Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 4


Their expectations was wrong, it wasn’t the driver. Ama was standing at the door with a smiling face as she stood there and starred at Danny, Helena and Ismael.
“Good morning, you must be Helena’s husband, Danny” She said “I’m Ama, her friend, she has spoken so much about you” She continued.
Helena stood there speechless as she wondered what to say. Indeed she was really scared with the presence of Ama. What was actually her mission here?
“This quite a surprise, you didn’t tell me your friend will be visiting today?” Danny said.
Helena knew she was vulnerable at this point, any least mistake she does will push Ama to blow up the secret. She then had no option than to play along.
“Oh I’m really sorry. She told me her visit will be a quick one, she won’t be here for long,” Helena said.
“Actually,I intend to speak to your husband. If you don’t mind, I have a business proposal for him. Ama said putting Helena at the spot.
“Oh my manners, why don’t you come in?” Danny said and invited her in. Helena was on the verge of losing her mind now. She had no idea of what Ama was planning today and her presence made her more nervous.
Ismael was running late for school, their driver hadn’t showed up yet.
“Honey, why don’t you see Ismael off to school? The driver is running late,” Danny said to Helena.
It was obvious that Helena didn’t like the idea of leaving Ama alone with her husband. She was not ready for what was about to happen.
“I wish I could help, but it’s rather unfortunate that my car had broken down some few days ago, but don’t worry Helena, I will be here waiting for you. It could give me the opportunity to give the details of my business to your husband” Ama said looking very cunning.
Helena was really caught up on the spot with a little to do. She had no option than to take Ishmael to school. She only wished that by the time she got back, Ama would have kept her mouth shut.
All this while, Dede was worried about Appiah. She was worried about how Joe was treating him at work. She then decided to go to his apartment without his knowledge until Appiah returns from work.
She knew Appiah very well and where he kept his key when he is not at home. She got there and Appiah was already at work. She looked beneath the door mat where Appiah kept his keys and took them. She opened the door and made herself comfortable.
She opened his fridge and took a bottle of juice and patiently waited for him. Her eyes came across a brown bottle which looked very unpleasant to the eyes.
As curious as Dede was, she took the bottle and read the prescription on it. It was a herbal medicine that is used for pregnancy termination. What was it doing in Appiah’s room? What was he doing with this medicine?
So many questions popped up in Dede’s mind. The worse thing was that, the herbal medicine was half filled. It’s so clear that it has been used.
Ama was also enjoying the absence of Helena. She and Danny had a long chat while Helena was still away.
“You said your name is Ama right?” Danny asked
“Yeah” Ama answered
“Ok, so tell me about this business of yours, let me see if it will be profitable” Danny asked.
“Oh yeah I almost forgot, I learnt you have a brother by name Appiah, If I may be correct? Ama asked.
“Yeah, He is my younger brother, any problem? Danny asked
“Well, he was the one who talked me into bringing you on board” She said
“You mean Appiah actually told you that, I see. What connection does he have in this business?” Danny asked.
“Well, he is the major shareholder of that business. Danny, I must be frank with you, you are sleeping with your legs outside your room” Ama began being more clear and revealing.
“I don’t understand you,” Danny asked looking very confused.
“Your brother has a son which I think you should be more concern about and I believe you know who the mother is?” Ama said.
“Since when did Appiah had a son that I don’t know about and who is the mother? Appiah asked.
“She is right under your nose, It’s your …………….” Ama said
To Be Continued On 8th February 2016.