My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 2


When I got to the food joint, I saw two very pretty girls, light-skinned, faces fully made up, artificial nails fixed and with long virgin hairs fixed. They looked unapproachable and very arrogant but when I saw their faces, I realized one of them looked familiar but i didn’t recall where I had met her. I knew she wasn’t from my high school, because if she was, I would know but then it could be that I met her just once somewhere; as I walked to get my meal, the same girl that looked familiar mentioned my name, waved, smiled and beckoned me to join them on their table. I was taken aback for a while, but then my instincts made me go so I joined them and there, I said,
‘hi, when i saw you I realized you looked familiar but I couldn’t tell where exactly I met you.’
Then she responded, ‘I was at your birthday party; I wasn’t invited though but I had to be there to see the girl everyone was talking about and I wasn’t disappointed.’
Then she brought out her hands for a handshake and said, ‘I’m Thelma.’ I smiled and the other girl mentioned her name as Myra. They were both so friendly, fun and interesting, though at first sight I thought they weren’t. They asked what I had been up to since the night of the party and I told them how boring it had been for me and that I was always doing the same things; go to class, be with my boyfriend, watch movies, eat out and then sleep. They laughed at me when I said all that and said, ‘my dear, the university is the place for you to have fun, live your life, get wild and do all the fun things you’ve ever dreamt of. If you don’t, where else are you going to do that?’
They both laughed after saying that and then, Myra added, ‘once you graduate from here, you join the working class and trust me; the life you live here determines how that life will be. It’s either you get married right after graduation, move in with your husband, go to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm and spend the rest of your time taking care of your husband’s needs, you get pregnant, have many responsibilities and then the rest of your life will revolve around all that. Just that!
The sound of it even scares me girl, how can anyone live like that? Won’t you get tired of it all? And if you continue living like you are doing already here, that’s what will happen to you. So my advice for you is, make new friends, go out, have fun, have parties, have random hookups, and make your stay here one that when you write about it, anyone would love to read because of the fun and adventure in it.’ Thelma clapped for Myra as she said it and she said, ‘madam! She has said it all.’
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I smiled and realized they were making so much sense. My life had always revolved round the same people: my mom, Stanley, Stanley’s mom and now, Rabby. If I didn’t take care, that was how it was going to be till my last breadth because definitely, Stanley was the one I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with and so, if I added a little spice to my life like they were saying, it wouldn’t hurt, and I would still keep him and even add that spice to my relationship as well.
I told them how glad I was that I had met them and that what they said made so much sense to me. Then, they told me they are a group of four girls on campus that were living ‘the life.’ They added that, it would be great if I joined them and they will be the best friends I would need, my ride or die and they will make me not regret every second of my stay in the university. Myra sounded so convincing and I couldn’t help but say ‘yes.’ They were all in my hostel and I was surprised when they said it as I hadn’t seen any of them before, since the night of my party.
I asked, ‘so how come? I’ve never heard about you girls and haven’t seen you girls together before?’ Thelma answered, ‘we are not mostly seen together outside on campus; we are mostly in one person’s room and when we are going out, which we do all the time, we go in our individual cars and then we leave our cars in Miley’s apartment outside campus. She is one of us and is in the hostel at the moment. She has an apartment in town and when we leave our cars there, one of us volunteers to drive the rest of us and when we go out, that person drinks less while the rest of us party so hard. So the driver at that moment is the one to see to it that we go back to Miley’s apartment safe.
And people gossip about us a lot of times, but maybe because you hardly have a social life, you’ve not met anyone who has ever talked about the four spoiled girls.’ Then I asked, ‘Is that what they call you girls?’ They both laughed and nodded and said, people on the outside think they are spoiled, unfriendly and arrogant and that, that’s exactly what they thought of me as well so I shouldn’t even pay attention to that. It was very true and what she said made me so eager to join them and I asked when I could meet Miley and the last girl.
Myra sensed the excitement in my voice when I asked and she said, 
‘I knew you would be this cool when Thelma told us about you. If you don’t have anything doing today and no class, then we can go to Tia’s room from here. Miley is there with her and they will be so happy to see you. Her room is more spacious than the rest of ours, so when we go, you can feel at home.’ The girls seemed so cool and when the waiter brought my meal and I ate, I thought about  all that had happened since I got to campus and it occurred to me that, if I had had a great and fun life that wasn’t all about me and Stanley, what happened with Larry wouldn’t have happened after all. Maybe I would have dealt with it in a better way and kept him as a friend without losing Stanley. I don’t know why that thought even came in mine and so I shook it off and after eating, we left to the hostel.
I drove behind them, and packed close to their car in the parking lot instead of my normal parking space. They showed me Tia’s car, Miley’s car and Thelma’s car as well. They were all packed by the other and Myra’s car was parked next to mine. Miley and Tia both had a range rover, Thelma had a jeep, Myra had a corolla and  mine was a BMW. I admired their cars and told them I couldn’t wait to ride in each of them and they laughed and said, ‘don’t worry, you will.’ We left to Tia’s room on the last floor and as we climbed the stairs we talked about so many things.
To be continued……