The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 8


My door was ajar when I got home, I was sure I didn’t leave it so. I placed my ear close to the slightly opened door for any sound, there was none. As usual there wasn’t electricity so I couldn’t see much, but when I put on my rechargeable lantern..what I saw was shocking.. My television had a hole in the middle, with wood from my broken wall hanger in it. My clothes had been slashed, I could smell something really awful but I couldn’t find the location. I sat down to place a call to Abayomi..then I saw it. Whoever had broken in must have been suffering from dysentery. My bed was splattered with human dung and urine. I placed the call..
 Me: Abayomi, somebody broke into my apartment
 Abayomi: I think you should come to my house 
Me: I say my house was burgled and all u can say is that I come to your house?
 Abayomi: Just come He hung up.. 
Toun was at the door when I got to his apartment, she led me inside where I met a worried looking Abayomi and Timi. I quickly explained to them what happened to my apartment.
 Abayomi: Timi’s apartment was ransacked too.. 
Me: your bed had dung on it? I faced Timi..
 Timi: No, I think he emptied his stomach on yours.
 Me: what did they do to your apartment?
 Timi: my laptop is gone, the tap in my bathroom was left on and the water channeled to my room, my rug was torn with different patches of holes in it..
 I laughed…c’mmon it was funny.. 
Abayomi: I called Uche, we have to meet him at Aiyegbami in 30 minutes. He looked at me, his eyes daring me to refuse. I looked at Timi, his face was blank. Toun hugged me from behind… 
Me: Alright..
 Aiyegbami had this eerie weirdness about it, you seldomly saw girls loitering around at night, it was more silent than other parts of Ago-iwoye. Even the scanty bars that were opened weren’t playing loud music. Aiyegbami was one of the places they warned you about when you gained admission into the institution. The house in which we were to meet Uche was a three bedroom flat. It must have been built in the mid 80’s, it had the architecture. Guys were infront of the building, most of them topless, cups of ‘shepe’ was in abundant, while tobacco filled the air. A small looking boy of no more than 18 came to us 
Boy: who una dey find
 Abayomi: Uche
 Boy: wetin happen? 
Abayomi: him say make we come block am for here. 
Boy: wait, I dey come, make I go ask am. 
Somehow, being alone with Abayomi here started to look like a bad idea. I saw the tall frame of Uche emerge from the door, he had a stick of cigarette sticking from his mouth. 
Uche: my people how una dey? 
Abayomi: we dey o…how far? 
I didn’t bother with the pleasantries. That I had agreed to go along with him didn’t mean I would be all smiley. Uche led us into the sitting room where a lovely pool table was, there was a two-sitter cushion by the left, I didn’t bother waiting for uche to tell me to sit, I sat. He and Abayomi stood by the pool table to discuss. 
Abayomi: hope you haven’t spoken with National yet?
 Uche: No, we would meet tomorrow though
 Abayomi: is there a way we can work through this? 
Uche: what are you suggesting? 
Abayomi: reduction in the money you want to sponsor us with, so you might not have complete monopoly?
 Uche: what has changed from the last time we spoke?
 Abayomi: my partner and I just think we need some kind of security..
 Uche: is there something we should know about? I looked at Uche, if he had anything to do with the incidence, he didn’t show it.
 Abayomi: not at all, except of cuz what happened at the rally.
 Uche: yes I heard about that. I wouldn’t be able to decide on what you are offering, I would have to discuss with my client.
 Me: that’s another requirement, we need to meet this client.. Uche smiled…
 Uche: the funny thing was that he told me you would say this..he is inside with a visitor, he would come out soon.. 
Abayomi and Uche started discussing about politics, from Osoba to Gbenga Daniel and how PDP was going to rule Nigeria for 50yrs. They were arguing when a girl came out of one of the rooms, with the way she walked and how her hair looked, she had definitely just been f—-d..i knew her. She was one of those so called big girls that spent most of their time at Gate-way with politicians. 
Coming outside from the same room where she had exited from was the guy that had been with Uche at Bele, he had remarkably small eyes, very dark with a sharp-low hair-cut. He was on singlet and boxers but that didn’t make him any less charismatic, the way he walked was almost like he was a model, but there was a darkness about him that doesn’t suit a model. He didn’t bother escorting his f–k-mate, instead he gently came to sit down beside me.
 Uche: Abayomi, Tana this is my client
 Abayomi: bro whatsup..nice to meet you.. 
Me: hi It might be an aftershave or something, but he was smelling so good and fresh…
 Client: I have been wanting to meet you guys, I am Jafar. I had a couple of questions, like why didn’t he allow us meet him earlier or if he had planned all these, instead I asked
 Me: you smell nice.
 Jafar smiled at me like I was a kid and didn’t really know what I was talking about. He stretched his hand and uche brought him a stick of Benson and Hedges. 
Abayomi: Jafar, are you a student of the institution? He seemed as if he didn’t hear the question because it took quite some time before he answered, and when he spoke, it was like a whisper
 Jafar: Oga Presido, I am a student of your institution
 Abayomi: what department bros? I wasn’t focusing on the question and answers, his hairy legs were catching my attention. 
Jafar: Political Science..
 Abayomi: I don’t know why I haven’t seen you in main-campus before. Jafar smiled shyly, if Abayomi had insulted him, he didn’t show it.
 Jafar: I see you everytime, I am what you will call…incognito.
