The Complete Woman Episode 35


I made up my mind not to cone out from the room until they leave the parlour, I didnt want to see Sophia. But I was so thirsty, I have tried to waitlll but it seems like they will never leave the parlour. And so I had no choice, I had to go and get water from the kitchen.

When passing through the dining I saw Sophia eating apple. I didnt want to say something but I just had to let it out.

Me: Sophia, why? why did you decide to ruin my life and my marriage? What did I ever do to you.

Sophia: I did not ruin anybody’s life o, I’m only living mine.

Me: Sophia you were my friend, my only friend, my church member, my choir member, my friend, my…….

Sophia: please, please, abeg, enough of this my friend , my friend talk. Who nor like better thing? How old are you? You and I who is older?

Me: But Isaiah chose me, is it my fault that he didnt choose you?

Sophia: He would have chosen me, he would have if you didnt come from your useless youth service.

Me: But he wasn’t even close to you. He was closer to Marvis than you?

Sophia: Marvis, hahaha, that one does not even stand a chance.

Me: And you made it look like it was Marvis that was the bad person, you were using her phone and you were acting like it was her. You even came to me pretending to be a friend just to gather information from me.

Sophia: you already started suspecting Marvis so it was easy framing her up. After all there was nothing to gain from drawing unecessary suspicion to myself. The opportunity to have isaiah came to me when Marvis had that accident, I had to call him to come. He came and I quickly saved my number on his phone as Marvis. Am smart right?

Me: Sophia you are wicked!

Sophia: I know I am, but you are foolish, very foolish.

Me: Isaiah is my husband,

Sophia: And he is mine also.

Me: No he is not, he married to me.

Sophia: And he married me too. I thought you heard him tell you that few minutes ago.

Me: Sophia, my husband married me in church, before God and before men. Heaven recognises me as his wife, earth recognises me as his wife even hell recognises me as his wife, who recognises you? Your parents, few of your friends? Who else? Even his parents dont know you. So my dear you are not his wife, you can never be his wife. Know that now.

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Sophia: (angrily stands up and gives me a dirty slap) you are stupid. I am his wife and I am carrying his child and I will give birth to this child, his first born child, his heir and the one who will inherit everything he has and will ever have and at the right time we will throw you out of this house and then we will know who is his wife or not…

Me: Sophia you slapped me? Did you just slap me? (I raised my hand to slap her but something stopped me and I dropped my hand and walked away into the kitchen, I was there drinking water when I heard my husband screaming my name. He walked into the kitchen with Sophia who was crying deeply)

Isaiah: you witch, you want to kill my baby, you want to kill my wife?

Before I could have the chance to say anything a big slap landed on my face that sent me to the ground.

Isaiah: Now let me warn you, you must respect my wife in this house and you must do everything she asks you to do if you dont want war. Do you understand?

I kept quiet.

Isaiah: do you understand? Answer me before I hit you again.

Me: yes, yes I do.

Sophia: Honey she has to apologise to me. After insulting and pushing me down she has to apologise.

Isaiah: yes! Apologise to her. Tell her sorry.

Me: Sophia , am sorry!

Sophia held him as if they were new lovers and together they walked away. I quietly went back to my room and cried on my pillows.