The First Love Episode 10 – Acting Like A Prostitute.


“Who’s that?”
“Open up, Simi.” I stopped in my tracks, shocked, t was Seye. What in hell did he want?
”Did you come here to conclude your insults? Go home Seye, because I sure am not letting you in.”
“Simi, please just open up so we can talk…or if you don’t mind your neighbors listening in our conversation then I really don’t mind speaking from here.” With a sigh, I turned the locks and opened the door, stepping aside so he could come in. His suit jacket and tie were off now and he had folded his sleeves to his forearms.
“What do you want to talk about Seye? Just come out with it really fast, I need to go to sleep.” I said leading the way into the living room. Before I could make it there, Seye’s hands grabbed on to my waist pulling him back to him, he wrapped his arms around me, his lips grazing the curve of my neck. The suddenness of it all left me in shock for a few seconds. I stiffened up asking
”what are you doing, Seye?”
”I really don’t know what I’m doing, Simi….what I do know is that I want you so bad….. even though I know what you do, I still want you so much.” I frowned stepping away from him, he let me go. What was he talking about? I turned to face him and saw that he didn’t look good, he was troubled and it showed on his face.
His eyes were sad and I wondered what could be wrong. I meant to ask but he spoke up before I could.
”Dump them.” He said, ” dump them all, I don’t care anymore if you’re just in it for the money, I don’t give a damn, just leave them and be with me. Only me, name your price and I will give you anything. Just be with me, please. I know you have feelings for me, you said so yourself tonight and I know I can’t be without you so leave what you do and be with only me. I will give anything just to have you and for this ache in my heart to stop, please.”Now I was seriously confused.
”What are you talking about, Seye? I am really confused right now. I should leave who?”
“Don’t play me for a fool Simi, you know what I am talking about. I am asking you to leave all the men you are with.” My jaw dropped.
“Yes, like the one of tonight and then your office boyfriend…. I don’t care how many they are, just leave them all for me, I will give you ten times whatever they are offering.” I shook my head unbelievably
“Where did you get this crazy idea that I have boyfriends all over the place?”  He shrugged,
“it wasn’t hard to deduce, you accepted a relationship with me when you already had your boyfriend from the office and now tonight I saw you affectionately smiling and holding another one. So I….”
“So you assumed that I am what…a hooker? And now you are offering me money to be with you because I would go to the highest bidder, is that it, Seye? freaking believable.”
” What? Did I get something wrong?” I shook my head wondering how he could have conceived such an unbelievable story in his head and then I suddenly bursting into laughter because it actually appeared quite funny. Seye frowned looking more confused.
“Is it funny? What, am I now a joke or what?”
“No, no,” I shook my head.
“I’m just trying to imagine myself how you just described…you know, like the man eating prostitute.”
“Are you saying…you’re not one?” I burst into more laughter.
” Come on Seye, really?”
“I am confused, I don’t know what to believe anymore.” He said, throwing his hands up in exasperation. I managed to stop laughing, but I couldn’t help the smile still on my lips.
“Who told you David was my office boyfriend?”
“Sola said he was, that you two were always together and well known as the best couple in the office.” I burst into another fit of chuckles.
“What’s funny about that?” He asked again.
“Oh gosh, your sister is a piece of work, Seye. She crafts her lies so expertly doesn’t she?”
“So you are saying he isn’t your lover?”
“Of course not! We are just good friends.”
“Okay, how about the guy of tonight? The one you brought to the restaurant to taunt me.”
“Oh please, don’t flatter yourself as if the world revolves around you. I would have changed restaurants if I had known you would be there. I told him.  Franklyn is Dave’s friend, I needed an evening without you in my head and so I asked him out on a date which you ruined anyway.”
“Yeah, I’m not sorry I ruined it…but I am sorry of the hurtful things I said to you back there. I was really angry….I had misunderstood everything thanks to Sola, she will get hers from me.”
“I guess she was probably lying when she told me you were still engaged to the super model.” I said
“She told you that?” His eyes went wide in surprise. I nodded.
“Gosh, what is wrong with her? No wonder she was seriously trying to fix me up with some of her friends.”
“Like the one at the restaurant?”
“No, Vanessa is an old college mate, that had been a simple, innocent dinner. We are just friends and she was meeting me briefly before heading out to something with her fiancé.”
“Oh.” I simply said feeling much relieved that the bombshell had a fiancé and wasn’t looking to latch on with Seye.
“So you are serious that you’re not seeing anyone?” He asked, looking at me, his eyes now soft and pleading.
” I am not seeing one, much more three.” I replied.
“Goodness, I am going to skin that sister of mine for coming between us like this.”
“Yeah, I suspect it wouldn’t be the first time either.”
“Wait..what? You mean when I left years back, she did the same thing?” I shrugged
” I doubt you received any of the messages I sent, did you?”
“She told me you didn’t send any, probably because your new boyfriend was taking all your time. My heart broke on hearing that but I couldn’t blame you. I believed you deserved someone who could be there with you instead of putting your hopes on someone who wasn’t sure when he would be back.” I smiled
“I would have waited till infinity for you…. Just a phone call from you would keep me for months but she told me you had moved on and I should do the same.” He sighed, pulling me back against him, it felt so good to hold him like this, I had missed it.
“I can’t believe Sola did this. Kept us apart all this time, she’s going to get it from me.”
“Somehow I don’t believe she will back off so easily.”
“Oh, she will, I know just what to say to her….. I’m so sorry, SimSim, gosh I feel like an ass bad when I recollect how I acted towards you and all the things I said. How could I have even believed or conceived that you were that way? After all the years we spent together, we grew up together for crying out loud and I just …..
” I could feel the guilt eating him up, I pulled back from him, took his hands in mine.
“It’s okay Seye, seriously, I forgive you… It’s even quite funny to me when I think about it. Let’s just move on from it, and be glad we found each other again, can you do that ?” He looked down at me, his gray eyes crinkling at the sides, gone was that troubled look, he looked quite happy.
“I love you Simi and I am quite sure I will love you for the rest of my life and nothing anyone says about you can change it. No one else comes close to you, never have and never will.” It felt so good hearing that from him, if my heart could, it would literally sing joyfully right now.
“I love you too Seye Savage, always have and always will. No one else comes close, never have and never will.” We sealed our promises in a searing kiss as Seye pulled me closer against him. I felt really good and lucky to have my first love back and something told me that this time, he was back for keeps.
“So…what do you have underneath that dressing gown by the way?” He asked against my lips as we kissed.
“Why don’t you come find out.” I replied mischievously.
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Credit Peju Amadi