Passion and Power – Wednesday (04-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Arturo takes champagne to see Julia at the foundation to ask her to celebrate with him since he is now officially divorced and now there is nothing that prevents them from being together like before but Julia tells him that she is so sorry but she never got divorced because of him though she is happy that he is not with Nina since that was what she wanted but it will be best if he looks for another woman elsewhere to be happy with her and Arturo looks so dumbfounded.
Nina goes to see Eladio to ask him to help her with her company’s shares and they agree to meet at a restaurant to talk about that and all this while, Caridad was standing beside them.
Eladio meets with Nina and whiles they were talking, a photographer takes a picture of them without their notice and it turns out that it was Nina’s doing thus, she was the one who hired the photographer. Eladio excused her to use the washroom and Nina then seized the opportunity to call her friend Funny to asks her to let the media get the photos and then publish it before it’s too late because he wants Arturo and Julia to see that she is never going to sit back and do nothing so they will know she is not through with them yet. 
Arturo still tries convincing Julia and making her understand that he gave up everything for her and so she can’t tell him that she still loves Eladio and Julia says the first thing she will advised him to do, is to focus on his children now that he is divorced and Arturo looks so depressed and disappointed.
Arturo calls Humberto to tell him that Julia has sent him packing but he promises that he is going to speak with Julia to accept him.
Arturo employs Lully thus Regina’s friend to replace Angelis’ position and he introduces her to Miguel.
Consuelo looks so devastated after Erick’s rape and Miguel wants to even know what’s wrong with her but she still will not tell him only stating that after all this, if she is still prevented from seeing her son then she will die.
Miguel then goes quickly to speak with Nina to allow Consuelo to see her son even if it takes him to give up the shares his dad gave him and it seems this hits Nina and she agrees to let Consuelo to see her son and so she takes the child to Consuelo’s apartment to meet his mum and she looks so happy.
Caridad whether it is seeming that she is falling for Eladio or just wants to do what Franco proposed, she goes to see Eladio in his office and while chatting with him, she goes closer to him to try kissing him but Eladio stops her quickly and warns her not to do that again because nothing can happen between them since the only woman he will and forever love is Julia. Franco then enters and Caridad has to leave and right after he left, Eladio told Franco about Caridad’s move but he thinks there is nothing wrong with it and Eladio states that he doesn’t love her because he only loves Julia
Ashmo goes to see Arturo to tell him that Daniela isn’t the good girl he thinks because she is still into drugs since he and Daniela were in a relationship and slept with him in exchange for him to give her drugs but Arturo fails to believe it and so he shows him the photo of the good time he had with Daniela but Arturo warns him to get out because as from that time their partnership ends and if he ever go near Daniela again he will kill him.
Franco goes to spend time with Marintia and she proposes to him to name the child and give him his last name and Franco agrees to do so since he doesn’t want his son to be unrecognized like him.
Eladio takes a child policy insurance he made for Franco’s son to Marintia and he asks her to not say anything about it to anyone not even Franco and also not to mention to anyone who the father of her child is and Marintia promises.
Arturo goes to Eladio’s company get the location of where Daniela is having her photo shoot and Caridad attending to him states that he can’t provide him with that and suddenly Arturo’s stomach aches due to his ulcer and Caridad tries to help him.  
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