The Elite and the pauper episode 5


I want to sing for joy and jump in excitement because God’s will and intentions for his children are far above all we could ever fathom or think of. Can you just pause for a minute and imagine what life would be like if man were God? It’s truly a thing of relief to know that God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are way farther than ours. Most times, people who think they are plotting our doom, ends up ushering us into our Big miracle and that was what Annabelle did to Naomi.

Who would have thought that Richard would react that way, seeing a woman he was gradually falling for in front of a slump house? Who would have thought that he would take Naomi’s side against that of a supposed clean queen like Annabelle? Who would have thought that Richard would plant a soft kiss on Naomi’s lips in such degrading condition? Who would have thought indeed!

One funny thing about Love is that it can intoxicate a person up to the point where they have no clue of what they are doing until the deed has been done. At that moment, nothing else mattered to Richard other than holding Naomi in his arms once again; after missing her for over a week.

On the other hand, Annabelle was utterly flabbergasted, shocked and dumbfounded. If she had even the slightest clue that things were going to turn out that way for Naomi, she wouldn’t have bothered wasting her fuel and strength to follow her up and down just to locate where she lived.

“Can you Imagine? What nonsense! This is the second time Richard is disrespecting me in front of this lady. You know what? I’m done and not doing this lame thing again. Ablaze with him!” Annabelle said and drove off with speed. While she was gone, Richard was happy cause it made the whole atmosphere less tensed and awkward.

“Can you please stop crying now, everything is going to be alright. Now go in and change to something more decent” he said and Naomi nodded

‘Yes’, then went to change the wrapper she was tying.

While Naomi was away, Richard had time to greet her mum and other people in the compound who watched the short love scene that happened not long ago. After greeting everyone, he sat on the chair Naomi got up from and started a conversation with her mum.

“Mama, my name is Richard and I’m your daughter’s friend” he said,

“Welcome my son, she talks and cries about you everyday. I’m happy to finally see you my son” her mum said.

That little revelation by Naomi’s mum made Richard’s head swell because it was a good feeling for him to be aware of the fact that Naomi actually talks about him.

“Mama do you know why she cries too?” he asked but she nodded

‘No’. As he conversed with Naomi’s mum, he indirectly observed the compound and knew for sure that they were living that slump with immediate effect.

Shortly afterwards, Naomi reappeared with a more decent and fully covered outfit. It was getting very late so Richard had to call their driver to drive down and pick him up, since Annabelle had left with the car they came with. After making the call, he needed some private time with Naomi so he took excuse from her mum and told her to walk with him.

They walked outside the compound and sat in front of the balcony of a salon that was locked. As they sat down, Richard noticed that Naomi was avoiding eye contact with him because she still felt ashamed of what happened earlier. He smiled and drew her hair and they both started laughing.

“Ouch! That hurts because I just made this hair” she said,

“Oh sorry ma’am, I was just trying to get you to look at me since you have just been going Nyanga (feeling too beautiful) for me” he said and they both laughed again.

Seeing Naomi laugh, calmed Richard’s soul because he was worried that she would be so broken to laugh after what happened at her house. After they were done laughing, a conversation began.

“How long have you guys lived here?” Richard asked,

“Since I was a little girl, it’s been over 15 years if I’m not mistaken” Naomi replied,

“Ok, now I don’t want you and your mum to stay here anymore and I mean it. Start looking for a house from tomorrow and make sure it is located in a very good environ. Send your account number to me now and let me know how much the house and furniture would be worth as soon as possible. Before this week ends, I need a report that you have done all these inquiries, am I clear?” he asked and she replied

‘Yes sir!”. The ‘Yes Sir’ reply cracked Richard up and he drew her hair again.

They laughed and forgot every problem of this world and wished life would remain as happy as that forever. Richard found genuine happiness in her and would do anything just to make sure that she was also happy.

Shortly after, Richard’s driver arrived around that location and started calling him for more direction. After series of directions, the driver was able to locate the exact place Naomi lived and parked in front of the saloon they sat in. Sadly, it was time for Richard to go but Naomi wished he would stay forever.

“I don’t want you to go” she sadly said and he smiled,

“this is the first time you are showing this much emotions, am I safe?” he said and she playfully hit his chest,

“Go joor! In short go home” Naomi said.

The atmosphere was getting quite lovely for the two love birds. Richard held her waist and planted another kiss on her lips and this time she reciprocated his kiss. It was already dark and the car covered them so no one could see a thing. Richard held her extremely tight on her waist and Naomi wrapped her arms around his huge body. They kissed for a long time before finally parting their lips.

It was an undisputable fact that Naomi was an epitome of beauty with a killer body. Richard obviously knew that the lady he was risking it all for was worth it because she was beautiful to a fault. The only thing that was off about her was just the fact that she wasn’t born with a silver spoon and that she was born into struggle.

Just one touch and Richard couldn’t wait for her to be fully his so he could do all the crazy things he wanted to do to her. If only he knew that despite all that Naomi went through, she was still a virgin and had never compromised with her body. It would drive him more crazy over her when he eventually realizes this truth but as at then, it was still unknown to him. After their kiss, Richard pecked her forehead and entered into the car and drove off.

