My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 3


The four of them were in their second year and if I had gained admission the previous year, they would have been my mates. As we walked to Tia’s room, they told me Tia was also a law student like I was and I was excited and couldn’t wait to meet her. At least, she was going to help me with anything I didn’t understand and assignments; I said that and they laughed. We got to Tia’s room in no time and we opened the door to find them both on Tia’s big bed, busily tapping on their phones. Tia’s room was twice as spacious as my room. It felt so homely and her decorations were on point, I was in love and couldn’t help but look around to see every little thing that made it as nice as it was. Then I said, ‘please I love this room.’ When I said that, they all laughed and said, ‘everyone loves this room.’
Then, Miley said, ‘hi, Bola,’ and I said hi back and she asked me to join her on the bed. We talked about my party and she asked who gave me the idea to throw a party my first night on campus, and I told her about Stanley and how we both came up with the idea together. Tia asked how long I had been dating and I told them all about our relationship. I didn’t feel held back in anyway so I told them everything; about Jide, Larry and how we almost broke up because of Larry. Tia seemed so excited when I told them Stanley and I were finally back together and I loved him so much. She said she wished she had what I had and that she  couldn’t stay in relationships for long because she was too wild and couldn’t stand certain things in a relationship.
She just wasn’t ready for commitment and added that she thought she was way too young to burden herself with that and that she completely understood why the grown-ups always said love isn’t for kids. We all laughed. Thelma also spoke about her one week-old relationship that she was hoping would last since she loved the guy. When she said that, the other three burst out laughing and Miley said, ‘don’t mind this girl. She has a big problem. How can you meet a guy in a club, dance with him, make out with him and then say you are in love with him. It was supposed to be a night stand and now she has prolonged it. She stupidly asked for his number and they’ve been talking and the funniest part is, they’ve been having sex every single day since they met and she claims she is in love.’
Miley burst out laughing after saying that and the rest joined. I also laughed too; it was too funny. How could she think she was in love because she was having great sex with some guy she met in a night club? Then, I said, ‘Thel, you are not in love with the guy. It’s just lust.’ After I said that, Myra screamed, ‘tell her. Lust isn’t love and you should know the difference. We’ve told her so many times and yet she still thinks she loves him.’ I couldn’t help but laugh; it was funny and I felt sad for her. She was in love with a guy who obviously was using her for sex. We kept laughing and then she spoke.
‘You girls won’t understand. I’ve been with so many guys but Jude is different. The sex is different, amazing and the kiss, Oh my God, is the best I’ve ever had and it keeps getting better. The chemistry is so strong and we can’t keep our hands off each other when we meet. You won’t understand unless you’ve been here.’ She seemed so serious when she said all that and I just smiled at how innocent she sounded. So Tia asked, 
‘have you guys ever had any serious conversation?’ She said,
 ‘of course; I know where he lives, I know he is a D.J and I know he loves ice cream and as the days go by, I will know more.’ Tia couldn’t help but laugh and she said
 ‘so you call that serious conversations? Oh Thelma, I’m really sad this is happening to you.’ What could they do? Nothing! All they could do is to let her be and pray she doesn’t end up too broken after whatever she was having with him came to an end.
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After laughing at Thelma, Miley talked about her relationship. She was in a long distance relationship and her boyfriend was in Russia studying Medicine. She said they had been dating for three years and he came down every summer to see her and added that she went there the previous year during the Christmas vacation. She sounded so in love and she trusted him so much though he was a million miles away from her. When she said that, Thelma said,
 ‘of course you trust him; why wouldn’t you when you’ve given him a free chance to cheat on you and see other girls?’ 
‘Huh?’ I asked. 
I didn’t get what Thelma said and I hoped in my heart that it wasn’t what I was thinking but Miley proved me wrong, they were in an open relationship. And I asked,
 ‘how? I’ve always been scared of the thought of being in one. Like how does it work if you love each other?’
 I was so curious and wanted to know and understand why people would go into an open relationship as I couldn’t stand the thought of Stanley with other girls.
So she said, ‘my dear, Perry loves sex. In fact, all guys do; and even though I’m a girl I would be lying if I told you I don’t. He’s not here with me and knowing that he would definitely have the urge every now and then, we agreed to keep our relationship open. So, he can have sex with other girls and make sure they know he has a serious girlfriend down here. That way, he has no reason to lie to me, he tells me when he is seeing a new girl and he always makes sure to protect himself. It strengthens the bond and builds trust if you don’t know. He’s not scared to tell me about any girl he sleeps with and we talk all the time. We even have phone sex, and do everything normal couples do. It is fun, you should try it. I sleep with other guys too and though I don’t always tell him, he knows I do.’
I listened intently to what she said and it still didn’t make sense to me so I asked, ‘so what if he catches feelings for one of the girls or what if you also catch feelings for any of the guys you sleep with?’ She smiled and said, 
‘it doesn’t work that way, I love Perry and he loves me. We’ve been through a whole together and what we have cannot be replaced by any other person. I sleep with other guys for pleasure, I don’t involve my emotions and that makes it fun. It’s more like having friends with benefits and no one gets hurt, though some dumb guys end up catching feelings. We are so young and doing that, keep us going. We don’t get tired of our relationship and it never gets boring. We always have something new and fun to talk about and anytime he comes down or I go there, we have an amazing time together. I never want to lose him and I wouldn’t want to start all over again with some other guy either. What I have with Perry is something I can never have with anyone else. You and Stanley should try it sometime.’
To be continued…….