The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 38


​Though I knew he was dead, I still took him to the hospital. I was met by the guys and it was a sorry sight. Sparrow forced me out of the hospital, back to the house. A lot of people were waiting in the house, down casted and threatening whoever they could. I walked into the room and locked the door. Everywhere still smelled like him. Everything was how we left it, I was just so surreal that he wasn’t going to be coming back home. I couldn’t sleep; I couldn’t cry…I just stared. There were things I had to do but my life had just crumbled. It would have been nice if Toun was around, but she was on her way to London. I was running mad, his voice was in my head, talking, laughing, joking..i probably shouldn’t have allowed him drop me off..i was dying per second..I called Timi, he was the only friend I had close by.. 
Timi : Tana, is what I am hearing true? That was when I started crying, I cried for about a minute… 
Me: yes o…they finally killed him..
 Timi: I am so sorry…where are you now…how did it happen? 
Me: I don’t know…I can’t think…my heag hurts.. 
Timi: where are you, can I come and see you? 
Me: no..i just want to be alone…thanks though… I hung up.. 
Tears were choking me up but I had to stop, I was sure Jafar would not want me to cry like this..i braced myself up for the next call I had to make… 
Me : hello 
Man: Hello 
Me: is this Jafar’s father? 
Man: yes… 
Me: Jafar is dead, died this morning.. 
Man: who are you? 
Me: his girlfriend. 
Man: how did he die?
 Me: he was murdered… He kept quiet for a while… 
Me : he has to be buried today, if you don’t get here soonest, we will bury him without you..
 Man: But I am in Kano 
Me: that’s your business! I hung up… 
Uche was still inside, guys had discussed that it would be better I tell him…When I entered his room, he was seated on the bed, his left hand still on the sling but he looked way better..
 Me: Uche, how are you?
 Uche: Jafar is dead, you came to tell me Jafar is dead… 
Me: how….how did you know? 
Uche: Orisa just called me, swore he had nothing to do with it, him or his friends..
 I walked up to face him, his eyes were red, he had been crying. I hugged him, somehow my floodgates opened…I started crying.. 
Uche : when I was in 100 Level, I used to go around. Begging from guys, robbing girls at Shokas…obtaining guys..There was this day I went to a bar, Jafar was the only one there, he was drinking…I walked up to him and started threatening him, you see I didn’t know who he was…He didn’t answer me so I punched him on his face…as if on cue, the bar was flooded by his brothers…more than seven guys carried me on top of the table, my hands and legs were held. The owner of the bar ran out as a dagger was produced. I was to be slaughtered. Jafar was in 100level too then, but he pleaded on my behalf.. though he was younger than most of them, they respected him…I was left alone…a few punches on my stomach didn’t count.. Uche started crying again..
 Uche: He took me to a bar called “ A-Z” and bought beer for me, afterwards we went to eat Amala, he followed me to my house, where we picked up my things and we moved to his apartment close to Ita-merin. The guy cleaned me up..See Tana, I no get mama and Papa, confirm Jafar had been my father. He told me about the group and thought they could use someone like me…Tana, since then me and Jafar had been homies…I could have taken a bullet for that guy! 
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Guys knocked on the door, so he quickly cleaned his eyes…they were in their multitude to pay allegiance to him, I went back to Jafar’s room…. I pulled off my blood stained white gown, and wore a black shirt of his, with one of his black boxer shorts…I locked the door..and basked in the memory of Jafar. There was a knock on my door that I ignored as usual; I didn’t want to talk to anybody. Then Uche called my name.. I staggered to the door, my eyes were burning due to the amount of tears I had cried. Standing in front of the door was Uche and another man, seeing the man made me cry. He was the carbon copy of Jafar.. 
Man : Hello Tana 
Me: good afternoon.. 
Man: I have picked up his body..
 Me : I thought you said you were in Kano, how did you get here so fast?
 Man: I used a chopper. 
Me: He must be buried today.. 
Man: Yes he would. 
Me: good.. 
Man: I heard he was killed by way-ward cops that have gone into hiding.. I didn’t answer him… 
Man: Thank you for loving my son… I slapped him a million times in my mind.. 
Me: you should have loved him yourself… I turned to Uche… 
Me: I don’t want to be disturbed again by anybody… 
Uche : sir, time to go… 
I went back to the bed Jafar and I had dwelled in, made love in… My phone rang some hours later, an unknown number… 
Me : Hello..
 Guy: its Orisa.. 
Me: yes? 
Orisa: Accept the sympathies of all of us down here, we will hold an outing for him tonight. I want you to know we had no hand in his death.. 
Me: okay… 
Orisa : Till you graduate, we promise never to cause you any arm or slander. Whoever you curse is cursed, whoever you bless is blessed. 
Me: okay.. 
Orisa: I had the highest respect for Jafar…you will be accorded such… 
Me: okay… 
Orisa: I hail you! 
Me: Thank you.. 
I slept for a while when I got another call, I wanted to ignore but I changed my mind… 
Man: is this Ms Tana? 
Me: Yes.. 
Man: This is Professor Adewole.. 
Me: good afternoon VC 
VC : I heard about what happened today, my people are carrying out the investigation. I learnt you are his partner..
 Me: Yes sir..
 VC : we were thinking of resuming on Monday, with this tragic incidence…do you want it postponed? 
Me: you are the VC sir, I am just a student… 
VC: our reports states otherwise.. Please meet me for lunch on Saturday in my house.. 
Me: Okay sir..
 VC : you can come with as many of your people as possible…it’s just a meeting. 
Me: Okay sir.. He hung up… I didn’t intend going for any bullshit meeting… 
To be continued