The Elite and the pauper episode 9


You have never truly experienced ‘Heartbreak’ until someone you love with all your heart and never want to lose tells you ‘It’s over!’. Such experiences are usually difficult to fully get over; especially if you didn’t even see the break-up coming like in Richard’s case. At that moment, Richard was extremely devastated and at the verge of a mental break down. Of everything he ever thought Naomi would do in order to heal from what his dad did to her, ending their relationship wasn’t in his mind at all. One would say that Naomi was being childish and had given up on their love too soon, but who could blame her after all the demeaning things Mr Coker said to her.

After hearing that painful ‘Yes’ reply from Naomi, Richard’s heart dropped and tears began to cloud his eyes. “Where are you please? I want to see you so we can talk. Don’t make a decision like this just because of a temporary situation that would eventually fade away. Naomi have you considered my feelings and how you would be hurting me if you ended our relationship? Baby please don’t do this, let’s just see and talk things out” He soberly said.

Richard’s words pierced Naomi’s heart and made her cry the more. Deep down, she knew that leaving Richard was as though her breath was taken away from her. He was her strength and happiness, he was the only man that she had ever admired and loved with every bit of her heart, he was the man that took away her virginity and was also the Man that made life worth living for her. Imagine all what Richard meant to Naomi, do you think it would be easy for her to just call their relationship off? Well, I definitely don’t think so. She was going through so much emotional torture at that time, so It’s just understandable for her to act up the way she did.

As they spoke on phone, Naomi had already started missing Richard and wanted to wipe the tears off his eyes; as she could clearly sense that he was tearing up. She felt bad for dropping such bomb on him without considering the effect of her actions to his feelings. It wasn’t as if it was only Naomi that was going through something, Richard had also been emotionally deranged ever since the incident occurred with his dad. After realising her mistake and selfishness, she figured she owed him an apology.

“I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t mean what I said. I was just caught up in the moment and let my emotions get the best of me. I would never leave you like that, it’s just that I’m scared Richard, I’m really scared. Your dad said so many horrible things to me and made me feel less human. The man that came to my house that day didn’t look like someone that would be changing his mind anytime soon. I’m so scared” Naomi said crying.

The phone conversation was getting quite emotional, so Richard had to leave the staircase and went inside his car, so as not to be bumped into by anyone because he had tears in his eyes. When he got into the car, they were able to talk properly and express themselves the way they wanted to; without holding back any emotions. Richard consoled his baby girl and told her that everything was going to be alright and there was no need being scared of the unknown. Matter of fact, he wanted to go all the way to Naomi mother’s hometown where the wedding was holding but was prevented by Naomi, as she assured him she would be coming back home the next day without her mum; since she had work to attend to on Monday.

There and then, Richard booked Naomi’s flight ticket back home and couldn’t wait to see her. What a relief in their hearts, knowing that the worst did not happen to their relationship. If Richard’s greatest fear had come to pass, there wasn’t going to be anyone to talk him into being at peace with his dad ever again. Mr Coker should count himself blessed that Naomi didn’t leave his son, otherwise, the relationship he had with Richard would have gone down the drain in a twinkle of an eye. The issue of love isn’t one to joke with, as it should be traded with caution to avoid eternal damages.

Since everything was sorted and their relationship was back on track, Richard regained his sanity and strength to keep pushing regardless of what the case might be. After speaking to Naomi and booking her flight, he drove off and headed back to his hotel.

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All through that day, Richard’s mum had been trying to reach him on phone but he wasn’t picking up because he was still angry with his parents. His mum called countlessly but still couldn’t get a hold of him through the phone. After making inquires from her husband on the hotel Richard was lodging in, she went straight to the hotel and messaged him that she was at the lounge area.

When Richard saw his mum’s text message, he texted her his room number and told her to come up to his room. In no time, she arrived and he welcomed her with a straight face. “When did this start? How can you refuse to pick up your mum’s call eh? This isn’t the son I trained” she shockingly inquired and Richard looked at her;

“Mummy, how do you expect me to behave after all you and dad have done to me. You both don’t respect nor regard my feelings and you expect me to still be the sweet son you raise? I’m hurting deeply and unhappy due to all you and dad is putting me through. Dad has no absolute regard for my feelings and that’s why he disrespected me by going to the house of a woman I love, just to tell her demeaning hurtful things. Can you just imagine the length at which he went just to prove a fruitless point that I care nothing about. At this point, I see myself as one without parents because no good parent would put wealth and status over their child’s happiness” He sadly said.

Those things Richard said actually got to his mum and she began feeling bad for not supporting her son all those while. She Immediately apologised and asked him to let go of any hurt he was harbouring for his dad and herself. There and then, they reconciled and Richard hugged her warmly. Deep down in his heart, he was happy that his mum was now fully on his side; remaining his dad.

