The Elite and the pauper episode 10


What a thing of joy to know that God’s ways are entirely different from that of man. It gladdens my heart to know that destiny might be delayed but can never be denied. What is meant to be would be; regardless of the unfavorable circumstances that might surround that particular situation. If you ever find yourself in a trying situation for Love, don’t ever back down or give up on that person especially if you know deep down in your heart that he/she is a good person and the right one for you. Fight a good fight of fate because it’s just a matter of time before everything automatically turns in your favor and you would be glad you stood strong and never gave up.

Finally, the storms in Richard and Naomi’s relationship looked like it was about to be calmed and their battle for acceptance seemed as though it was going to be over forever. One thing was clear that evening, and it was the fact that Mr Coker was ashamed and felt like chewing back every hurtful and demeaning word he ever said to Naomi. A scene was inevitable!

“What are you doing here sir? I should have known you were truly the one when I saw your name on the card. What was I thinking to assume that someone else would have the same name with the almighty Mr David Coker” Naomi sarcastically said with tears already clouding her eyes. Richard’s dad was dumbfounded and seriously didn’t know the right way to handle the situation that he had found himself in. It was unexpected and threw his thinking faculty off balance.

On seeing what was happening, Naomi’s mum became suspicious and started wondering what was going on between her daughter and a man that was more like stranger to her. Before she could ask Naomi what was happening, Mr Coker shamefully walked out on them without uttering a word; he got into his car and they drove off. Immediately he left, Naomi shook her head as tears fell off her eyes. Her mum tried to inquire what the problem was but she couldn’t give out much information so as not to hurt her mum; she only told her he was Richard’s dad.

It was getting late so they had to close the store and head home afterwards. On the other hand, Mr Coker was extremely disturbed and deep in thoughts. Since after his encounter with Naomi, he wasn’t speaking much and was moody even after he had arrived home. His wife was quick to notice that something was up and tried to inquire what the problem was but he wasn’t still talking. She started panicking and felt something was wrong with her husband and that was when he told her all that happened that evening. After talking, he broke down in tears and his wife was shocked to the brim because she has never seen her husband cry since they got married for over 30 years.

“Why are you crying? It’s not too late to make amends and Richard still loves you” his wife said,

“It’s not about that, is just that I feel horrible as a human being to have ever thought that people with less fortune were less human; only to find out today that majority of them have the best of hearts. They give from the little they have, are contented and also the ones with the greatest heart for humanity. Most of us in the oil sector know the shabby things we do to remain at the top and here I was, judging people that I’m part of the system that made them less privileged. They didn’t even take a dime from my wallet and even when I offered to give her mum something in reward for her kind gesture, she bluntly refused and told me it was ok. I just feel so horrible as a person and secondly as a dad. I have succeeded in pushing my son far away from me that we barely talk these days; even for business purposes. I owe that lady an apology but was too ashamed to say anything there” Mr Coker soberly said.

The atmosphere was highly emotional and all Richard’s mum could do was to try and get her husband out of the bad mood he was in. They figured a way to handle the whole situation and make peace with Richard firstly, then Naomi afterwards. When Naomi returned home that day, the first thing she did was call Richard to inform him of the incident that happened at her mum’s store.

“What! You mean my dad saw you today? what did he say after you confronted him?” Richard curiously asked and Naomi told him that he just left without uttering a word.

Deeply, Richard wanted to call his father to hear what he had to say but decided to let it slide till he calls him first.

“Don’t worry my darling, everything would be alright, I can feel it deep in my guts” he said. They talked for a little while before ending the call. Indeed, Naomi knew that things seemed like it was truly going to be alright between her and Richard because she wasn’t feeling afraid this time around; unlike how she felt the first day she met Mr Coker. They all hoped for the best and retired to bed.

Unfortunately, Mr Coker couldn’t sleep well that night as he kept thinking on how to make things right with his son. He thought of several ways to win his son’s heart again and knew that the only way to fully succeed would be for him to give his support and approval to their relationship. To be frank, Naomi and her mum’s kind gesture had already earned them a spot in Mr Coker’s heart. He knew for sure that they were good people and were definitely not after his son’s money. All fingers were crossed as he prayed that his reconciliation plan works and everyone forgives and forgets.

The next day, just as expected, Richard received a phone call from his dad. Two things were going on in his mind while the phone rang which was; whether his dad wanted peace or more war. After knowingly letting it ring for a while, he finally picked up.

“Hello daddy” he coldly greeted,

“How are you?” his dad asked and he bluntly replied


By the tone of Richard’s voice, his dad could tell that he wasn’t excited to speak to him.

