The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 9


​Acho was inside my house when I got home, I hadn’t intended to stay for long, I just wanted to pick some clothes and move back to Toun’s place, much to Abayomi’s chagrin. I hadnt remembered to collected my spare key from the dude. He was looking good though. 
Acho: babe, howfar? 
Me: do you know I can arrest you for breaking and entering?
 Acho: no breaking na…just entering.. He was smiling 
Me: what do you want? Where is my key?
 Acho: I still believe we can work, I am sorry for the other night, blame it on the alcohol 
Me: no problem, drop the key and leave 
Acho: listen to me first na… He approached me with a confident swag, I walked backwards till I was pressed against a wall. 
Me: Acho, what is all this rubbish? 
Acho: I miss you, see I am so hard… He took my hand and placed it on the protruded part of his jean, he was hard. I attempted to slap him but he grabbed my other hand. His mouth forcefully claimed mine. He separated his lips to stick his tongue inside. I pushed him but he was so strong. 
Acho: oh..u taste so good… His chest was pressed against my b—-t, I was having difficulty breathing…that was when they came in. They were three in number, dressed in all blue, Acho didn’t have the opportunity to turn back before one of them stuck him on the neck. The other two had baseball sticks which they applied on his left hand. Surprisingly, they only hit his left hand and left knee. He kept begging them to stop 
Acho: Tana I am sorry, please help me… 
It was too much for me too, I had to beg them to stop. I was scared that I was going to be next though. They stopped immediately, the one who struck Acho first spoke. 
Guy: how him take enter? 
Me: he has my key? 
Guy: na your boyfriend? 
Me: my ex 
The guy dipped his hand into Acho’s pocket and gave me all the keys he found in there. I carefully selected mine. The two other guys lifted Acho up and took him out. My neighbors were peeping from their windows as they bundled Acho into the boot of their Volvo.
 Me: please let him go…please..( shouting) The guy who seemed like their leader just smiled and drove off. I decided I was not returning to my apartment anymore, I picked up my belongings to Toun’s place. She was waiting for me infront. 
Toun: I am so sorry, hope you weren’t hurt? 
Me: nooo, but I was scared.
 Toun: who are those guys?
 Me: how would I know, they don’t stay around. I even thought they were his people until they attacked him, I almost peed on myself. 
Toun: I called Abayomi immediately you called me, he is on his way here.
 Me: thanks. 
Toun: you go chop indomie? 
Me: I am not hungry I was worried about Acho, I wondered if I should alert the police..then I got a message. “ he wouldn’t be a nuisance anymore….Jafar” I should have felt Jafar was an angel who rescued me, but it didn’t feel so…it felt like the devil just texted me. [ After gossiping for a long time, Toun’s mood changed.
 Toun: Tee, I want to tell you something that has been eating me up. 
Me: tell me 
Toun: it’s about my parents 
Me: what is the problem? 
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Toun: my dad has left the house, there is this paralegal that has been causing issues between him and my mum. 
Me: I am so sorry, your mum must be devastated 
Toun: the painful part is that this girl is the same age as my elder brother. 
Me: men can f–k up ehn..with all due respect 
Toun: I have stopped accepting his calls and all. 
Me: how is your mum taking it? 
Toun: she is handling it well, she has told him not to return to the house. 
Me: see judge o..hehehehe.. The look Toun gave me could kill. 
Me: sorry now..he will have his fill and leave her 
Toun: he started sending money anyhow to my account? 
Me: you no touch that one too?
 Toun: Abayomi is with my ATM, he uses it for the campaign.. I remembered Kofo and I felt very guilty, I would step-down as his assistant if he doesn’t leave that girl I said to myself. 
Me: I am so sorry, I would have suggested we go and take Gordon spark and asun but I am still jittery from the earlier episode. 
Toun: its alright, I have a bottle of Pink-Lady in the fridge, lets drink Some three hours later..we were very drunk 
Me: I think of Timi all the time 
Toun: oh.. 
Me: I don’t think I ever healed, seeing him with Annie was an eye opener 
Toun: I want to stop having s-x with Abayomi 
Me: why? 
Toun: I don’t know why, but for a while now I have not been enjoying it. 
Me: why not tell him? 
Toun: you know how guys feel after you tell them such, they feel it’s about them.
 Me: it isn’t about them?
 Toun: I think this is about me 
Me: how? 
Toun: I don’t know, but I don’t even think of s-x unlike before, I was a freak babe.
 Me: Abayomi will understand, I think you guys can fix it 
Toun: but I like kissing him still, I prefer when he is drunk and wants a quickie, then I just close my eyes till he cums. Ever felt like that?
 Me: yes, like after f—–g Acho for a month, his big d–k didn’t help. 
Toun: Ah Ahn…too much info… 
Me: I am a truthful person.. The evil that alcohol caused that day.. 
Toun: I have a confession. 
Me: what? 
Toun: I have always wanted to do something 
Me: what? 
Toun kissed me. It started with a series of pecks, my lips were shut. I was surprised…I was shocked. She didn’t stop..her sugary lips tasted nice, I didn’t want to close my eyes, I knew if I did..i would indulge her I close my eyes.. I felt her tongue on mine, I tasted it, soft and warm…searching and probing…she grabbed my neck and pulled me closer..pulled my top to reveal my jiggling b—–s. Her mouth was on my n—–s…I grabbed her a-s…soft as freshly baked bread..she grabbed no time we were naked, her fingers found my c——s, I embraced her while she slid in and out of me..then she spread my legs, and worked with her tongue..teasing and tweaking…I pushed her head down…her tongue sliced my V till my teeth started chattering..she came up and kissed me..i tasted me …I tasted her…we came.. As we lay beside each-other that night, I wondered if what was on my mind was the same as what was on her mind.. We had both cheated on
To be continue