The Elite and the pauper final episode


For every problem in life there’s an expiry date; even that which pertains to Love. The comfort we have as humans to keep pushing forward regardless of the trials and difficulties we face each day, is that Hope we have within that everything will be alright someday. Hope and Faith is what keeps us going even when we can’t see that Big breakthrough coming.

Richard and Naomi stuck together when the whole world was against them and one of the major thing that kept them going was that assurance they had within that everything was going to fall into the right place someday. After all the heartaches, tears, pain, humiliation and disgrace, their relationship was now finally approved and had also gone as far as being sealed with a ring on Naomi’s finger. What a victorious end indeed!

The engagement came as a huge surprise to Naomi that she couldn’t even find the strength to breathe in and out properly. She was utterly shocked and dumbfounded at Richard’s surprise engagement. Everyone that was present there looked at the two lovebirds with tears of joy in their eyes. It was such a beautiful and heart melting scene to behold.

“Baby what’s happening? Are you really serious?” Naomi asked with tears in her eyes. Richard nodded

‘Yes’ and repeated his proposal question again and this time, she looked into his eyes, smiled and said

‘Yes’ in a low but exciting tone. Her reply brought great joy to the atmosphere that everyone clapped cheerfully for the newly engaged couple. Richard gently inserted the ring into her finger and hugged her afterwards.

As all this was going on, Mr Coker laid back on the couch and smiled warmly as his son took a bold step to becoming a man. Deep down in Mr Coker’s heart, he was quite impressed at how unwavering his son had been on his decision to marry Naomi. He commended Richard within and knew for sure that he would do a great job in managing his wealth when he’s no more.

The meeting later turned into an engagement party as Richard’s mum ordered for some assorted dishes and a little party was thrown for the newly engaged couple. As everyone wine and dined, Richard’s family used that opportunity to get to know Naomi better. They were impressed at her strong will towards life and how hardworking she was. Richard helped in answering some of the questions that were thrown at his fiancé. It was such a wonderful evening and everyone had such a great time.

Shortly afterwards, they had to leave because it was getting late. They exchanged ‘goodbyes’ to everyone and finally left. Richard had to make a stop at Naomi’s house so they could break their engagement news to her mum. When they eventually did, she was happy that her daughter had found happiness and gave them her blessings.

That day was the best day of Naomi’s life and she was emotional all through. Any little stare at her ring brought tears of joy to her eyes. Richard wasn’t left out too, as he was happy that she was finally his and their relationship was now official.

After they were done informing Naomi’s mum of their engagement, Richard got up to leave and Naomi escorted him to his car. When they got to where he parked, he grabbed her waist and she started smiling uncontrollably. “Why are you smiling?” he asked,

“I don’t know, maybe because I’m now someone’s fiancé” she shyly replied. Richard held her even tighter and planted a soft kiss on her lips. They kissed passionately for a long while and the atmosphere got heated.

“Follow me back home, I want you and would give up anything just to have you by my side tonight” Richard gently said and Naomi started blushing.

“Baby we are now engaged and it’s just a little more time before you have me all to yourself forever. Lets just save everything till our wedding night. I want you too but feel we should save the pleasure for our big night” she said.

There was sense in what Naomi said and being a reasonable husband-to-be, Richard had to bring his burning desires under control. They hugged each other tightly and Naomi buried her face in Richard’s chest. It was such an emotional evening for them and they were glad that their battles were finally over and that their relationship wasn’t in hiding anymore.

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Days turned to weeks and weeks to months till the day scheduled for their wedding came. It was a hectic couple for months for Naomi because she had a wedding to plan coupled with work and also giving Richard her attention too. Despite the fact that an experienced wedding planner was in charge of planning the wedding, Naomi just wanted to be a part of her wedding preparation process. For everyday that came and went, it made the bride-to-be excited as she couldn’t wait to be with her man forever.

Finally, it was the D-day and Naomi just had few of her colleagues, relatives and her mum in attendance. The crowd that came for the wedding were mostly from Richard’s side because Naomi didn’t keep much friends nor have many family members. Everything went on smoothly until it was time for the couples to say their vows to each other.

Richard took a deep breath as he looked into the eyes of his charming bride. He smiled and said; “I wrote a couple of things down and practiced it to say to you but standing right here in front of you, I have totally forgotten everything because it still seems like a beautiful dream to me. Naomi, I don’t have much to say now but I vow to make everyday of your life as beautiful as you have made mine. I promise to protect love and support you for the rest of my life. You are my angel and I couldn’t have asked for a better angel from God than you. I loved you yesterday, today and forever. Thank you for saying Yes to me”.

The vow was breathtaking and melted Naomi’s heart. She looked into his eyes too and said; “I never believed angels existed in human form until I met you. What an incomplete life I would have lived if you never came into the picture. You don’t know how much joy you bring to my heart and how bright you light up my life. If I could choose over again, I will still choose you my heartbeat. Thank you for loving me and I vow to make earth a heaven for you. I promise to make everyday of your life a peaceful and happy one. I loved you yesterday, today and forever. Thank you for choosing me”.

After their vows were said to each other, their union was sealed with the ‘I Do’ final vow proclamation and it became official. There was rejoicing in the air as everyone was happy for the newly wedded couple. Their wedding proceeded to the reception and after party segment. Richard and Naomi danced with joy in their hearts and never let go of each other’s hands. They fought for what they now had and that was just the beginning of their happy days together as a Couple.

In life, most people were fortunate to have a smooth sail love story while others weren’t and had to fight for their relationship to be accepted by their family or the society. If you ever find a good person and someone that completes you in a way that no one else can, don’t ever let go of that person’s hands.

Fight till the end and never give up because there’s always light at the end of every tunnel. It’s just a matter of time and I assure you that everything would eventually fall into the right place. Love hard and never apologise for it!

*End …..*