The Elite and the pauper episode 6


There’s a popular saying that anything worth it is worth fighting for. One of the greatest mistake a person can make in this life is try to prevent two people in love from being together; be you a parent or loved one. You would end up pushing that person farther away from you if you keep posing as a threat to their desire of being with that special someone they love. The walk of Love is personal that even the board of directors don’t have a vote to detect to you whom to give your heart to.

Richard’s dad was about to start a war that didn’t seemed like it was going to end anytime soon because Richard was already deeply in love with Naomi at that point and was willing to go to war with the whole world for her. But will he really stand by her till the end and not give into oppositions along the way? Well, we would find out.

Immediately Mr. Coker was done issuing his last verdict concerning his son’s love life, Richard tiredly got up and walked away from them without uttering another word in the bid to defend his decisions.

“Where are you going to? We are not done ironing out this issue” His dad said,

“There’s nothing more to talk about because you have clearly shut me off even before I could tell you all I wanted to tell you about this lady that has stolen my heart. I thought you would be happy for me and not bring social statutes into this, but I guess I was totally wrong. Welcome back home!” Richard said and walked away.

Things unfortunately didn’t go as planned for the love struck gentleman and it made him extremely pissed at everything around him at that moment. Unable to bear the hurt of how his dad handled the situation, he packed a few clothes and zoomed out of the house without telling anyone that he was gone. It was passed 8pm at that time so he located a hotel far away in town and lodged there. After settling in, he called Naomi to check up on how the adjustment to their new house was going so far.

“Hello dear, how’s it going?” Richard asked when Naomi picked up,

“Everything’s going great, how are you?” she asked,

“I’m good” he replied in a low tone. The manner at which Richard spoke on the phone gave Naomi a clue that something was going on.

“Are you ok? You sound unhappy” she said,

“Don’t worry about anything, I’m fine” he replied but Naomi wasn’t going to back off from finding out why he sounded so sad. She kept probing him till he finally left the cat out of the bag.

Richard narrated everything that went down with his parents but was matured enough not to give all the raw details to avoid scaring Naomi away. When he was done talking, she smiled and told him everything was going to be alright.

“I love you Richard and never forced these feelings for you upon myself. You are my angel and knight in shining armour. I loved you yesterday, love you today and would always love you despite anything that happens between us” she said with tears already clouding her eyes.

With the way Naomi’s voice suddenly became shaky, Richard could tell that she was at the verge of tearing up so he chipped in.

“You are my angel too and one woman that has properly showed me what love truly means and feels like. I’m not a kid and my parents can’t detect whom I should love or not. I’m not going anywhere and I want you to promise never to give up on our love, because I don’t think I want to try again with anyone else after you” he said.

Those little words of encouragement they spoke to each other uplifted their faith and made them hope for a better tomorrow. Richard disclosed the hotel he was now going to be staying at to her and Naomi promised to visit the next day after work. After talking for over an hour, they said ‘Goodnight’ to each other and went to bed.

All through that night, sleep refused to pay either of them a visit as they kept tossing back and forth; thinking of the battles that were ahead of them to fight. It wasn’t going to be an easy one but Fate would surely prevail if they were truly meant to be together.

The next day, Richard ran his business affairs from the hotel and didn’t show up at the office that day. It was in the morning that it dawned on his parents that he had left home the previous night. The security guards at the gate were contacted and questioned on Richard’s whereabouts, and that was when Mr. Coker found out when he left the house.

“Did he tell you where he was going to?” he asked,

“No sir, he just left with a bag and his briefcase” the security man said.

Unfortunately, things weren’t going as planned for Richard’s parents as they didn’t know that the situation was so intense to warrant Richard to leave the family house he had been staying in since he got back from London; without informing them. There and then, Mr. Coker called Richard over five times but he didn’t pick up, only for him to send a text message which read ‘I’m busy with work now dad, call back later’.

On seeing the text message, Mr. Coker was shocked at the guts his son had to send him a message instead of picking his calls.

“Just imagine what this airport lady is already doing to my son. He isn’t even married to her yet and she has succeeded in turning him against his family, we would see” He angrily said to his wife.

