The Complete Woman Episode 36


My husband called me that evening to come sit with them in the parlour that he has something to say.

Isaiah: Daniella, as you already know Sophia is my wife and there is nothing you can do about that. I do not want any form of quarreling and fighting in my house. I want my peace. And as you know she is pregnant for me, she is carrying my child, and I do not want her to be stressed. This is my first child, I do not want anything to happen to mg child. She wants to give me something you’ve not been able to give me so dont stress her.

As i listened to him, tears flowed from my eyes, I wanted to lash out to him that he caused my miscarriage and now he is talking as if I’ve never been pregnant. But I kept calm again, after all he didn’t even know I was pregnant at all.

Isaiah: I want the two of you to live in peace, make sure you take care of her, as the first wife and because she is pregnant. Whatever she asks for, give it to her, whatever she wants to eat, cook for her. Are you hearing me?

Me: Yes (I replied)

Isaiah: yes, just yes as if you are talking to a child. From now on when I talk to you, you answer me yes sir, you dont have single respect for your husband.

Me: am sorry

He looked at me angrily and I quickly remembered.

Me: I’m sorry sir.

Isaiah: Good. (Sophia bent him over and whispered to his ears), do you think am maltreating you Daniela? Am asking you, am I maltreating you?

I kept quiet.

Isaiah:my wife just told me that you are thinking am maltreating you. So if you feel that way please pack your bags and leave. I dont want to maltreat anybody o. If you feel you can’t do the simple work I said you should do, I can always hire a maid o.

Me:(wiping my eyes) its okay sir, you are not maltreating me, I’ve heard all you said and I will do them.

Isaiah: Good, now you can go…..

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I turned and walked away.

That night I prayed like I’ve never done in my entire life. I went completely naked and I cried unto God.

Me: Jesus!/oh God! Dear God. Am fed up, am fed up o, I can’t take this anymore. What have I done to deserve this. Lord hear my cry please, have mercy on me and hear me please.

My phone began to ring, it was mummy, I picked it up still crying. Mummy.

Me: Mummy am tired, I can’t take it anymore, its either God hears me tonight or just kill me, am tired.

Mummy: My child as I speak to you am talking to God, I am naked before him. My God must change your story tonight. He has to do something tonight.

Mummy started crying, I could hear her at the other end weeping terribly, speaking in tongues and praying and crying.

Meanwhile somewhere in my in-laws house, my mother inlaw, was also on her knees, praying in tears and naked before God.

Mother inlaw: Father let the scales fall. Whatever is holding my son captive set him free. Restore his home oh God, I will not let you go tonight until you do a miracle.

And so unknowingly to each of them, three women went naked before God and prayed for the same thing. The restoration of my husband Isaiah!