My Dad Raped Me And Gave Me AIDS


imagesI was born in a every poor family. my mom died when I was 15 and I lived with my dad since but I was never happy because my father was a drunk lazy man. my dreams was to become a model or a fashion designer but all of my dreams ended when I was 18 after my father raped me and I got pregnant and I couldn’t go back to school again.
Not only that but my father was HIV positive so I gave birth to an HIV positive baby girl but still my father lie to people that I had been going out with boys so he kicked me out of the house, I lived a hard life with my child but my girl couldn’t make it, she died of hunger and malaria. i never give up and I moved on with my life
I meet a wonderful man and he helped me fulfill my dreams. i became what I wanted to be, I was happy.but now am here on the hospital bed fighting for my life after i fell on the fashion show stage.
Apart from suffering from HIV I also got blood cancer and the doctor said I don’t have much time to live. But before I die just want to tell my father that I still love him and I forgive him…
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