The Complete Woman Episode 37


At about 3am that morning, I heard a loud scream from my bedroom. I jumped up immediately and rushed over to see what was going on. When I got there, I saw my husband running up and down confused. Sophia was sitting on top of her box that I had earlier carried to the room, with a big knife on her hand pointed to my husband.

Me: Blood of Jesus, what is going on here?

Isaiah: Honey, I dont know o, she suddenly got up and started screaming o, she wanted to kill me o. What is she even doing here? Where were you? Why is she even in our bedroom?

I was shocked, I turned and looked at him again to be sure if I was talking to the same Isaiah. My husband. And did he just call me honey? I concluded I was not hearing well. I turned to Sophia.

Me: Sophia please drop the knife, and tell me what is going on here?

Sophia: (burst into laughing) shut up and begin to say your last prayers o. Because I will kill this fool today. (He points to Isaiah, who quickly ran to hide behind me)

Isaiah: honey please dont let him kill me please. Honey call papa and mama to come o, please.

I made an attempt to leave the room to pick my phones but Sophia blocked my way.

Sophia: If you move an inch I will slice off your throat.

Just then I heard a loud knock on our door. I wondered who could be knocking at 3am in the night and then I heard mummy shouting my name. I again wondered what my mom was doing at 3am in the night. There was no way I could go and open the door for her because Sophia was blocking the way. But I quickly remembered I had told her where I left the spare keys to the house in cases of emergencies. I secretly prayed that the God who brought her at this time should remind her.

Sophia: That your mother came eh, she should come and join the two of you. But tonight Isaiah will die.

Thank God who never fails, mummy remembered and in the next minute she was inside with daddy, my in-laws,Papa and mama.

Isaiah: oh thank God you are here, papa she wants to kill me, I dont know what I did to her. She says she wants to kill me.

Mummy and mom inlaw had began speaking in tongues again. Papa raised his Bible up towards Sophia.

Papa: you demon inside of her, I command you to set her free in the name of Jesus.

Sophia: he brought me to this house to kill me right? He and his wife poured fire and pepper on the bed and asked me to come and sleep on it abi?/I will kill him today.

His wife? I still didnt hear what Sophia said, did she just refer to me as his wife? I thought she said she was the wife.

Papa: sister Sophia, how did you get to this point? You were good, what happened to you?

Sophia: when I was good what did that good do for me? Did the good give me a husband?

Mama: so you did all of this because of a husband?

Sophia: how old am I? Am I getting younger or older? The day Isaiah came to the church he saw me sing and then he told me I had a good voice and that I would make a good wife. (To Isaiah) do you remember honey? He told me that and he said, one day he would love to get married to someone like me. But after that day he changed and the next thing he proposed to her. After building up my hope.

Isaiah: Jesus, but that was just a simple complement na!

Sophia: to you it was, to me it wasn’t, to me it was a proposal and I said yes. I said yes in my heart. And then he went ahead and proposed to this girl here, I did my best to stop the marriage, I visited a man who gave me a powder to rub on,and also sprinkle on Dani and the moment he saw my face he started having hatred for Dani, she started smelling to him and he avoided her and came to me. We spent days together and when I thought I had him already he suddenly woke up the night to his wedding and he left and before I knew what was happening he married her, he married her! He just married her. (Starts crying) I lost hope but God who works in mysterious ways changed things for me. Marvis had an accident, and I was just at the right place at the right time, and I knew even though they were not best of friends if I called him he would come, it was God papa, it was God giving me a chance to be with my man. And he came, but didn’t want to stay. He kept saying his wife was waiting, his wife was waiting, I still had the powder with me so I used it again. And he ended up spending eight days with me after which he left. He left me and never came back. He was with this b—h here.

I knew my powder was losing its strength and so I had to go for a stronger power, but this one requires that he eats or drinks. There was no way I could do that and so I went through his wife. She couldn’t resist tom tom. Common tom tom, my plans were perfect, she gave him some of the tom tom and that was when she delivered his soul to me……