The Elite and the pauper episode 7


Every virgin’s dream is to give their virginity to that special someone they love. Now, most people were unfortunate to have lost theirs in a horrible way such as rape, deception or being misled to believe that they were loved by someone who only wanted their body. Also, some people disciplined themselves and kept their virginity till their wedding night, so as to give to their husband/wife. In the case of Naomi, she was able to keep her virginity till her late twenties because she never had time for Love; not with all the struggles and hard life she grew up in.

Before Richard came into the picture, there were so many other guys that tried to come into her life; to some she gave a trial to see if things would work out, while to some she bluntly refused to go into any sort of relationship with them. Despite all that, non of her previous lovers ever got physically involved with her to the extent of taking her virginity. Richard was the first guy she ever loved to that extent; probably because of how much he had proven his love to her and also due to all they had gone through to be together.

Naomi’s virginity status revelation knocked Richard off and left him extremely dumfounded and shocked. The main reason he was that shocked was because it all seemed unbelievable that a lady like Naomi, who went through so much struggle could still keep herself even till the age of 27. That truth was just too good to be true and to be honest, Richard was deeply happy like a man whose wife just revealed she was pregnant with their first child.

“Baby you are joking right? Am I your first?” Richard surprisingly asked and Naomi shyly nodded

‘Yes’. The atmosphere suddenly changed and Richard was overjoyed. He gently bent his head and kissed her tummy;

“You don’t know how much this means to me, Naomi I love you so much. Are you for real? So you were a virgin just few minutes ago? Wow! My love for you just tripled and I’m seriously going crazy just because of this” He happily said.

The reaction that followed after Naomi lost her virginity to her beau ‘Richard’ was so beautiful and highly treasurable. Naomi was so happy that he was the one that took it away from her. She was too shy to say anything that night and just kept looking at her man, whom was overly excited all through. Richard removed the sheets and told her to follow him to the bathroom so he could clean her up. They showered together and it was just another beautiful scene altogether.

The atmosphere got charged up again and this time, Richard made everything all about Naomi. He wasn’t bothered about feeling satisfied or happy, but just wanted her to have a beautiful experience. They didn’t make love but touched each other and did some crazy things in the bathroom. Richard told her that it was best they reserved ‘Love making’ till they were finally married; plus, Naomi was still very tight so Richard didn’t want to hurt her in the process of penetration. Their love for each other was more than any pleasure that ‘Love making’ could give.

After bathing, Richard washed the area of the sheets that got stained by Naomi’s blood so that the room service people wouldn’t see what was meant for his eyes only and also invade his privacy. They finally retired to bed and cuddled each other in the process.

While Naomi slept that night, Richard just couldn’t sleep as he wallowed in joy knowing that he was fighting for a lady who wasn’t a gold digger and someone who was highly disciplined. It calmed his heart knowing that it was just a matter of time before his parents would see Naomi for the decent and strong willed lady that she was. Richard was so happy to be the only man that had ever touched her, it was a thing of joy for him indeed.

The next day, Naomi had to hurry home because she was on morning shift. Richard told her to prepare for her meeting with the HR man that was to give her a good job. There and then, he gave her his number and told her to call him later in the day to book their meeting. Naomi was very happy to know that she would be leaving her underpaid job soon. Richard dressed up causally and dropped Naomi off in his car. They kissed each other before she alighted and hurriedly opened the gate and entered inside.

During the day, Naomi called the HR guy and a meeting was scheduled for the next day. Due to that new development, she took excuse from her boss for the next day and told him that she had an emergency to attend to. The next day off was granted and she was very happy.

Richard called Naomi every now and then to check up on her and have endless conversations with her. He wasn’t still in speaking terms with his father and it was causing so much trouble back home. Mr Coker was furious because his son hadn’t returned home for over a week. He was able to find out the hotel Richard was staying in, but his pride didn’t let him go over there to pay him a visit.

To be honest, there was absolutely nothing anyone could hide from Richard’s dad because the man was highly connected, but one thing he hadn’t been able to find out was who Naomi was and probably were she lived. With the way things were going with Richard and his dad, it was just a matter of time before Mr Coker completely loses his temper and things were going towards that direction.

For some strange reasons, Mr Coker kept blaming ‘The airport girl’ for his son’s misbehavior and rebellious attitude. I wonder why the unprivileged party is always to be blamed whenever things go wrong in instances like this. Why did Mr. Coker feel that Naomi was the cause of Richard’s sudden change in attitude? He never bothered to look within himself to check if the problem was actually from him; of which it was. It’s quite unfortunate and sad that things like this still happens in our society till today.

The meeting with the HR guy was successful and Naomi was offered the best job from all the options presented. The good news was overwhelming that she couldn’t still believe her ears. The first person she called to break the good news to was Richard.

“Baby guess what?” she asked,

“You got the job?” he replied and she screamed

‘Yes’. Richard informed her to get ready that they were going to celebrate later that day. Naomi was overly happy and quickly broke the news to her mum as well when she returned home.

Everything seemed like it was going to be alright for these lovebirds but was that really going to be the case? Well, we would find out. Turns out that the HR guy was one of Mr Coker’s business partners. The HR man was always contacted whenever his firm needed to employ new staffs.

Unfortunately, there was shortage of employees so the HR man was contacted. Since Richard was working from his hotel, he wasn’t aware of anything that was going on in the main office. When the HR guy arrived that fateful day, Mr Coker was around so he went to greet him at his office. “Hello sir, it’s been a long time and I heard you and madam travelled abroad” He said,

“Yes, we came back a while ago. How have you been and how’s business going?” Mr Coker asked,

“Everything is great sir, how’s Richard? I haven’t seen him around in the office since I came” the HR guy said. Richard’s dad narrated all that was happening and also how Richard left home because of a certain lady called ‘Naomi’.

At the mention of Naomi’s name, the HR guy was a bit shocked and confused. “You mean Naomi Peters?” He asked,

“You know her?” Mr. Coker shockingly asked,

“Yes I do, I just secured an employment for her not long ago and she seemed like a really nice lady” The HR guy revealed.

Richard’s dad wasn’t about to let any detail slide so he inquired if the man knew where Naomi lived; of which he revealed that he had her house address. Mr Coker immediately requested for the address and fortunately, the HR guy still had Naomi’s complete profile on his phone so he gave Mr. Coker the address, without suspecting that anything was up. Richard’s dad was expecting to see a bad location according to all Annabelle said, but was surprised to know that Naomi was living in one of the choice area in their city.

There and then, Mr. Coker could already see Richard’s finger print everywhere as he knew deep down that his son made that happen. “Thank you so much, I appreciate this” he said,

“No problem sir, now let me get back to the reason why I’m here” the HR man said and left his office.

As he sat there thinking of what his next course of action would be, he made up his mind to pay Naomi a visit. That evening, Mr. Coker gave his driver the address and told him to drive down to the place. It was a 40-minute drive before they finally arrived at Naomi’s apartment. Mr Coker got down from his sophisticated jeep and walked down to two ladies sitting outside the gate;

“Can I get the direction to Naomi’s apartment?” he asked,

“You mean the lady that just moved in here?” one of them said and he replied


Those ladies felt Mr Coker was Naomi’s sugar daddy so they willingly directed him to her apartment. There was a knock on the door and Naomi thought it was Richard because he said he was coming to pick her up that night for a dinner date. She happily opened the door, only to see an elderly huge man standing in front of her.

“Can I come in?” Mr Coker asked with a straight face,

“Please who are you?” Naomi shockingly asked.

He looked at her from head to toe and said; “I’m David Coker, Richard’s Father”