in the food before my friends suspected something amiss.
I had a brief flashback of his smile and it still unsettled me, that smile definitely had an
“Swimming?” David suggested, “It’s been awhile I saw you two in bathing suits.”
“Sounds like fun,” I agreed.Turning to Irene, I asked, “Will Joel be coming along?”
“No, he travelled out on business, so I have the coming week all to myself.”
“David will you be bringing your spice of the week?” I teased him but instead of replying, he seemed caught up watching someone behind me.
“David….” I called him following his gaze to look behind me, it was Seye and he was coming
in my direction, a huge smile on his face.
I got up from my seat just as he got to me but before I could speak, he grabbed me in an unexpected bear hug, lifting me off my feet.
“Sim Sim,” he called me by my pet name he’d been so fond of when we were younger and I blushed knowing the whole staff were witnessing this. David and Irene would have a million and one questions running through their minds, how in the world would I explain this?
“Hi Seye.” I said as he put me down on my feet, my voice low, aware of all the people staring.
“I can’t believe I am seeing you again after all this time. It’s been ten years…wow and I must confess you look amazing, still so beautiful, more than I remember.”
“Thanks Seye, you don’t look bad yourself.” I managed to mutter.
“Oh please, you don’t have to say that…. I have been trying to reach you since I got back two weeks ago but they said you were on leave. I asked Sola to get your number but she claimed she was too busy and so I had to wait. Now I have found you finally. How have you been? How are your parents?” He asked me.
“They are very good, they are in London now with Timi and her family.”
“Oh Timi, I hear she’s married with lots of kids now?” I nodded,
“Three boys.”
“Wow. That’s awesome….how time flies.” He said idly brushing a stray tendril of my hair with his finger, he tucked it behind my ear.
“And you? I don’t see a ring on your finger? Does that mean you are still on the market?” He winked slightly and I blushed, managing a shrug. Gosh, he was so good looking.
“I’m so glad to see you again…we have lots of catching up to do.” He told me and he seemed serious about it.
“I have to go around and mingle some more but first free chance I get, I am calling you up and we are gonna hang out, catch up, if that’s fine with you?” He asked his gray eyes holding mine and I nodded entranced by them.
It’s fine.” I agreed.
“Okay then.” He said turning around with a smile and wave at irene and Dave whose mouths  were ajar, before walking off.
“Could you guys pick up your jaws from the floor?” I asked as I resumed my seat, a smile  playing on my lips.
“What just happened? I thought you said you didn’t know him” David asked
“I said we weren’t close.” I corrected them.
“Okay, you still lied anyway because from what I just saw, you two must have had something  quite close going on before.” Irene countered     I shrugged, feigning concentration on my meal,
“Well, we were sort of friends since my  family lived on his parent’s estate and worked for them. They even sponsored my schooling  till University, they were fond of me and he was cool to me. So I guess you could say we had  a sort of friendship going on.”     Irene and David exchanged looks before Irene spoke up.
“You are hiding something Simi  and it’s glaring from the way you are trying to avoid the question, cornering and meandering  around an answer.”
“Whatever.” I replied trying to seem nonchalant about it all.
“Dont mind her Irene, you know how secretive she gets sometimes.”  Irene nodded
“yeah… and she can be such a busy body when it comes to my matter.”
“And even mine.” David agreed.     I couldn’t help my chuckle,
” You guys need to try harder with this your emotional blackmail  tactic because it’s not working.”
“Well, you can keep hiding it but sooner or later, the whole story will come out.” David told  me and I looked up at him defiantly.
“We’ll see.”
I had just gotten into bed when my phone began to ring and I glanced at the clock. It was  12.34 am, who could be calling at an odd hour. I knew my friends had definitely dozed off by  this time.     I didn’t recognise the number on the screen when I picked.
“Hey.” He replied.     I frowned, could it be? No way.
“Seye?” I asked to be sure.
“Yeah SimSim, it’s me…. hope I didn’t wake you up?”
“No, not at all but I was just getting ready to sleep.” I replied.
“Ok then I will be brief.” He said,
“Can we hang out tomorrow if you haven’t got plans?”     He had said we would hang out when we met earlier today but calling me up so soon  was indeed a pleasant surprise.
“Ummm…” I had something planned with Dave and Irene but I was so cancelling it
“No, I  dont.”
“Great, so can I pick you up at 9 am?”
“Perfect,” I replied.
“Okay then.” He said and I heard the smile in his voice. How had he even gotten my  number? I guess he had his ways.
“Good night.” I said ending the call, falling back on my bed almost not believing, my hot  boss, former friend and first love had just called me and we were hanging out the next day.  Maybe I needn’t get so excited when it might just be a harmless meeting. He was engaged  and I seriously doubted he would leave that East African beauty for me so I had better  prepare myself for an innocent no strings attached date.
Not that I was ugly, far from it. I was slim, five feet nine, caramel brown complexioned. A few  people had even insinuated I had a close resemblance with Agbani Darego and asked if I modelled. These days any slim female with smooth skin had to be a model.  The guys were crazy about models, and that was why Seye would not in a million years  leave his East African Victoria secret beauty for a lowly me. I would keep that in mind tomorrow on the date with him, still it felt good he had called me up  so soon.