The Devil Who Loved Me Episode 7


I was tired with the amount of messages I was getting from Acho, telling me he has broken up with Yewande and it was the devil and shii.. I reminded myself that I would have to have a frank discussion with him. Another thought that crossed my mind was Timi. I was stupid to have hugged him, now that’s all I can think of. Toun and I had agreed to go share fliers at bele , which was the most crowded hangout spot in Ago. I didn’t like the idea of visiting Ijebu-igbo so soon after the fracas, Timi and Abayomi would pick us up and drop us at bele while they proceeded to Ijebu-igbo. I kept convincing myself I wasn’t dressing so nice to impress Timi, this was how I dressed often..but did I use lip-gloss at night?…no…I cleaned it. Toun was lying in my bed, all she wore was a tank top and a mini-skirt. Still she looked hot!..Abayomi was a fool fact I was gonna talk to him.
 Toun: I have something to tell you Tee. 
Me: what? 
Toun: someone told me Abayomi has something to do with Kofo I didn’t like where the conversation was going 
Me: something like what 
Toun: that she was his side-chic 
Me: where did you hear this ? 
Toun: Evelyn, the one studying French. 
Me: that girl can say rubbish ehn…don’t just believe people o… 
Toun: I just need you to find out if anything is going on…I know you like Abayomi but I am your friend also.. I seriously hated where we were now…
 Me: I am the wrongest person babe, I can never rat on Abayomi.. 
Toun: even for me? 
Me: yes
 Toun: I always liked your bluntness, but right now I hate you
 Me: I know honey, you will like me soon!
 Toun: I guess I have to find out myself 
Me: lets get ready for bele.. 
Toun: yes o…amma shake my bumbum 
Me: looool… 
The knocker of my door was Abayomi, he didn’t even pay attention to me as I opened the door, and instead he pounced on his girlfriend. I wish I had the opportunity to warn him. 
Toun: hold your kiss 
Abayomi: what is this? We weren’t late now; Timi had to fuel his car 
Toun: whats my business if you are late? Only God knows were those lips have been.
 Abayomi: babe are you hungry…Tana why didn’t you give her excellency food? 
Me: na una sabi, lets go jor.. 
Timi was waiting in the car when we got there,thankfully Abayomi sat infront with him.
 Toun: oga Timi, when you go change this car now?
 Timi: me and this car have been through the good and the bad..she is my buddy…
 Toun: abi you are waiting for the 200,786 naira.. 
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Everybody laughed…including me..Timi looked at me and winked…i yawned like I was bored all of a sudden. He didn’t seem to mind…then my thoughts switched to one time in this car….. I had late lectures that ended 6pm, I called my then boyfriend, Timi to come pick me up. He had been looking particularly cool that day, as usual whenever I had late lectures, he brought me food and we would eat in the car together, my favorite was chips and fish, and he sure knew it. 
That evening, he drove me to a secondary school field close to olopomerin…at that time most students had gone home. He pulled back his car seat, wound up the car windows and pulled me to his laps. He didn’t kiss me on the lips, he went to my neck…pulled my top up and pulled a cup of my bra down. After sucking my nips till I started groaning, he lifed my skirt, shifted my white g-string to the side and stuck his finger in. I started moving up and down his finger…after a while, I brought out his d–k, while my mouth enveloped his left hand teased his balls..his hands grabbed my butt from beneath the skirt and gave it a sweet squeeze..i gasped, I was shaking..shivering. Then he lifted me by the lap till my nips was same level with his lips..he didn’t lick it for so long before lowering me on his d–k. My moistness and warmth spread to accept his hardness.. I wrapped my hands around his neck….and started riding him like a cow-girl… 
Toun: Tana! 
Me: what? 
Toun: what are you thinking about…mtchwww..where should they drop us? 
Me: front of Best care hospital…we will walk to bele from there.. It was more likely to see some students at bele than in their lecture hall, while cars of different makes were parked on the road, students holding bottles of liquor and red cups of liquor filled the bar area and the streets. Sharing the fliers at bele was very easy, most of them just collected the fliers and shove it in their pockets, some teased with the usual 
“fine girls”…” ”mehn..see that yansh”.
 It didn’t take long before Toun saw a group of guys staying in her area and went to meet them..It didn’t take 5 seconds that Acho appeared at my side..he was on a white tommy top, holding a bottle of calypso..
 Acho: are you? 
Me: I am fine Acho are you? 
Acho: I am fine…how is the campaign going? 
Me: we thank God
 Acho: you havnt been replying my messages o..
 Me: know I have been busy.. 
Acho: look I am sorry… 
Me: don’t be sorry…I have forgotten about it 
Acho: does that mean we can’t start again? 
Me: no sweetie, that ship has sailed.. 
Acho: but I miss you…your smile..your body..when we are making..
 Me: stop it Acho… 
Acho: but I miss being inside you and..
 Me: I will slap you Acho..dont ever talk to me like that again.. 
Acho: wow wow young lady…watch your mouth or else… 
Toun: or else what? I didn’t even see her arrive, Acho kept quiet 
Toun: I am listening, or else what? I will slap you myself if you touch her 
Acho: wetin be this one now, abi both of una don jogodo? 
Me: bounce Acho..respect yourself and bounce…
 Acho: don’t talk to me like that.. 
Toun stood infront of him and due to her height, she was tall as he was.. 
Toun: bounce… And she wasn’t smiling…Acho walked away…
 From a distance I saw Uche and someone else give Toun and I thumbs they were watching if Acho was gonna trespass.. I recognized Uche easily..but the other person was dark…and the distance made it harder..his smile…confident and magnetic..
To be continued……….