 His tommy boxer short was black, rhymed with the sheen of his skin… 
Jafar: Uche you are a bad host, you for give our guests drink na.. 
Abayomi: I am good.. 
Jafar: what of you my lady? As he turned facing me, his knees brushed mine… a cold sensation sped through my spine
 Me: I took something on my way here
 Jafar: aii, I have to show you guys something…follow me.. I could not describe Jafar as handsome, he was just a synonym for swag, he told us to follow him, and like me I was sure Abayomi didn’t consider declining. He led us into down the corridor into the room the girl had come out from. The room was dark, smelled fruity; his fan was at full throttle. The click that brought on the light exposed a well arranged room, spacious, with a portrait of fela smoking cannabis on the wall. Looking at his bed, I was shocked; another girl was beneath the sheets.
 Jafar: Seun! 
Seun(the gir): J…baby…….what…is… I recognized Seun , she was one of those butty micro-biology girls…
 Jafar: be kind enough to excuse us, go to ‘bebe’ I would join you there in less than an hour. He gave her a wad of 500 naira notes from his table, but she rejected it.. 
Seun: I have money.. 
She was wearing a see through nightie, full boobs and shaved crotch was free to air, I had to frown out Abayomi before he could disengage his eyes from evil. She picked up her clothes that were on the chair beside the table, kissed Jafar and left.
 Jafar: I am sorry for that 
Me: it’s alright.. 
He brought out a sketch of the SUG section at mini-campus, made in pencil, showing where he wanted his restaurant, game and cd shop.
 Jafar: as you can see, the proposed sites are hidden from view, if we don’t have sole patronage, we would crash.. 
Abayomi: we could provide you with vintage points
 Jafar: nope, those places highlighted will do just fine I was sure they wanted to do clandestine things there, who would want his shop in a hidden place..a hidden restaurant?
 Jafar: any other person can have their restaurant, but not cd and game centres. 
Abayomi: even if we agree to half your offering price..
 Jafar: even if you offer me for free… 
Me: why do you want your shops in hidden places? Jafar looked at me, he looked into my eyes like he expected me to get the answers from looking at his.. 
Jafar: because I want the restaurant to be exclusive and I also want the people coming to play games or buying Cds to feel comfortable doing so without the prying eyes of everybody. Bullshit! but of cuz I couldn’t tell him.. 
Me: okay..
 Abayomi: can we sleep on it and call you tomorrow morning?
 Jafar: before 6am or no deal…call Uche.
 He stepped out of the room like he was the visitor, Abayomi looked at me and I stared back.. When we got back to the living room, Uche was shooting pool with another unknown guy..
 Abayomi: where is Jafar? 
Uche: him don comot 
Abayomi: and he just left us in the room? 
Uche: no vex..maybe him tell una bye but una no hear I definitely knew he didn’t say anything.. 
Abayomi: na wa o..
 Uche: him say make I drop una for una crib
 Abayomi: we can find our way.. Is this guy mad?..such a wrong time to form Aiyegbemi? 
Me: Uche come and drop us, Abayomi naa…please let him drop us.. If uche wasn’t with us in the room, Abayomi for don hear am for my hand.
 Uche: lets go.. I slept in Abayomi’s house. 
While Toun and I slept in his bedroom, Abayomi slept in his sitting room. He had promised to get someone who would clean up my room . I wondered where Timi was going to sleep.most likely Annie’s house. 
Thinking of Timi was coming at a regular. All I wanted was for him to tell me why he broke up with me. I wanted to know if it was because of another girl. i wondered if he had heard something or if I had done something. My thoughts switched to Jafar and the uneasy feeling in my gut lingered. I know Abayomi was going to call Uche anytime from now to accept his proposal. At school every male was a suspected faeces criminal. I somehow couldn’t imagine a girl squatting in my bed to s–t on it. We had free periods after the first lecture, Toun had gone to get us cups of Ice-cream when I got a call
 Caller: hello, it’s me Timi 
Me: yes?
 Timi: was wondering if we could have lunch? 
Me: for what? 
Timi: just to catch up on old times, it’s been a while we spoke
 Me: not interested, I will be very busy.
 Timi: why are you being difficult, in the past your stubbornness used to be sexy, now you are just plain mean. 
Me: I am mean? Pot calling kettle black 
Timi: it’s just lunch dear 
Me: I am hanging up if you have nothing else to say
 Timi: I have something to say, I miss your plantain and egg. 
Me: You are being foolish right now I hung up . I got a text some minutes later from Abayomi . “I called Uche, I have accepted the deal” , I scrolled down to the end of the message, where the time and date was usually displayed. That was when it hit me, Timi wanted to have lunch with me on his birthday. 
Toun: call him and agree for lunch
 Me: no I can’t, I am too proud 
Toun: so what will you do?
 I picked up my phone and sent him a message. “Happy birthday, wishing you the best”
 At noon, Toun and I went to the sports cafeteria to eat lunch, their rice and dodo was breathtaking, i still felt guilty that I turned Timi down. Then I saw him walk in with Annie. She was looking as beautiful as ever, wide hips and all. Toun looked at me with a kind of motherly pity. I tried to ignore them but I had to admit they looked good together. He didn’t see me thankfully, but I think Annie did. I felt good, very good that he had asked me for lunch before deciding to bring Annie. Or had she rejected before then he asked me before she later accepted? 
To be continued