The Complete Woman Episode 33


What I just said landed like a big slap on daddy’s ears.

Daddy: what did you just say?

Me: Daddy I said am not going to leave my husban……

I had not finished the statement before a big slap landed on my face and mummy quickly ran to hold and stop him.

Daddy: That is to correct your brain, because it seems that something has gone wrong with your brains.

My dad has never ever slapped me since I was born, so him slapping me now means he is really angry. But my mind is made up and not even a thousand slaps can change it.

Me: Daddy I’m so sorry, I know you are angry, I have never disobeyed you once in my life but this time I’m sorry. (I broke into tears) I dont want to leave my husband, I still love him very much, and I dont want to leave him. I made a promise before man and God that till death do us part, I promised to love him for better for worse, I also made a promise to him on our wedding day that I will be strong for him when he is weak, I will be strong for us. (My mother inlaw and mummy started crying with me). Daddy he looked at my heart and begged me not to leave him no matter what happens, and I made that promise to him.

Daddy: what sort of useless promise Is that ? Has he kept any of the promises he made to you?

Me: Daddy I told him I will be strong for us. Isaiah is my husband and I know he loves me. He may be weak now, he may be down now but I believe by Gods grace he will rise again. My night may be dark now but my morning will definitely come, Daddy my husband will come home to me. I know he will.

Daddy: Are you deaf? The man is marrying someone else. Someone who is already pregnant for him. Can’t you use your head?

Me: A man will leave his father and his mother and shall cling to his wife and they shall be one. Haggai had a child for Abraham but was and could never be his wife. Isaiah and I are one, that girl may have his child, but can never be his wife because he already has a wife. The word of God cannot lie, God cannot lie. I trust him and He will never fail me. My husband will come home to me, he will return to me daddy!

I had become exhausted from crying and talking, even Daddy was by now sobbing. He held me close and wept bitterly.

It was a sad and tense atmosphere.


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