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Everything still felt like a dream to Naomi that she needed some time to process it all. After Richard’s departure, she sat back at the salon to reminisce on all that happened that evening. Some memories made her smile while some made her sad. She thought of Richard’s request to get her a new house but was scared as she thought of how that standard of living would be sustained if anything ever goes wrong with her and Richard’s relationship.

There were so many thoughts in Naomi’s head that evening but she decided to take it one step at a time. After sitting outside for a while, she finally retired back inside to make dinner for her mum. Later that night, Richard called to say ‘goodnight’ and they said goodnight to each other before sleeping.

Before the next day, Annabelle had spread the news of what happened back at Naomi’s house to everyone that gave a listening ear to her. She was extremely bitter and angry at what Richard did to her so she wanted to spoil his name to anyone that cared to listen.

The news spread like wide fire and unfortunately got into Richard parent’s ears. His parents were not in the country as at then so they waited till they got back home before bringing it up to Richard. While all these gossips and rumors were flying in the air, Richard actually cared less and tried to keep his relationship with Naomi as private as possible to avoid anyone from harming or harassing her. The deadline he gave her to find a new house passed but she still hadn’t given him any feedback yet.

One evening after a hectic board meeting, Richard called his dad’s estate manager and asked if he could help secure a three-bedroom apartment for him in town. When asked for what reason, Richard confided in the man about Naomi and instructed him not to reveal to anyone about their deal. The estate manager being a responsible family man, gave Richard his word that everything was going to be neatly taken care of.

The next day, the apartment was secured and Richard wired the money for it to be paid for and furnished. He was trying to speed up the moving process before his parents gets back from their trip; as he was worried at the possibility of Annabelle’s gossips getting to their ears. Well, it was quite unfortunate that they already knew and was just waiting till they got back before bringing it up. Poop Richard!

Immediately the apartment was paid for, Richard called Naomi to inform her of the latest development but she didn’t seem happy when he broke the good news to her.

“What’s the problem? I instructed you to look for a house, but you couldn’t and now I have paid for one at a choice location in town and you still aren’t happy. What exactly is the problem?” he confusingly asked. Naomi took a deep breath and said;

“I’m just scared that if something ever happens to us, how would I be able to sustain the standard of living you want to upgrade me to?”.

The fact that Naomi still didn’t trust Richard after all he had done to prove himself to her, made him a bit furious.

“What exactly do you take me for? A monster? Do you know the plans I already have for you immediately after you move out from that place? I was keeping this as a surprise but might as well just say it since you don’t still trust me. There are four well paying jobs already waiting for you to choose from, I contacted a friend of mine who works in a HR company and he helped hook you up even without meeting you yet. I plan on starting up a business for your mum and I also didn’t say I was leaving this relationship to go anywhere; expect maybe you want to leave me then. I’m going through a lot of stress now and the last person I need to add to it is you” he angrily said.

After Richard was done talking, Naomi’s eyes opened and it finally dawned on her that she was always too up tight and it might affect her relationship with Richard. It dawned on her that she was being a bit too careful and that had the tendency of robbing her of any chance at happiness.

“I’m so sorry for not trusting you after everything we have been through. Please forgive my negligent attitude and I can’t wait to kiss you and tell you thanks for the new apartment” she happily said.

The atmosphere became relaxed once again and they talked on the day to move into the new apartment. Richard instructed Naomi not to take any belongings from their old house to the new one. He told her to get only their clothes if necessary and leave the remaining properties at their old house or dash them away.

Finally, the day came for Naomi and her mum to say ‘Goodbye’ to the house they had live for over 15years. It was a thing of joy indeed and everyone sadly bid them ‘Goodbye’ as they left for good. When they arrived their new location, Richard was already there waiting in his car. He gave them the key and took them on a little tour round the apartment. Naomi’s mum kept showering prayers on him and didn’t feel like stopping anytime soon. It brought unexplainable joy to Richard that he was the reason for the smiles on their faces. He couldn’t stay for too long and had to zoom out.

The new reality of Naomi and her mum felt like a beautiful dream that they didn’t want to wake from. She called Richard few minutes after he left to personally thank him herself. Life felt like it was turning towards the right direction for these two lovebirds but was it?

Turns out that Richard’s parents arrived the next day from their trip and waited till evening before calling him for questioning. When he showed up to answer his parent’s call, the first thing his father asked was “Who’s Naomi?”

That question threw him off balance and left him a bit confused as to how his parents got to know of his little secret. “How did you know about her dad?” he asked and his father narrated all he heard from the gossips flying around. Richard saw that time as the perfect opportunity to come clean and tell his parent about Naomi once and for all so their relationship could come out of hiding. He took a deep breath and said;

“Daddy, Naomi is a lady I’m currently seeing and in love with”,

“Ok, do I know her and which family is she from?” His dad bluntly asked,

“Dad, she weigh’s luggage at the airport and was raised by a struggling single mother but I don’t think that mattes in anyway. I love her and really see myself spending the rest of my life with this lady” He said.

Before Richard could talk further, his dad hushed him and said “Un-love her now, because I would never accept such lady into this family and that is final”.