“Can we talk? I feel it’s time we talk man to man” his dad said,

“Talk about what dad?” Richard bluntly asked,

“Talk about our dying relationship and also to talk about Naomi. I saw her yesterday and have been greatly disturbed” Mr Coker revealed.

To be honest, it brought relief to Richard’s heart to hear that his tough dad wanted them to talk about a lady he initially didn’t want to even hear about. It’s amazing to know that anything can just change in a twinkle of an eye and make the strongest heart melt like wax.

Richard told his dad that he was going to meet up with him only on the condition that Naomi came along. His dad agreed and they scheduled the meeting the next day at their family house. The meeting was agreed upon and Mr Coker finally ended the call.

When the line dropped, Richard jumped and screamed for joy because his dad accepted Naomi’s presence at the meeting. He was totally happy, knowing that the sad days of his relationship with the love of his life was coming to an end. The fact that his dad accepted without arguing was a sign that he truly wanted peace. It was a thing of joy indeed that Richard was going to step his feet in their house again; after over two months of being away from his family. He actually missed his sisters and wanted to see his mum too.

Later that day, Naomi came over to Richard’s house from work because she was missing him. Immediately she arrived, he broke the news about their meeting with his dad to her. “What! You know there’s no way I can stomach all that anxiety and tension. Please I don’t think I’m ready to meet your family now” Naomi shockingly revealed. Richard held her close and said; “Baby this is our time to make things right and come out of hiding. I’m tired of our relationship not being recognized by our families, it’s been a tough emotional battle and I think it’s time we settle it once and for all. My dad is broken and genuinely seem like someone that wants peace, let’s go and see the outcome of what this meeting would be”.

Naomi thought deeply about what Richard said and decided to follow him for the meeting. They started making preparations for whatever the outcome would be. Richard gave Naomi money to buy some decent nice clothes the next day for the meeting. All fingers were crossed and they didn’t forget to pray also.

The highly anticipated meeting finally came and Richard picked Naomi up from her house and they went together. Naomi didn’t know that she was in for double shocker that day. Unknowingly to her, Richard bought an engagement ring a while ago and was just waiting for his parents to approve of his relationship before popping the Big question. Since things seemed as though it was going towards that direction, he brought the ring along with him to the meeting. The outcome of the meeting would determine whether Naomi will return home as an engaged woman or not. Richard’s fingers were crossed!

On arrival, the gate man opened the gate and Naomi was in awe of the mansion in front of her. The house was a beauty to behold as it had a water fountain and a large garden at one end. They parked and Richard alighted to help Naomi open her door. His mum was watching from the window and was surprised at how much of a gentleman her son had become because of Love. They walked into the house and Naomi was looking absolutely beautiful and presentable.

When they entered inside, Mr Coker was already in the living room waiting for them. Richard’s mum joined them; same with his sisters. It was a full house and everyone complimented Naomi’s beauty.

“We have heard so much about you, welcome my dear” his mum said,

“Thank you so much ma’am, I truly appreciate and it’s nice meeting you” she replied with a smile on her face.

While everyone was chatting and making side comments, Mr Coker was silent and didn’t say anything. When the atmosphere had settled, he began to speak;

“My son, I am sorry for how bad I treated you in the past. I know better now and have realized that you didn’t deserve such treatment from the one man that should have always had your back” He said. Richard told his dad that he was forgiven and that he never held any grudge in his heart for him. He stood up from where he sat and hugged his dad passionately.

As they hugged, Naomi started tearing up because she was overly emotional with what was happening. Mr Coker looked at her and beckoned on her to come closer to him too; of which she did and sat at his feet.

“I’m sorry for everything hurtful I said to you the first day we met. I know better now and feel ashamed for judging you even before I knew you. Forgive and forget my child, I give you both my blessing and fully in support of your relationship. You have given my son so much happiness and I can tell that you are a very good woman. I welcome you today into my family, you can always visit us whenever you want to” He soberly said.

The atmosphere was getting overly emotional that everyone started tearing up. Richard was so happy that a day like that finally came in his life and relationship. Naomi bent her head crying as she sat down close to Richard dad’s feet. There and then, it dawned on Richard that it was the perfect time to pop the Big question.

Nervous and tensed, Richard got up and knelt behind Naomi. He touched her shoulder from behind and she gently turned with tears in her eyes, just to see Richard kneeling down with a ring box on his hand.

The emotions that followed afterwards was enough to send Naomi to coma. Her heart kept racing as though she would die if it stooped.

In the presence of Richard’s surprised family members, he popped the Big question with tears in his eyes; “Naomi Peters, will you marry me?”