The Complete Woman Episode 34


My inlaws and parents stayed with me for sometime. Mummy was happy with my decision, finally they prayed with me and left. After they left I couldn’t hold back my tears, I let the tears flow. I picked my Bible and read from psalms.

”I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth,

He said he will not suffer my foot to be moved. The Lord that keeps me will not slumber nor sleep”

As I read the passage I cried like never before.

Me: oh Lord am so tired, I am so weak, I am so exhausted. Father help me. You are the little hope I have left, without you I will give up. Father help me.

I am weak and weary, I have no strength left in me, I can hold on no longer. I give up in you oh Lord. I give up for you, Jesus hold me strong. It is time for you to arise and do something. Lord do something else I will faint. Please do not let me drown for I am drowning, oh Lord I am downing. Help me , Jesus help me I am drowning”

As I held onto my Bible crying unto my maker my door flunged open. I thought it was mom or dad or any of my in-laws who forgot something , I raised my head up and he walks in. My husband dragging behind him her box.

Isaiah: oh thank God you are there, come and take this box inside.

I tried to stand up and then I saw her, she walked in, Sophia. She was smiling. I was in shock. I didnt understand what was happening.

Isaiah: Are you still standing there, I said come and take this box inside.

I dragged my feet because I was totally confused. I didnt understand anything. I held the box but could not even pull it.

Isaiah: Make sure to take it to the bedroom, and if any of your things is still in the room please move them away as that room now belongs to me and my new wife.

Me: Wife?

Isaiah: Yes wife! (,turns to Sophia) come here baby!

I watched as Sophia walked up to my husband and gave him a kiss right in front of me.

Isaiah: you know Sophia already, well she is my wife now. I married her today at her hometown. If you have any problem with that you can quietly pack your things and leave my house but if you know you can cope then stay.

I was just looking at him. This is just seven months of our marriage and my husband has changed so much.

Isaiah: I hope we are clear Daniella? Anyways I believe your silence means we are. Now
take the box inside.

Without saying a word, I picked the box and filled it into my bedroom, then I began to pack my bags and clothes to the guest room. When I was done picking everything, I dropped my Bible at a corner in the room and I said a short prayer.

Me: Jesus, this is my matrimonial home and this is my bedroom. I leave you here in my bedroom, I cannot fight because am weak and exhausted, fight for me.

I turned and walked away.