“Now tell me about this lady that has stolen your heart” his mum said and Richard happily narrated everything from how they met, till the very last detail. His mum was impressed at how happy her son was and how much joy Naomi had brought into his life. She wanted to meet Naomi there and then but was informed by Richard that she was out of town but would be returning the next day. They had a great time at the hotel till his mum had to leave. Richard escorted her to the car park where her driver was waiting and bid her ‘Goodbye’ afterwards.

It totally seemed as though everything was going towards the right direction, and all Richard could do was pray that his dad eventually joins the winning team and give them his blessing so they could come out of hiding and take their relationship to the next level.

The next day, Naomi returned and Richard was at the airport to pick her up. They went to a nice restaurant for lunch before finally heading back to her house. Fortunately, Naomi’s mum didn’t return with her because she had a lot to still do at the village. Due to that, they were able to have maximum privacy in her house.

Richard slept over at Naomi’s house that day because he didn’t want to be away from her for another minute. The break-up incident that happened the previous day was still fresh in their head so they needed to be together as much as they could, so as to wipe that scary memory off their minds.

They prayed to God to intervene in their relationship and also soften Mr Coker’s heart. That day was a sober one for the two lovebirds and Naomi couldn’t take her arms off her man’s body. She shed tears occasionally but thankfully, Richard was there to wipe the tears away and console her.

Life soon moved on and all everyone could do was to hope for the best in each passing day. Richard was tired of staying at the hotel and started making arrangements to buy a house. The perfect house was found and secured after going through so many options. He wanted a house far away from his family’s house, so the agents had to locate a good house in another choice area in town.

Naomi was happy that her man wouldn’t be spending outrageous amount of money weekly to pay for hotel bills; Also, she was happy because he now had a kitchen she would be cooking his meals in. Mr Coker was aware that Richard bought a house, thereby leaving all the options he could have picked from his dad’s estate for free. It was then that it started dawning on him that he was pushing Richard far away from him and also losing that father and son relationship that they once had. He started missing his son but pride didn’t allow him make the first call. Well, something happened one fateful day and everything changed.

On that day, Mr Coker had an important meeting and was in a hurry to the office. Unfortunately, his car broke down in front of a store that turned out to be Naomi’s mother provision shop. There was no mechanic around so the driver had to call their official car mechanic to come to the rescue.

After seating inside the car for a while waiting for the mechanic to show up, Mr Coker got bored and got down to go get bottle water from the provision store. After buying the water, he sat down and engaged the owner of the store in a conversation; which was coincidentally Naomi’s mum.

They talked about random things; starting from bad roads to bad government and so on. Mr Coker was happy with the way Naomi’s mum responded to his questions and their conversation got heated the more. After talking for over 20 minutes, the mechanic showed up and repaired the car. Mr Coker got up and bid her ‘Goodbye’, then left. It was after they had driven off that Naomi’s mum realised that he forgot his wallet with lots of dollar bills and credit cards inside it. She started panicking because she had no clue on how she was going to return such valuable property to the owner.
There and then, Naomi was called on phone and her mum narrated to her that a certain Big man came to her shop and forgot his wallet with so much valuables in it. After work that day, Naomi headed straight to her mum’s shop so she could see what she was talking about. When she got there and saw the wallet, she started seeking for ways to get it back to the owner and fortunately, there was a card in it.

One look at the card and Naomi could see a name boldly written ‘David Coker’. She probably thought it was another person with the same name of her greatest nightmare so she waived the thought and dialed the number. When the person picked, she immediately started narrating everything and told the person to come to the shop he bought water in so that her mum can confirm if it’s truly the owner.

Apparently, it was then that Richard’s dad even realised that his wallet was missing. He went for a meeting immediately they arrived the office, so he never had any time to check for his wallet. After the call ended, Mr Coker ordered his driver to take him back to where their car initially broke down so he could go get his wallet back.

On the way to the store, Mr Coker was deeply impressed at how honest the woman was and was willing to do anything in appreciation for her kind gesture. If only he knew that he was on his way to meet the lady his utterly disrespected and have made life a living hell for, he probably would have turned back his car but I guess God works in mysterious ways and felt it was time that every obstacle blocking Richard and Naomi’s relationship gives way.

When Mr Coker arrived, he got down from his car and walked inside the provision store.

“Thank you so much, I didn’t even know that I forgot my wallet here until your daughter called to inform me” he happily said,

“Oh its nothing, here’s it sir” Naomi’s mum said. He happily collected his wallet and thanked her even more.

“Where’s your daughter? I want to reward you people for being so kind” he continued and Naomi’s mum told him not to worry about rewarding them at all.

Just as Mr Coker was happily talking to the woman, Naomi walked into them from behind;

‘Mummy let’s start packing, it’s getting late” she said. When Mr Coker heard the voice, he immediately turned and jammed eyes with her. When she saw him, her heart dropped and same with his.

“Naomi?” Mr Coker shocking inquired with his eyes wide open and she nodded

‘Yes’. With tears in her eyes, she said;

“So it’s truly you”.