Richard’s mum wasn’t too hard on the matter because she didn’t want anything to push her only son away from her like it had began happening. The social status thing was something she considered too but not at the verge of her son’s happiness.

At close of work that day, Naomi hurriedly went to the market to buy some foodstuffs to prepare something for Richard. She was supposed to go to his hotel room directly from work but she was thoughtful enough to go back home to prepare something for him to eat. In no time, she succeeded in preparing two dishes for him and zoomed out immediately afterwards because it was already 6pm.

When Naomi arrived at the hotel, Richard was having a business meeting at the lounge area and instructed the receptionist to give her the key to his room. She felt so important and couldn’t wait to hug him after missing him all day.

The business meeting took a little while before it finally ended and by then, Naomi was tiredly lying down on the bed. There was a knock on the door and she went to open it because she already knew it was her baby knocking. The hotel room was spacious and had a sitting room in it. Immediately Naomi set her eyes on Richard, she hugged him so tight and didn’t want to let go. He smiled and held her tight with one hand, while using the other hand to close the door.

“Someone is missing me too much today” Richard jokingly said and Naomi nodded

‘Yes’, still hugging him. After being overly emotional for a while, she had to let him go so he could eat the food she brought for him. The food was delicious that there was no remnant on the flask.

“Wow! Who cooked this?” he asked,

“Me of course” she replied blushing. Richard praised her for a job well done and discredited the employed chefs in his house who couldn’t meet up to Naomi’s kitchen prowess.

After eating, Richard had to take this bath and that was the first time Naomi had the chance to see him without a shirt on. She kept blushing at the thought of Richard being hers forever. While she was lost in thoughts, he took his bath finish and came out looking extremely fresh. “You are very fine, has any ever told you that?” Naomi said smiling, “Thank you very much, I’m all yours though” he replied as he applied his body cream.

It was getting quite late so Naomi had to leave; “I have to go now” she sadly said, “Stay with me, please” Richard replied and moved closer to her. She blushed and held his cheek, “I didn’t tell my mum I would be sleeping out and plus I have never stayed out before” she said, “Then let me be the first reason you ever stayed out and didn’t return home, I honestly need you here with me” he confessed.

The atmosphere was getting cozy and Naomi couldn’t stop smiling. She was so thrilled that she could be that happy in life. On seeing that her man needed her by his side for the night, she had to call her mum on phone to inform her that she was with Richard and didn’t seem like she would be coming back home. Her mum was a bit worried but had to let go because Naomi was in her late twenties and wasn’t really a kid anymore.

Richard was happy that she would be staying over and was out to make her extremely comfortable. He controlled himself and didn’t want to do anything she didn’t want to do. Naomi took her bath and wore one of his neatly ironed white t-shirt he normally wore to business meetings.

“You are beautiful; I never want to lose you” Richard said out of nowhere. Naomi blushed and drew closer to him and pecked his forehead and said; “I don’t ever want to lose you too; you are the first man I have ever truly loved”. Richard’s emotions started heating up. He stretched his fingers and drew her shirt from the top bottom down. Naomi laughed and reached for his lips. They kissed passionately for a long while and the atmosphere got heated up.

Before then, no man has ever gone that far with Naomi so Richard was technically her first. For reasons unknown, she didn’t want to disclose her virginity status to him. They continued with their foreplay till Richard couldn’t control himself any longer and tried to penetrate her. It was so painful that she didn’t know when she screamed out loud.

“Did it hurt? I’m sorry” Richard said and Naomi nodded ‘Ok’. He gently tried again and again till he was almost halfway in. Naomi squeezed the pillow so tight and couldn’t bear the pain any longer. “I can’t do this, it’s really painful and I’m hurting” she said with tears falling off her eyes.

On seeing that Naomi wasn’t feeling the moment and was too tight, Richard pulled away from her body and wanted to go cuddle her when he saw blood stains on the sheets.

Confused and shocked, he asked; “Naomi, are you are Virgin?”, with tears in her eyes, she nodded ‘Yes’.