The Complete Woman Episode 32


After Marvis left, I thought about all she said and I know she was very correct. And so I asked myself, who is my enemy? What am I against? Who is behind my woes? Indeed I have been praying amiss, and so for the first time I knelt down and prayed differently.

”Dear Lord Jesus, restore my home, rebuke the devourers for my sake. Bring back my husband to me. Save him from the claws of Satan. Bring back my happiness and make me the complete woman that you have made me. In Jesus name”

After the prayer I felt this inner peace within me. All along I have made Marvis my enemy thinking she was the worm in my life. I owe her an apology.

As these thoughts crept through my tiny heart I allowed myself drown in the sleep that came in.

The continuous knocking on the door, brought me back to reality. Whoever it was that was knocking obviously didnt have plans of leaving soon until I opened the door. And so I grudginly stood up and opened. It was my mom, my dad, my mom inlaw and my father inlaw. I was shocked to see them. I quickly greeted them and allowed them come in quick. The look on daddy’s face shows that he knows about everything.

Me: welcome mummies and daddies, I must be blessed today receiving my both parents in my house.

Daddy: cut the pretence Danielle.

I knew there was trouble in the mountain because Dad never calls me Danielle except he is really angry

Daddy: so that boy turned you into his punching bag. You my own daughter. He turned you into a punching bag and you kept it from me. You planned with your mother to keep it for me. Anyways am not here for plenty talk. Just go pack your things , you are leaving this house today.

Me: which house ? My husbands house?

Daddy: which husband? That that that…..infact dont make me talk just go and pack.

Me: (turned to mummy) Mummy what is daddy saying now? What is going on here. I never said I wanted to leave my husbands house na

Mummy: my dear do you remember all I’ve taught you? In this I have no say but you sure do and if you know all I’ve taught you then you know what to do.

Daddy: if you like woman, teach her to die in the hands of a man but I am taking my daughter home today.

I turned and looked at my in-laws, my mom inlaw was crying and I looked at my dad inlaw.

Dad inlaw: Danielle my child, whatever you decide now we will not hold it against you. I know everything my son has been doing to you, even though you never complained I know. I do not know where Isaiah learnt to be a womaniser or how to hit a woman. His mom and I brought him up in the fear of God and I can tell you now that I dont know what is happening to him.

Me: Daddy what is going on?

Mom inlaw: Your husband has gotten a girl pregnant. He brought her to the house last night and said he will be taking her as his wife. When I asked him about you, he said if you are willing to accept her as your mate then you can stay but if you can’t, then you can go and he will grant you a divorce.

Dad inlaw: We didnt want you to hear this from anyone else that is why we went to see my in-laws to tell them what is happening first before coming over to tell you.

I stood and looked from my mom to my dad and then to my in-laws. I felt nothing, no pain, no sadness no joy nothing. I just stared at them like a zombie. I knew they were waiting for me to say something. Daddy was busy picking some of my things that he could identify and throwing them outside the house. I was lost in my own thought. Here I was calling on God to restore my home few minutes ago, Marvis had told me that I prayed amiss and that’s why God didnt hear me and here I was praying it right and still its seems things was getting worse.

I turned and looked at mummy as she stood and held me.

Mummy: my child remember that whatever you decide, I will stand by you. Just think well before you decide.

I raised my head up and looked up to heaven. In my mind I asked God, ”father are you still there?” Just then daddy came out of the room dragging my box. As he was about to step out I held his hands.

Daddy: what? What?/why are you holding my hand? Leave my hand let me take this box down and let’s get out of here. You are my child and I am not tired of caring for you.

I smiled and I gave daddy a tight hug.

Me: Daddy, I am not going to leave my husband.